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  1. Great news. Lets hope it continues for a long time. Or else you will see a big surge again soon
  2. Agree. At some point in the near future we need to ignore how many Covid cases there are. When everyone over 12 has been offered a vaccine and had their chance i can`t see why all the rest of us should care “about them” anymore. They made their choice. Now they have to learn to live(or die) with it. Here in Denmark there have not been a death in 8 days now and only unvaccinated people are hospitalized. Still box office is under 50% pre Covid
  3. In Denmark its around 50 on average. Population 1/11 of UK and 1/55 of US So thats 550 UK and 2750 US compared
  4. yeah. We reach 70% first jab and 50% second jab this weekend and going for around 80-83% full vaxx sometime in September 99% of Restrictions were lifted in June yes. We have 0-3 deaths pr week now(all unvacinated). We use Corona passports here. You need that to get in most places. Thats means a test that is 72 hours old at the most or 1st jab minimum. We had a little spike 2 weeks ago in covid cases but its normal now. Very few people gets sick. But we did`ent have full stadiums. I think it was 25.000-28.000 out of around 40.000 seats. We are still carefull wi
  5. I had 7 weeks between. I have seen the study. But most here are 3-7 weeks apart. I had my 2nd moved just because of this news. I think i`m good. Or else im ready for a third this winter
  6. Sad story for sure. But i really doubt these Anti vaxx will learn. I got my 2nd Pfizer jab today. I feel fine. Only a very sore arm Get your jabs people
  7. Its in Danish but groups are 1) Nursinghomes 2) over 65 getting care in own home 3) Over 85 4) Front staff hospitals ect 5) Special selected people in danger to die from Covid 6) Helpers to group 5 The last groups are still chugging away each day. We are going to hit 80+% fully vaccinated soon of the entire population
  8. We are on track to around 80-83% in 2 months. Look at over 50 years old Gruppe Vaccinerede % Færdig-vaccinerede % Gruppe 1: Plejehjemsbeboere 41.182 96,2% 40.334 94,2% Gruppe 2: Ældre end 65, som modtager praktisk hjælp og personlig pleje (og enkelte under 65) 50.597 93,2% 49.727 91,6% Gruppe 3: Ældre end 85, som ikke er plejehjemsbeboer 91.186 96,1% 90.596
  9. My 17 year old got his 2nd yesterday. Pfizer. Zero side effects other than sore arm. Im having my 2nd next week. I hope it runs in the family
  10. thanks. in around 2 months my country will be 83/80% ~ ish vaccinated(1st and 2nd jabs) with Pfizer/Moderna. Lets see if that is enough for herd immunity. That would set a standart for the rest of the world(who properbly won`t ever reach these number) to reach
  11. Thanks buddy. 2nd jab on monday so i hope i`m good. But this Delta…. Its crazy. And people who won`t get vaccinated are even crazier(sorry)
  12. We are at 65/42 % here in Denmark and are vaccinating 2*0,75% of the population each day. First and second jabs. Still we can`t keep that Delta away. 300% growth in infection cases in less than 2 weeks.
  13. BW should beat that. I will add 30$ tomorrow. Still only 2 theaters showing it at the other end of the country
  14. one of the best movie experiences for me in years. I absolutely loved it
  15. Agree. Sucks to be me the costumer though..
  16. i wrote an email to the 2 chains here and they both said the same thing. Movies from Disney and WB will be negotiated from movie to movie. The studios wants the same % as they did before they changed the window from 90 days to 45 days and sometimes release it on stream on the same day as in theaters. The theaters are standing firm and would not promise any Marvel or blockbusters in the near future Is little Denmark really the only country taking this fight?
  17. yeah. If they dont cancel its still 110 miles each way and the trip will cost 150-200$ in ticket, bridge fee and gas
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