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  1. He have Wonder Woman cover photo and JL profil picture...I bet he will say "the movie is fck amazing".
  2. I hope not. DP movies are 'average' for me. Not bad but certainly overrated.
  3. I saw (I hope real) post credit scenes descriptions If true...
  4. Hello again! Please you send to me (in PM) more CA:TWS easter eggs/references! Thanks
  5. Possibly huge spoilers from the soundtrack... These are ostensibly from the UK Amazon store but when I checked the link, it said the item had been removed...
  6. Triskelion gets damaged in the Helicarrier fight -> Criminals escape? -> End of movie shows him gathering the Master of Evil?
  7. Just a question: Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje signs multipicture deal?
  8. I got a Thor: TDW "review". Interesting...

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