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  1. They still need to film 75% of the movie. So maybe thats why the scope feels small I really liked the tone. And best of all. Its a tone where you could see Joaquins Joker fit perfectly IMO
  2. Yeah. But JL did not get my blood pumping.. This does.. Fantastic trailer
  3. Only one problem with this trailer.... The movie is 14 months way and i want to see it NOW
  4. Okay. Havent paid much attention during Corona so i`ll take your word for it 😊
  5. Does`ent 5,5-6 multiplier sound a little high with no walk ups tomorrow?Everything regarding tickets is happening online
  6. Watched it yesterday. What a horrible bad movie that was. Stupid script and plot.. The twist at the end.... So obvious when final act began What a waste of time
  7. Theaters in Denmark are allowed to open next monday under certain restriktions. Very excited to see what happens. What movies will be avalible and will people come? There has to be 1 meter(3feet) between each person but thats not a huge problem here with so many theaters everywhere
  8. BOM already listed a 11,2 mill OW for Bloodshot
  9. Pretty sure he`s not. Just superhuman. I remember him from Avengers comics back when i read them in the 80`s. Both as a villan and a hero
  10. wont be that far from 3*PB IMO. Even if it falls a bit short im pretty sure that it will make money Still disapointed overall with its performance though
  11. 3*PB wont loose money. Espicially when DOM is higher than PB
  12. I have been tracking BO for 30 years and know how things work. If you`re trying to convince me that BoP does`ent make money somewhere down the line you`re nuts
  13. Most movies do that. Its all about tv and streaming these days
  14. BOP could close in at 100 mill final with that 2nd weekend. Its no way a flop. Just a underperformer with wasted potential. It will make money
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