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  1. Doctor Sleep is similarly looking pretty dead here in Seattle, and I would thought this would be a place for it would do well. Starting to think it'll struggle to hit $20M for the weekend.
  2. So this is kind of wild. Anyone who used BOM in the last decade probably remembers the Sean Salsbury; it turns he has a blog that he linked in a Variety article about this BOM redesign: https://www.seancast.com/movies/boxofficemojo-redesign-2019/
  3. Whoever runs the-numbers.com should seize the day and add pages that BOM no longer has. Bet they're gonna see a spike in traffic from this mess.
  4. Congratulations IMDb for taking a quaint but functional site used by people in the industry and turning into an eyeball assault. Bonus points for locking content behind a paywall too, and it seems outright deleting stuff like theater counts.
  5. Yeah that's probably the case. I don't think AMC would be willing to not start at the same time even if those showings probably won't add a whole lot to the preview numbers. Also re: Hobbs and Shaw. The tracking that Shawn mentioned is encouraging, but spinoffs historically don't perform too well compared to the primary franchise (with Minions being pretty much the sole exception). It's also the spinoff of a series that's in decline domestically, so we really should be skeptical of how its going to perform unless we see ticket sales that suggest otherwise.
  6. Looking around it seems AMC locations will start previews at 7PM while other theater chains begin at 5PM. Which is kinda weird? Also noticed the runtime has been updated to 169 minutes, so that's probably the actual length of the movie.
  7. Since hearing the news about the runtime, I've rewatched the final trailer probably a dozen times. It is really fucking good, especially Skarsgard's deliver of "I've missed you!" gives me chills. I dunno yet if this will match the first, but I'm hoping we get the first R-rated $150M opener here. Horror films this summer have all underperformed, so I feel like there's a lot of potential demand. Anyone know when tickets are going on sale?
  8. Not sure if this is the answer, but domestically what came to mind was Live Free or Died Hard opened to #1 on 6/27/07, then Ratatouille was #1 on 6/29, and then Transformers' Monday previews were #1 on 7/2: https://www.boxofficemojo.com/daily/chart/?sortdate=2007-06-27&track
  9. It's July so all schools are out for the summer. More people will see a film late at night then leading to a stronger Sunday hold. Additionally, mega openers tend to have better than average Sunday declines as well, so Lion King should have at worst a 20% drop today, and probably more like 15%
  10. This is family film releasing in the middle of July, where it'll have a maximum benefit on weekdays. Even with the very high Thursday preview number, I wouldn't bet on a multiplier under 3.5. I think $650M is the low.
  11. Obviously still boffo box office, but it's now at the point where I wonder if not going so photorealistic and instead producing some visual panache akin to the original could have pushed this considerably higher.
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