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  1. Anyone have a link to the blog that has all the archived fandango data? I remember seeing it somewhere in this thread before.
  2. Caught a screening of this yesterday. I thought it was pretty damn great. The acting is uniformly great, and this is easily John Cho's best work to date. Unlike Unfriended 2, this actually utilizes its gimmick effectively; you've never seen computer screens look so cinematic. It's an emotional experience, too, and I was close to tears on a couple occasions. *Minor spoilers for the beginning of the film* One criticism I have is I do think the last couple twists are a bit much, but they're at least hinted at prior in some clever ways. Overall, I highly recommend it and hope it does well.
  3. Biggestgeekever

    Mamma Mia 2 VS MI-Fallout

    Mammia Mia 2: $42M/$163M Mission: Impossible - Fallout: $79M/$258M
  4. This is too high for my blood, but I don't think it's as crazy as it sounds. I've seen a few folks say there's no hype for Fallout, but on the contrary, I think it's generating much more interest than the last M:I film. Look at the views for the first two trailers compared to Rogue Nation: Fallout #1: 24.1 million #2: 18.4 million Rogue Nation #1: 13.0 million #2: 7.4 million And even compared to the last two Bond films, Fallout is impressive: Spectre #1: 8.9 million #2: 14.9 million Skyfall #1: 5.0 million (was a teaser trailer) #2: 26.1 million And keep in mind those older films are cumulative views up to this point, so they would have been lower prior to release. I'm not sure it'll open as high as Skyfall (that did have more going for it with the Adele song and 50th anniversary of Bond) but I'd say it's very clear Fallout has a lot more hype than the last movie did. Combined with the effusive reviews, and I'd be shocked if doesn't go significantly above $55M on OW.
  5. I do think Equalizer 2 looks less interesting than the original, and primarily because the hook is him avenging a character I can't even remember from the first movie.
  6. Agreed 100%. BTW I rewatched M:I2 last night for the first time since it was in theaters. I regret to say it really is as bad as its reputation suggests, and it's got some honestly offensive dialogue that took me by surprise.
  7. This is gonna blow the fuck up in October.
  8. BOM answered that There's really no consistency to how they're reported. Jumanji was reported for the actual day it happened, and early showtimes for Incredibles 2 were rolled into the Thursday number.
  9. That is pretty strong. In comparison, Cars 3 did $2.8M which translated into a $53M OW. Though there doesn't seem to be any indication if this includes the $1.2M Amazon Prime showings or not.
  10. That is not a good preview number at all. I'm thinking low 20s at this point Fri: $9M Sat: $8M Sun: $6M OW: $23M
  11. Biggestgeekever

    Thursday's Numbers: AM&TW $5.29M

  12. I'm thinking $3M or so for Skyscraper, $2M for HT3. Though they may report it much higher since they still have not accounted for the $1.2M it made from those Amazon Prime shows.
  13. Tom Cruise will do these movies forever. Even when he does, he'll come back as the spirit of Xenu and makes Mission: Impossible 18. That said, I kind of hope 7 is the last one. Go out on the biggest bang imaginable; let it be about Ethan going on one last mission and instead of being disavowed, he gets the full force of the IMF to take the bad guys down. Bring everyone back. Maggie Q, Thandie Newton, Paula Patton, Henry Czerny, Anthony Hopkins, EVERYONE.
  14. I'd love to interview the psychopaths that still pay to see movies in 3D
  15. http://www.boxofficemojo.com/news/?id=4416&p=.htm Top 10 predictions: I'm a bit surprised the sites are going with 30+ for Ant-Man this weekend. To me it seems very likely to drop as much as Homecoming did, at least.

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