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  1. It would have done badly no matter when it came out. Fans just didn’t want to admit it.
  2. Did people forget what his career was like before Pirates? He was always an indie actor who was maybe cast ina big-budget film every once in a while and then struck it rich by landing Pirates. Dude had it made.
  3. That's actually not a good comparison. HC was Spider-Man's intro to the MCU so it was kind of necessary. Solo...not so much. I can't speak for others but I did not want a Solo origin story. I don't think it was needed, and to be honest, I don't think Solo before joining the Rebellion was all that interesting of a character. A large part of his appeal was not knowing his past. Plus the fact that Harrison is just larger than life as an actor. If they did a young Ben Kenobi story, then I think that would have made more sense. I'm more interested in other stories, be it before, during and after the rebellion.
  4. I really did like the trailer, although I cringed at the train scene. I do hope it ends respectably well, box office wise.
  5. I hope to be pleasantly surprised but I don't really have any faith in OS for this movie. But I really cannot wait until February. I am shooketh!
  6. I'll join you. Misery loves company and all that jazz.
  7. There seems to be a lot of anger about this movie and I'm kind of puzzled. It's a movie that's ending a trilogy that was supposed to come out last year; the studio and even the actors want it to be over because of the accident. They're not expecting anything great. The budgets made this trilogy a success...not sure what's the problem for some people?
  8. I still haven't seen MJ2 but it wasn't because of anything else except how freaking dull and boring MJ1 was. That was it. Just saw a trailer for The Death Cure. Winced when they showed the train sequence because that's how O'Brien got injured.
  9. Everyone wants it over and done with because of the accident. So Fox is just going to let this one run its course.
  10. I've been living under a rock so I just saw the trailer last night. It looks really good. I actually just recently saw The Conjuring movies and I was so impressed with how good they all were.
  11. I have to agree with you. I will be pleasantly surprised if it manages to do well but yeah.
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