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  1. So much potential, but never quite rose to it. Chastain and Isaac were great of course, but it was just boring and felt overlong. B-
  2. -Iceroll Episode Ratings: (Kind of like the exact opposite of Dexter) Opening Theme: http://youtu.be/w5JkGY1qC8Y Should be number 1
  3. It's definitely Simmons' to lose at this point.
  4. Holy shit this was incredible. Simmons gives a terrifying supporting performance and teller shines as usual. That ending was so tense. This is definitely in my top 3 for the year A
  5. I really liked last night's episode. Definitely the best of the season, and probably one of the best of the series.
  6. acsc1312


    I'm satisfied with how they ended the season. Glad I stuck through it and didn't give up after that horrific start to the season. I'm actually looking forward to next season.
  7. "We accept the love we think we deserve." This line crushed me today when I caught 20 mins of it on showtime. Such a powerful film with an incredible lead performance in Lerman. Seriously, how did he not get an Oscar nom? I need to revisit this in full soon.
  8. Meh. A solid addition to the meh-filled Marvel slate. Some funny moments, but overall just a bland story and film. The cinematography was a lot better than the horrific one of the first. B-
  9. Yeah, your horrible taste in movie a last year.
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