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  1. 122 mill at 6pm. 12 mill pr hour runrate. If it can maintain around that the next 3 hours and not totally crash like last night, 160-165 mill is not out of the question. 20% increase. Okay but nothing to brag about
  2. Yeah. Looks like its catching up. Has been like this since 9.40 pm. So looks thats the number for OD
  3. Agree. Looks like 145 mill OD. For now I think its shooting for 70 mill$ OW and 120-130 mill total. But lets see what happens tomorrow
  4. Frozen is for Disney. KongZilla is doing awesome numbers and will go for around 17 mill PS by the end of tuesday
  5. A little. But it does`ent matter. It only matters if it responds well to the general audience, don`t get horrible reviews and bad WOM
  6. Agree. Move it to June/July. Especially if you want numbers from europe
  7. Heard a romour that Wolverine will have a cameo in Falcon&WS. Hope its true
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