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  1. WOM seems great and demo splits indicated by deadline are somewhat favorable (M/F 50/50 but over/under 25 was 34/66). That in conjunction with the backloaded OW would suggest strong legs. For instance, it should be able to outperform Deadpool's legs and even had an additional inflation factor on OW with Valentine's Day thrown into the mix.
  2. Overestimated demand level (or result of 3D share) by ~8.5% but nearly nailed the Saturday/Sunday guidance. Sunday drop is on the softer side so my -51% for Monday may be conservative.
  3. Looking forward to seeing the top engagements. Here in Northern VA/DC, AMC Tysons is king but I expect Gallery Place and Georgetown are lighting it up this weekend in the district and Hoffman/Potamac Mills in Alexandria/suburbs.
  4. Yeah fixed it - I was still working with the old 66.4M Saturday number.
  5. Maybe not half, but I'd expect sub 20% given the Saturday demand level + time of year + weekend structure.
  6. Disney with a 24% Sunday drop. Lowball if I've ever seen one.
  7. Just saw Shawn's demo breakdown from earlier today. Only for OD but very encouraging for legs.
  8. Should get some word around 4:00 PM ET once EC matinees are rolling and WC matinees are starting up. Whatever gauge we can get on pre-evening business will be a better indicator for Sat/Sun performance. Strong early day share today points to a stronger increase tomorrow.
  9. Yeah, China domestic market is heading towards $500M in ticket sales this weekend.
  10. What a weekend this will be.
  11. Currently way early but we're about to get right on track. Maybe higher.

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