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  1. Not surprising. Super Saturday should always have a flattening effect at this demand level, which helps spillover into Sunday. TFA/Avatar were closer to Christmas by a single day, so I don't expect that much deviation. I think the drop will land between 10-15%.. Separate note - TFA we had a >50M Christmas Day thread, missed the cutoff by pocket change. If the week trends hefty, this time with CD on a Saturday, threshold should be $60M unless Omicron scare catches momentum. Friday CE is going to be super deflated anyway.
  2. So will be a tight race against IW OW % wise, though nominally something like $265M vs. $257M is a clear victory. Or Sat jump higher than normal due to such an early Thu start?
  3. Yes the entire DC area had only 2 theaters with reserved seating even in the early 2010s. Back during TDK I think it was only the AMC in Arlington Courthouse that offered reserved seating. For SM3 I sat in the bottom row corner of a native 90ft IMAX screen lol. Tele and I put in a hell of a run in 2011-2012 when we first moved to this place, tracking Hobbit/Twilight/THG/Avengers/TDK. It was so manual.
  4. LOL If I still had time to put that together I would still happily be sharing here regularly! Does anyone else cover the DCMDVA region now?
  5. Exciting times after so long. Also cannot believe how far this board's presales tracking efforts have come! Long way from my old tally charts on BOM...
  6. Thanks! Yeah I was running rough math in my head to consider if $1M at a single site was possible this weekend. Looks like the biggest sites may get around $8-900K but not quite there. Though combinations like Empire/E-Walk and the LA Trio will probably do it. I remember back in the old days E-Walk and Empire wouldn't always both play the big films together, but for this event that soft agreement seems to have been set aside. Hope one day more detailed data goes public - would love to see State/City/Theater level ticket revenue breakdowns.
  7. @RtheEnd Any commentary on specific theaters? Empire 42nd street going for a historic figure at #1 or somewhere else leading the pack? I remember for TFA the Arclight/Capitan/TCL Chinese trio in LA came out on top. Any surprises this time around?
  8. I know! We've been in the 20-23M range since SM1. Even on the high end of pricing, this will cruise past 30M. That's a substantial portion of the movie-going population for an 84-hour period. Yeah that's what I'm rooting for as well.
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