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  1. Heard a romour that Wolverine will have a cameo in Falcon&WS. Hope its true
  2. If it behaves normal after 6pm it should go higher. It pacing 1 mill pr hour and its still not 5pm
  3. Whoooaaaa. Im on board. 8 mill before 6pm and much higher pace than yesterday. If it keeps up then 11 mill is the floor
  4. Yes. 50% of the country closed on Dec 9th and the rest followed within 4-5 days. We are totally shut down now. Almost everything is closed down now except food and pharmacy. My guess is that theaters will be closed for 2-4 moths
  5. What the hell 🤯 MH Friday 34 mill(24,4% screens) Saturday 1,2mill(0,9% screens) Sunday “out of theaters”?? I can see itsa bad movie. But but but..... What the hell
  6. I live in Denmark(Scandinavia). We have HBO Nordic and were just told that it will transfer to HBO Max in 2. Half of 2021. So its comming
  7. Druk should play strong rest of the year. WOM here is fantastic and almost nothing else to se. Corona is spiking again here though and could put a dent in the total. Thanks for the updates
  8. Monday is. I think its called Respect for the aged day or something like that
  9. Midpoint for movies like Tenet before Covid19 on a weekend was around 4,30-5 pm. Now its around 2pm
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