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  1. http://www.universalscreenings.com/?m=15wi09oTLKTjQbK4Z&p=8AUYORhC1IPmtEQUd&utm_source=Direct For anyone interested, some free studios screenings are being held tomorrow across the country.
  2. Here you go 6 3 Ralph Breaks the Internet Buena Vista 2,495 -1,080 -30.2% 5 11 7 Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Warner Bros. 682 -1,924 -73.8% 6
  3. Really good. I was hoping that Lion King could top Infinity War, but still pretty great considering the trailer is pretty brief. The next one that shows off the rest of the characters could really blow the roof off the place.
  4. You forgot about Godzilla: KING OF THE MONSTERS making $750M
  5. Yeah, the opening weekend record is toast. $260M+ OW, $40M+ Monday and Tuesday, at least $500M 10 day total.
  6. I would bet money that we do get this. Probably not the full 4 minutes, but a 2-3 minute version seems like way too obvious of a thing for it to not happen. I also expect it to easily shatter the record for most viewed trailer.
  7. I know we've joked about it before, but it's unbelievable that studios have successfully extended the OW to include showtimes on Tuesday.
  8. Let's have most of the main characters stand around while a confusing backstory complete with a literal family tree is dumped on our laps. In this backstory there's a spell used that amounts to rape—something that we see Queenie basically use earlier in the film, as well—then that backstory is complicated further by someone going, no, actually this is what really happens. And this second flashback involves the second small child death of the film on what may or may not be The Titanic. And then we get a vaping premonition about WW2 and the dangers humanity represents because they'll develop the atomic bomb. Then the vaping premonition dude casts a fire dragon spell that (somehow) would destroy an entire city (so, the magic equivalent of an atomic bomb) if Yoda... I mean, Nicolas Flamel... didn't show up. Did I mention the character with the child death backstory dies unceremoniously here? Because that also happens. And then we get two asinine bookend sequences: one promising that the good guys will spend an entire film destroying a trinket, and another has the big plot twist that will at least require a good amount of exposition for it to begin to make sense. In my opinion, the movie never recovers from one of Grindelwald's thugs murdering a toddler in the beginning (how weird is it that a film called The Crimes of Grindelwald leaves its most brutal atrocities to other characters?), but the last act is as bad anything I've seen this year.
  9. We hadn't seen Vader in action like that, in part because of the limitations of technology when the OT released. I don't think I need to explain why seeing Vader kill of a room full of armed guards with his lightsaber and the force is both a) different from anything in OT, and b) shows just how much of a physical threat he is. You can disagree on whether it's satisfying or not, but for me it was. If the analogous scene in Fantastic Beasts 2 works for you, more power to you. It didn't work for me, and honestly, none of the action beats in this did.
  10. I'm glad you bought that up, because Fantastic Beasts 2 does something pretty similar with a character from the lore. The difference is I found what this character was doing to be borderline incomprehensible, an action sequence with a threat that doesn't really make a whole lot of sense. Vader's rampage is satisfying because it delivers on seeing an incredibly dangerous villain go on a killing spree, it shows exactly why he's a force to be reckoned with. Well, there's one huge one right at the end of the movie.
  11. There's a massive difference between the fan service in Rogue One and in this. Rogue One's retconning of the Death Star weakness isn't something that had to be done, but they did so by making it about a father deciding to take a stand against evil, and it logically makes sense. Additionally, we get that the rogue leader designation is a tribute to the characters that died to get the Death Star plans to the rebels. It's all answering questions that didn't need to be answered, but they're done in a way that expands the universe and adds extra meaning to them. In my opinion, this stuff all stands on its own as well. Comparatively, Fantastic Beasts 2's retcons and fan service-y moments either contradict the existing lore entirely, or at best require an additional movie (or 3) to explain away these inconsistencies. And no, I'm not just talking about Nagini. And some of the retcons are just straight up lazy, like single sentence lines to justify why certain characters from the first Fantastic Beasts are still in this one. I think when people see this thing, most are gonna see it for what it is: a sequel that is trying to build a Hollywood Franchise with a capital F while the filmmakers haphazardly tie it to series that people actually care about.

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