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  1. So much potential, but never quite rose to it. Chastain and Isaac were great of course, but it was just boring and felt overlong. B-
  2. It's definitely Simmons' to lose at this point.
  3. Holy shit this was incredible. Simmons gives a terrifying supporting performance and teller shines as usual. That ending was so tense. This is definitely in my top 3 for the year A
  4. Lolololololololol "what does a baby computer call its father?" "PIG FUCK!" :ROFL:
  5. Glad I wasn't the only one that noticed the clothing choices. I kept thinking to myself how great he looked and how relatable it actually was. I could see myself dressing like that. I want that red/orange shirt he kept wearing
  6. ^liked for the 5 in general. Is delpy getting and Oscar nom? I haven't even been paying attention this year
  7. This movie was way too relatable, in that it actually portrays a REAL love story. This is the kind of thing everyone actually goes through in a relationship (obviously with a person). If you can see it with your significant other, it's quite an experience. Give me more real-life love like this and Before Midnight over a typical rom-com any day. Bravo, Mr. Jonze. Your filmography is impeccable. A+
  8. WOLFIE! WOLFIE! Saw this again last night and loved it even more than the first time. It flows better on a second viewing. Can I just say that the lunch scene with MCConaughey is absolutely brilliant?! It's definitely one of my favorite scenes of the year, and sets up the film so well. A+
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