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Found 4 results

  1. * Trey Parker is here to voice the villain, Balthazar Fucking Bratt. * The last 2015 movie about yellow-colored banana-like creatures with blue overalls grossed over $1.15 billion, so there is an inaccurate reason why this does not get past a billion dollars worldwide, or some shit what so ever. * Even though the spinoff movie had mixed critical reception, audiences particularly handsome and beautiful kids still love the franchise. * IT'S DESPICABLE ME! IMPORTANT: This club is dedicated to worldwide/overall gross only. Not domestic. Not overseas. MANDATORY: You must guess the box office amount in dollars for your name (and the prediction) to appear below this. Otherwise it won't. +++ IN (WINNER)+++ TEAM GRU (≥ $1,100,000,000) MrFanaticGuy34 ($1,130,000,000) Piku-Banerjee ($1,100,000,000) TEAM MINIONS ($1,000,000,000 - $1,099,999,999) the beast ($1,050,000,000) abra ($1,030,000,000) Joel M ($1,025,000,000) Asyulus ($1,014,000,000) Blankments ($1,012,000,000) YourMother ($1,005,000,000) --- OUT --- TEAM BRATT ($900,000,000 - $999,999,999) MattW ($980,000,000) Captain H ($970,000,000) ChiSoxRox ($970,000,000) That One Guy ($970,000,000) peludo ($965,000,000) Arlborn ($950,000,000) Icicle ($950,000,000) raegr ($950,000,000) Zakiyyah6 ($950,000,000) commonsense88 ($938,000,000) KP1025 ($930,000,000) a2knet ($925,000,000) keysersoze123 ($900,000,000) TEAM DISNEY & PIXAR (≤ $899,999,999) Claudio ($890,000,000) Ocho ($878,000,000) KathNiel ($875,000,000) You may change your predict anytime until the club closes in June 29, 2017. On its 69th day, $1 billion mark has been touched.

    "Oh brother." $742m OS
  3. 4 major Hollywood releases are set to release in China in Aug + Sept. This club is a prediction that these 4 releases will make over 450 million USD in China. My predictions are: MI5 - 250 million USD Minions - 65-75 million USD Pixels 35-40 million USD Terminator: 100 million USD Who's in and who's out? What's your predictions for these 4 films in China?
  4. CLUB REASONS: FF6 (550 OS) huge overseas increase to FF5 (416 OS) can bring up to FF7 because the franchise is getting better reviews. That's 134 million increase. If the increase continued at the same rate, FF7 will gross around 684 OS.Minions is a spin-off film.The Minions is not a contender here, ceiling over Despicable 2 is unlikely. It will fall short of it.Minions will have some competitors around its release, Terminator Genisys & Ant-Man.The Fast and Furious franchise is really getting bigger. Paul Walker's death has forced the colossal marketing push of Universal. Minions is ultimately poised to gross less than Despicable Me 2 due to fact that it is a spin-off film. It would be great if FF7 even crosses 1B but it has very minimal chance of happening. I hope that FF7 will have a higher re-watch factor than Minions. Estimates: 280mln DOM / 680mln OS / 960mln WW for FURIOUS 7 305mln DOM / 640mln OS / 945mln WW for MINIONS TEAM FURIOUS:Calypsusacetabulum7DurdenGokai RedSorcerer SupremeRaphael PotterNoctisky02121JohnnyGossamerBaritone PridePypa94Age of RobertonTEAM MINIONS:treeroyCaptain Jack SparrowJohn MarstonAndyLLpicores​ The club will close in March 27, 2015, a week before the release date of Furious 7.

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