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  1. WOW WOW WOW WOW!! I loved it. It was amazing. Funny, amazing cgi and over the top Kung Fu action. I have to go see it again 2 minor issues
  2. Yep. Only 4 theaters. They can`t reach a deal with Disney eventhough its not a PA. But i live in Odense so this time there is a theater near me Im going tomorrow🙂
  3. In Denmark we are 75% first jabs and 68,5% full vaccinated of the total population. We still can`t hold the Delta down and cases are rising. Hospital admissions are up 150% over the last month and deaths are rising again. I have a hard time seeing this will “burn out on its own” just because a Spanish Flu did that 100 years ago
  4. pretty sure that a new variant just takes over and this won`t be over in the next few months. But damn i hope you`re right. I just don`t see it
  5. I used to idolize US. My biggest whish were to travel overthere for a year. Maybe even move.. Land of opportunities. I wanted to see it all. Now…. Im good… I think many of you guys in here are cool,smart and all that. But what a sad story your country has become. Especially since Trump and Covid. So much division and crazyness. shoulden`t it pick up when Moderna and Pfizer are fully approved soon?
  6. Agree. TSS made me laugh a few times. But behind were a young female who laughed at everything. Seriously. Every minute something “funniest thing ever!l happend. Kinda ruined it for me a bit. It was`ent THAT funny. Venom was okay for me. Nothing more. But i must admit that V2 looks like a blast and i will be there OD
  7. Its going to be a tough winter for you with “only” 55%. But another surge will help you get more vaccinated. We will be atleast 75% here before winter and experts says its not even close to be enough for everything going back to normal
  8. I thought it was a pretty good movie. Very entertaining, very violent and pretty funny. Crazy minds made this and did a better job than with the first one But it did`ent blow me away. Maybe it was my high expectations 8/10
  9. Going to see it now. Cant wait. First movie in theatrs in a loong time
  10. Yeah. We still haven`t used the whip or gift offerings. I hope we can crawl to 80% in the next couple of months. But its going to be tough. Lets see if we all also have to vaccinate 5-11 year old soon, to get a few more %
  11. We are at 72 % first and 55 % second jabs. But thats the entire population. And not even close to heard immunity. You have a long way to go
  12. im very close to where you are at. Not mock a dying patient. But i have zero sympathy for these idiots
  13. i don`t understand all this anti vaxx bullcrap. I tried listen to reason and i have talked to a few of them trying to explain. All this “freedom” and “i dont want this poisen into my body” just plays into a very selfish and ignorant behaviour in my head. No “for the greater good” or like that. Its me me me me me. I have lost all empathy for people dying or getting sick if they had their chance. All people getting sick or dying here are unvaccinated or have only 1 jab. Full vaxx is 99,99 from anything serious
  14. should make a huge difference i hope. But a few experts here says that 80% full vaccination is not enough for herd immunity and we have to learn to live with it… Gezzz
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