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  1. Of the 9 people i know who got Pfizer, not a single one had any sideeffects at all
  2. Still only 50% after 2nd dose. Maybe its not crap. But at best its still 2. Sorting very soon and a clear vitcory for USA and others with their great vaccines compared to China
  3. I know🤤 but so far vi are the only country who can do this. There is not 1 drop left
  4. Denmark has now implimented the new RobinTech system which helps getting more doses out of every glass and are currently taking 113% out of each Pfizer. Every vial is projected to have 6 doses but we are now pulling out 7 out of almost every single one leaving nothing behind. Really helps our program after we suspended AZ
  5. EU started negotiations with Pfizer for 1,8 Billion extra doses to be delivered i 2021-2023. All made within the EU
  6. Denmark is not EU. We are only 1,25% of the union. I don`t know what the other countries (98,75%) will do
  7. As long as they hold up their end of the contract i have no problem with that
  8. I agree. But they have a contract and breaking that could have serious consequenses for AZ
  9. Not very surprising news https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronovirus-eu-vaccines-idUSKBN2C10MU
  10. CureVac is the same Tech. We hopefully get them soon. Do you have these on order?
  11. I agree. But more cases could come in the next 12 days and make it more like 1/500.000. Still not a reason to suspend it though. I have faith that J&J jabs will happen soon again everywhere
  12. Yeah... Lucky... Unlucky... I don`t know... I would not be affraid to take a vaccine where there is 1/1.000.000 chance of clots.
  13. Could still happen. It was a very unambitious goal he knew they would hit easy if we don`t use it here in Denmark along with AZ it would set back our program 2-4 months
  14. Happens after 1-2 weeks. There could be more over the next week or 2 from those 7 mill jabs
  15. But does`ent vaccines have bigger effect than those who were infected naturally and got “immune”?
  16. Thats.... Not good... https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/13/us/politics/johnson-johnson-vaccine-blood-clots-fda-cdc.html
  17. Must be in remarks to fear of variants. But we have to live with them for a long long time and have to open up and see what happens
  18. Theaters here in Denmark will open in 4 weeks. May 6. And first to open big is Kong v Zilla. Could happen other places also in the EU
  19. That is fantastic news. Lets hops they can scale up production quick
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