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  1. Friend Request is going to easily set the record for worst opening in 2,500+ theaters.
  2. One of my favorite thing about films like mother!—which is equal parts biblical allegory and a self-psychological examination of auteurs—is how so many people refuse to meet them halfway, and instead act like the filmmakers raped your girlfriend, shot your dog, and hired terrorists to blow up your home.
  3. IT Monday 8.8 Guru

    Maybe two and a half times.
  4. http://deadline.com/2017/09/stephen-king-it-home-again-box-office-1202163667/ Updated Saturday PM: With a strong hold from Friday to Saturday, Stephen King’s It is looking to pass $120M by the end of its three-day weekend, just as our tracking experts predicted earlier todday. Current estimates have the Andy Muschietti-directed horror film floating around $123.5M right now, down only 8% from last night. Today pulled in around $46.5M after Friday night’s $51M (which included that $13.5M preview).
  5. I was sleeping when I saw this and literally sat up and yelled "What the fuck!"
  6. Remember this excerpt from Deadline when the first tracking numbers came in? http://deadline.com/2017/08/it-stephen-king-projected-box-office-opening-1202150870/
  7. Something I just realized with this new estimate: IT outgrossed fellow Stephen King adaption The Dark Tower in one day.
  8. $101M is awfully conservative with a $49.6M OD. That would mean $36.1M for Friday, so it would have to fall 5% from that on Saturday and then another 50% on Sunday. I'm thinking a 10% increase today and then a 47% drop on Sunday, so 13.5 + 36.1 + 39.7 + 21 = $110.3M
  9. IT is still holding strong with 83.1% on movietickets.com. Given that horror films (especially this time of year) see their bulk audience at night, and Gitesh is probably the most conservative when it comes to providing early estimates, I think the estimates are going to float upwards from that $44M. Also, my audience was eating out of the palm of this movie's hands. I wonder if this can get an A cinemascore, something I cannot recall for any horror film.
  10. I just woke up, so excuse me but... FUCK. YES.
  11. final predictions Pre: $13.9M Fri: $32.5M/$46.4M Sat: $36.4M +12.00%/-21.55% Sun: $19.0M -47.80% OW: $101.8M 2nd: $54.4M -46.56% 3rd: $25.2M -53.68% 4th: $13.2M -47.62% DOM: $268M INT: $337M WW: $605M
  12. IT is officially the widest R-rated opener of all time.

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