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  1. Typical drops in a russian 3 rd weekend.....Last weekend puss increased.. Now it drops around 74... Insane...
  2. If it stays flat again this weekend its clearly a monster
  3. Puss stayed flat from last week... Incredible....
  4. HUGE increases..Puss are in for a low drop again i'm sure
  5. Yeah..its about time..Remember its 2 films hé has to shoot...
  6. Fun Movie with emilio estevez...Always fun to watch. Got a sequal also..
  7. I agree... But OW will be bigger... Much bigger...I'm thinking 135/540 right now
  8. What!.. An actor who only work for the money???
  9. I really hoped for better holds in the big markets... Bummer..
  10. Sunday-sunday was around 5% drop
  11. Yep.. It had a very good hold on monday
  12. Now there´´s room for a : DOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  13. Yep.. He was promoted..He will do fine
  14. Like the avatar B :PHoped better for TH
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