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  1. Fuuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkk. This will be the first MCU movie that i will miss in theaters. Apperently danish cinemaes can`t reach a deal with Disney and have boycuttet it all together. Fuck that sucks big time WTF Disney??
  2. I hope you get higher than 70%. This new Delta is a tough cookie to deal with
  3. no doubt that you are going to have a tough winter. USA will not even be close to herd immunity with these new variants. Danish experts says they expect 80-85% needs to be fully vaccinated before that happens. Not many countries will hit that goal. I got my 1st jab 9 days ago and had zero sideeffects
  4. Yeah. Will 100% movie EUs vaccine calender now and make it more difficult for COVAX to get enough vaccines in 2022. Could still go over 50% when study is complete and get approved if it just prevents hospital and death
  5. I haven`t been following CBO alot lately. But whats up with that Rabbit run? Normaly this run start would indicate a breakout Fri 6,2 Sat 18,7 Sun 25 Mon (could increase again) ….
  6. We had the variant in Denmark. But every single case is tracked down hard and contained. With every case they contact everyone you have been in contact with and everyone they had contact with. Isolation in hotels and PCR test. So i think we have it under control here. We just need 2 more months. Then we have immunity. Every single age group in our vaccination program are 93-99% vaccinated so far. So we expect that when everyone over 16 is done we are at 77-78% of the entire population
  7. is the AZ vaccine not that effective againt Delta? We are at 45/25% vaccination rate in Denmark and almost everything are back to normal. But thats with Pfizer
  8. You got quite the sign on bonus huh😗
  9. Could do 23-25 mill * 2 the next couple of hours and 23-25 mill from 9-midnight. lets see
  10. It really need to pick up some steam to hit @charlie Jatinder s latest projection
  11. its too late now for 2nd jab. They will have to get a 3rd jab before winter
  12. Its really hard to get around this without sounding like a racist or biased towards republicans. I partly blame Trump. If he cared about the country more than about himself and the re -election he could singlehanded convince 10%+ of the public in the USA to get vaccinated.
  13. Thanks @Jason Still fantastic news no less. Is there any indication when such a vaccine could be ready? And how effective is it really against Covid 19? Or should we see it as prevention for the next pandemic?
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