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  1. This looks like absolute garbage, never been more convinced to not watch a film based on a trailer in my entire life
  2. Minions: $94m The Gallows: $9.2m Self Less: $7m
  3. This is going under 40m OW, i'm calling it now
  4. Top ten of 2014 predictions!

    1. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 - $380m2. Interstellar - $330m3. Transformers 4 - $315m4. Hobbit 3 - $310m5. How to Train Your Dragon - $300m6. X-men: Days of Future Past - $280m7. Godzilla - $240m8. Spider-Man 2 - $225m9. Captain America - $225m10. Apes 2 - $220m
  5. Overrated/underrated films of 2013

    This is the end was massively overrated for me, a C at best and only occasionally funny
  6. when does this come out in Australia?
  7. Bay has mastered the art of appealing to the moronic masses
  8. Only just saw this movie and... its absolute shiiiiiitttttteeee, one of the dullest, crappiest movies of 2012, acting was standard twilight acting, cgi was terrible, the baby was horrifying, the end was a massive cop out. Worst in the series and one of the worst of last year Twilight - C- New Moon D+ Eclipse - C Breaking Dawn Part 1 - D Breaking Dawn Part 2 - D-
  9. Man of Steel over Iron Man 1 ($318m) CLUB

    250m domestic total...you're all going to be super disappointed by a solid gross
  10. Cheap substitutes like games? since when has a movie ticket cost as much a game?
  11. Alot has changed since a last checked! Where did 140m OW go? Happy its a success, that 140m number was devastating
  12. Waiting....

    The wait before watching DH2 and The Hobbit for the first time was absolutely incredible, The hobbit more from a personal stance of loving the LOTR and being terrified and excited to see how it was, and DH2 for the crowd, the buzz in that audience was something i've never seen before

    Hmmm i'm thinking i'll do this again and see how it goes, getting more and more busy this year!
  14. BSG (GAME ON!!)

    I hope he is

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