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  1. Interesting 180 from 12 hours ago. I'm hoping boyhood somehow pulls out the win, but guilds are too strong for birdman.
  2. Someone who didn't know it was shot over 12 years would still figure it out. Hair and makeup don't make a person go through puberty. happy for birdman, though boyhood should still get at least director.
  3. So much potential, but never quite rose to it. Chastain and Isaac were great of course, but it was just boring and felt overlong. B-
  4. Well, at least we know the nominations aren't rigged with that BP lineup.
  5. Jesus Christ, was there a category that Coolio didn't bitch about? I love you man, but damn. You're like the resident hipster now.
  6. God, Coolio is like the Meryl Streep of this cat.
  7. 29m for an R rated third week movie ON SUPERBOWL WEEKEND is disappointing? Yall mofos need Jesus.
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