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  1. Tickets should be going in sale very soon for Venom; Regal has showtimes listed and previews will begin at 5PM.
  2. A $50M+ OW for The Nun is looking good at this point. I noticed that WB never released a full trailer for it, either; goes to show just how effective that teaser was.
  3. https://www.thewrap.com/nun-conjuring-box-office-preview/
  4. Biggestgeekever

    Tuesday Numbers

    Labor Day Fri and Sat increases are typically a lot better than the previous, so I think your numbers are a little on the low side. I'm thinking 4.3 2.8M -34.9% 2.9M +3.6% 6.6M+127.6% 10.0M +51.5% 10.2M +2.0% 8.0M -21.6% 3-day: $26.8M, 4-day: $34.8M. It's one of the best Labor Day increases ever, but it's worth noting that a 22% week-to-week drop on Tuesday is amazing. It's a better hold than The Help, Guardians 1, or The Sixth Sense had on the Tuesday before Labor Day.
  5. Amazing figure for Crazy Rich Asians; the best second weekend hold for a film in 3,000+ theaters that was not aided by a holiday, I believe. And with Labor Day next weekend, it has a great chance to have a third weekend bigger than its first.
  6. Biggestgeekever

    Wednesday numbers: MI6 $3.67M

    It's splitting IMAX screens with The Meg, and the AMC locations here going with The Meg are keeping Fallout on Dolby Cinema.
  7. I'm still not seeing IMAX showings for The Meg, and it seems that Cinemark locations are keeping Fallout on those screens.
  8. What's going on with The Meg's IMAX release? Showtimes for the format aren't on sale yet, and a few locations that have showtimes for Thursday are playing M:I6 all night. I wonder if they're going to split times between the two films.
  9. Deadline updated again. Literal crumbling before our eyes for the openers! THUMB RANK FILM DIS. SCREENS (CHG) FRI 3-DAY (-%) TOTAL WK 1 M:I – Fallout Par/Sky 4,395 (+9) $9.8M (-57%) $34.3M(-44%) $123.6M 2 2 Christopher Robin Dis 3,602 $9.1M $24.9M $24.9M 1 3 The Spy Who Dumped Me LG 3,111 $4.7M $12.1M $12.1M 1 4 Mamma Mia 2 Uni 3,359 (-155) $2.8M (-40%) $8.9M (-41%) $91.1M 3 5 Hotel Transylvania 3 Sony 3,162 (-843) $2.5M (-32%) $8.5M (-30%) $136.7M 4 6 Equalizer 2 Sony 2,725 (-663) $2.3M (-41%) $8.2M (-41%) $79.2M 3 7 The Darkest Minds Fox 3,127 $2.5M $6.4M $6.4M 1 8 Ant-Man And The Wasp Dis 2,233 (-780) $1.75M (-30%) $6.1M (-30%) $195.3M 5 9 Incredibles 2 Dis 1,802 (-814) $1.5M (-28%) $5.2M (-28%) $583.3M 8 10 Teen Titans Go! WB 3,188 $1.5M (-64%) $5.1M (-51%) $21M 2
  10. DL is probably assuming it'll play like a kids movie in the summer with a small Saturday jump. $26.4M seems low if it today is 10.5, but not by much: Fri: $10.5M (1.5 from previews) Sat: $9.5M Sun: $7.5M OW: $27.5M Of course, it could end up playing stronger on Saturday.
  11. Damn that'd be a great weekend hold for Fallout. If the loss of IMAX next weekend doesn't affect it too much, it should definitely be a new franchise record and top Solo and Ant-Man and the Wasp for #5 of the summer.
  12. Yep. And Dory had a huge 55% decline on the first weekend of August due to Suicide Squad. That won't happen to Incredibles 2
  13. Fallout is so clearly the best M:I film that it's not even funny. Just by virtue of having a balls-to-the-wall insane final act it's shoulders above 4 and 5. Add in the emotional stakes, giving Ethan characterization, good villains, the best female characters of the series, and yeah, not even close. Even if there's one or two too many double crosses, Fallout is the best one.
  14. Highest grade for an M:I film, I believe.
  15. Only if that stops Tim Burton from making new movies

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