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  1. yeah. we all have different opinions, but don't come and tell me not to go to cinema and don't tell people to stay home. and of course: don't blame the others for what they are doing.
  2. is "non-essential" for who? for you? okay then. don't go. it's simple. but for people that are working in this industry cinemagoing is essential. VERY essential. this business has to rise again. and what happened in France last weekend is a good start. a really good start. again: congrats France. and off topic: congrats Nole Djokovic and Serbia.
  3. hahaha :)))) why? with what money you want people live if they stay home? i understand. pandemic. pandemic all over the world. i understand that. but enough is enough. now is another word. economy. if people don't work. they have no money. so...they don't have resources to live. it's very simple. we are not all rich like others. we have to work. so yeah. good job France. hope you're an example that will be followed by all the countries in the world very soon. we need to open now everything. we have to get our rights again as soon as possible. freedom to move. freedom to speak. our stores. cinemas. everything. we need to back to normal. pandemic is over. and France is the best exemple in Europe. good job guys.
  4. I'm sure Hobbs & Shaw will be the biggest movie this year at least 200k adm. ow/500k adm. total
  5. ^ yes. FF9 will destroy everything here. inclusive Avatar
  6. WRONG! Fast & Furious is the BIGGEST franchises here!
  7. off topic. I know. but this is funny choreography Petrolul - ASU Poli (Romania league II)
  8. What a surprise! The Nun opened on top with an UNBELIEVABLE 91.233 adm. and $0.45M. It's absolutely monstrous for a horror movie in Romania. The previous ow record (for a horror movie) was set by Insidious 4 - 38.748 adm. The Nun already beat Annabelle (70.402 adm in total), Conjuring (52.712), Conjuring 2 (88.161) and soon will be the biggest horror movie here (IT held the record with 139.899 adm). Frankly, I have no idea why this movie it's a huge success in Romania. Maybe because the entire movie was filmed here. It will fly (I guess) past $1m and 200.000 adm. Absolutely unbelievable!!
  9. I know maybe this will sound weird, but Happy Death Day is one of the best movie I've seen in a long time and one of the most entertaining horror movies ever made. it s unpredictable, with a big plot twist, great story, fantastic actors....I really enjoyed it! Jessica Rothe is truly amazing in this film. can t wait for the sequel
  10. Black Panther opened on top with $0.56m (2.1m lc). Because it's distributed by Forum Film Romania we don't have admission figures for it, but after my calculations BP sold around 94k tickets ow. It is the second biggest opening ever for Marvel, only behind Thor: Ragnarok. Very nice! Fifty Shades Freed continue to impress with 148k adm, and for now the total is 295k adm, and $1.54m. Depending on how it will drop next week, it might end up around $2m and 400k adm. Well done Mr. Grey! Winchester, Phantom Thread and Early Man opened this weekend with some mediocre numbers: 13k, 7.6k and 8k adm. Great hold for Jumanji (482k adm and $2.79m) and for Ferdinand (231k adm and $1.1m). Maze Runner: The Death Cure stands at $0.88m - 142k adm and should easily break $1m. Next weekend we have 5 new movies: Every Day, The Post, The Shape of Water, Un beau soleil intérieur and Scurtcircuit (local film). Unfortunately none of this movies will reach at 25k adm (I guess!)
  11. in 2017 we had: - 44 movies with over 100k adm - 17 movies with over 200k adm - 7 movies with over 300k adm - 3 movies with over 400k adm - and 1 movie (Fast8) with more than 600k adm (still, the record is held by Avatar with more than 880k adm) - over 13.7m tickets sold
  12. well, here is the top 10 at the end of 2017. 1. Fast & Furious 8 - 366k adm- $1.75m OW, 683k adm - $3.17m total. (13.3m lc. total) 2. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle - 94k adm - $0.54m OW, 472k adm - $2.73m (10.4m lc. total) - still playing, with very good chances at 500k adm 3. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (this film was distributed by Forum Film Romania, who unfortunately stopped to report regular admission figures) - $0.74m OW - $2.23m total (9.5m lc. total) and around 430k adm after my calculations 4. Star Wars: The Last Jedi (same story with Forum Film Romania) - $0.76m OW - $2.20m total (8.5m lc. total) and around 390k adm after my calculations 5. Thor: Ragnarok (Forum Film Romania) $0.59m OW- $2m total (8m lc. total) and around 365k adm after my calculations 6. Fifty Shades Darker - 150k adm - $0.69m OW , 375k adm - $1.64m total (6.98m lc. total) 7. Beauty and the Beast (Forum Film Romania) - $0.51m OW - $1.52m total (6.45m lc. total) and around 325k adm after my calculations 8. Assassin's Creed - 92k adm - $0.5m OW , 265k adm - $1.39m total (5.92m lc. total) 9. Justice League -102k adm - $0.59m OW , 265k adm - $1.49m total (5.85m lc. total) 10. The Boss Baby - 26.6k adm - $0.12m OW , 283k adm - $1.26m total (5.26m lc. total)
  13. Fifty Shades it's a successful franchise in Romania Fifty Shades of Grey had an insane opening with 145k adm - $0.71m OW, and 317k adm - $1.46m total. Fifty Shades Darker hold the record for biggest film of the franchise (for now) with 150k adm - $0.69m OW, and 375k adm - $1.64m total. and now, Fifty Shades Freed opened this weekend with great numbers also - 146k adm and $0.79m. Probably will finish with over 360k adm, and $1.8m! No one should be surprised if 50Grey will be the biggest movie in Romania this year!
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