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  1. BOI (boxofficeindia.com) says the following: Link Only problem is, I have no idea where their info has ever come from. I've followed the site for ~11.5 years now for Indian BO (mostly they focus on Hindi/Bollywood market) and I can't recall any legit source verification for any of their data (I think they've claimed that they get numbers from distributors but again, only a claim). Unfortunately, they're still the best source for India's BO - only other figures we get come from a few trade journalists and the studios themselves.
  2. Where has he been for the last 8 years? I haven't heard FI quoted since before the turn of the decade. Is he still considered relevant in the reporting world? Even back then, he always had discrepancies with other mainstream reporting.
  3. LMAO holy shit. My fault for dropping off the bollywood radar for a while. This is completely unprecedented off the top of my head - have we seen this kind of breakout growth with a single release in any market? And its blowing up Internationally as well.
  4. Same. I'm going ham for TLJ no doubt though.
  5. Gah, I didn't even have this on my radar. Tele, have you been posting your charts?
  6. Here we go! Thursday Preview Sellout Count for Northern Virginia/DC/Maryland as of 10:00 PM EST 61 Sellouts and 410 Showtimes on the Sunday night before release. IMAX/Premium formats looking a bit weak. 2D obviously dominating. For reference, I tallied TFA at 1:00 AM on the Sunday night/Monday morning before release. 180 sellouts/510 showtimes. So lagging quite a bit behind that pace. Here's my final count for TFA from last year (11PM Thursday night). Notably, here was the comparison to other previous films' final counts: Previous Films (Final Tallies) AOU - 124/504 (7PM Previews) TDKR - 243/310 (Midnights) BD2 - 112/251 (10PM Previews)TA - 55/174 (Midnights)THG - 87/199 (Midnights)IM3 - 17/260 (9PM Previews) as of 8:45 PM EST
  7. Force Awakens vs. Rogue One Ticket Price Comparison (Northern Virginia/DC/Maryland) Prices up ~2.57% across the exact same showtimes/locations (covering Weekend morning/matinee/evening and all major formats). AMC Tysons' price hikes are more blatant than other theaters, up about 7% in 12 months. Average price across these shows has risen from $16.31 to $16.73.
  8. Great numbers for Moana/FB! Just an FYI for any Frozen comps going around - Frozen had a sleet/winter storm on its second weekend on the EC that muted its numbers a bit, which made the 3rd weekend look a bit softer than typical. Awesome for Manchester as well! Caught it Black Friday at Tysons and twas enjoyable; a unique character portrait. I hope to get to a full sellout count for Rogue One later today, it's my first relatively "free" day in a long time. Also going to post price comps vs. TFA across my area.
  9. Great! BTW I'll be back around with sellout data for FB and Rogue One (moreso for the latter as I'll be a lot less busy in December).
  10. Anyone catch Wilderpeople? Just got of it, Waititi's fantastic.

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