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  1. $48m OD? Deadpool is going to destroy Matrix Reloaded's 13 year old R-Rated opening weekend record.
  2. TPM: Qui-Gon Jinn AOTC: Count Dooku ROTS: Darth Sidious ANH: Darth Vader ESB: Han Solo ROTJ: Emperor TFA: Han Solo
  3. Days to #1 on the All Time US Chart The Force Awakens: 20 or 21 Avatar: 47 Titanic: 86 E.T.: 217 (would've been 198 if Star Wars wasn't reissued in late August of 1982 in the middle of E.T.s run) Length or US Chart reign The Force Awakens: ??? (January 6 or 7, 2016 - ???) Avatar: 2164 or 5 days - (February 2, 2010 - January 6 or 7, 2016) Titanic: 4342 days - (March 14, 1998 - February 1, 2010) Star Wars (SE): 394 days - (February 13, 1997 - March 13, 1998) E.T: 5144 days - (January 13, 1983 - February 12, 1997)
  4. I wonder how many would have believed if a year ago someone came on here and predicted that Episode 7 would beat The Avengers Age of Ultron's total US gross in 9 days?
  5. He's probably thinking he got ripped off. That $4 billion he got for Star Wars (and Indy) doesn't seem that great anymore.
  6. That's just insane. Before this the record to $300m was 8-days (Jurassic World), in its 8th day TFA is hitting $400m.
  7. That would be cool. I was thinking something more cruel though. Like we will never know Tuesday's gross because we are always stuck living this day over and over again.
  8. What if this is like Groundhog Day and we are doomed to relive the same day over and over again?
  9. I wonder if the situation were reversed what people would think? If Hermoine were black in the movies, and a white actress were cast to play Hermione for this play.
  10. True. But I think these results will embolden studios to not shy away from opening big franchise/tentpole movies in December.
  11. One thing is for certain. TFA proves that December releases can have monster openings. No more do we have to look at Avatar, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and I am Legend and think that $70m-$80m OWs are the ceiling.
  12. I wonder if George Lucas is regretting selling this to Disney for $4 billion? This movie alone will probably gross $2b-$3b and make another $1b-$2b in merchandising, video games, blu-ray...ect.
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