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Found 6 results

  1. Jennifer Lawrence has got to be my absolute favorite actress of all time, and no one else could honestly take that stature. Favorite Actress: Jennifer Lawrence Honorable Mentions: Mystique, X- Men Days of Future Past Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I Has yet to come out, but I'm waiting to see Katniss go bad-ass. "I am. I will." Favorite Actor: Chris Pratt I'm so glad he's gotten the acclaim he deserves. I loved Everwood, it was honestly potential in the making here. He owned the GOTG movie. Honorable Mentions: Star-Lord (Peter Quill), Guardians of the Galaxy Emmet, The Lego Movie "You said it yourself, bitch-We're the Guardians of the Galaxy." Feel free to post your own with Honorable mentions.
  2. Release dates per Imdb didnt do that well in the UK but I have hope it does decently overall Starts today in Astralia Here on Jan 23. Kinometro shown only 300 copies for it but the promo seems to be good
  3. Sooooo the Lineup is announced
  4. Wishing everyone a very happy new year 2014, Welcome to the fifth edition of "Box Office Fact or Fiction". A feature where members of the Box Office forums are asked for their opinions on all things movies. First, the winner from last time, please put your hands together for Blankments. Congratulations, you win a BILLION internet points Since this is the first edition of the year, it will deal with box office questions for all of 2014 instead of the week at hand only. I reached out to three of the long standing forum members for this edition, and all three of them consented to participate. So please welcome the three contributors for this special "Looking forward to 2014" edition: From SoCal, he is a member of the Producers Guild of America and Peter O'Toole lookalike, Telemachos From Canada (or Camp Crystal Lake), the Jason super-fan, Baumer And from an island displaced in time and space, 4815162342 aka Numbers Let's get it started. 1. "How to train your dragon 2" will win Summer 2014 Telemachos: FICTION. Beloved animation sequels tend to be over-predicted online, and it's notoriously difficult to predict increases for animated movies based simply on quality and reception of the original. For every one that does significantly increase (DM2), there are multiple examples of those that don't (KFP2, MU). I think HTTYD2 has a marginal increase/decrease... either way, it's not going to beat TF4. Baumer: FICTION. HTTYD2 might hit 300 mill but that won't be enough to beat out other films like Transformers 4 and perhaps XM:DOFP. Animated films do well but they rarely win the summer. The last one that did, to the best of knowledge, was Shrek 2. I don't see that kind of increase. It's also been too long since the original. So this film will do well, but not well enough to win. Numbers: FICTION. How to Train Your Dragon had amazing legs as an original outing in 2010, and there is lots of residual goodwill towards that film. But I am suspicious of the claims of people who think this will turn into a box office juggernaut a la Shrek 2 or something like that. It's going to increase, the only question is will it increase so much that it will outgross the decrease Transformers 4 will have from Dark of the Moon. Right now, without anything to tell us about how Transformers 4 looks, I will remain doubtful of it dropping so far that HTTYD 2 has a probability of outgrossing it. 1 of 1, Off to a good start here 2. With her performances in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2", "The Fault In Our Stars" and "Divergent", Shailene Woodley will end 2014 as the successor to Jennifer Lawrence as the next big thing Telemachos: FICTION. She's barely in TASM2 (if at all), DIVERGENT isn't going to be a break-out smash, and TFIOS might be a critical darling, but doesn't show any indication of breaking out large -- either in terms of nominations at the end of the year or being a big hit. I certainly don't see it being a bigger thing for Woodley than THE DESCENDENTS was; JLaw benefitted from Oscar nomination buzz that led immediately into THG, and there's nothing like that for Woodley here. Baumer: FACT. Shailene Woodley is a stunning woman. She's young enough to not have broken out yet but her presence in The Descendents was part of the reason the film was so good. She has screen presence. She might not be in ASM2 all that much but the other two films will put her star clearly on the rise. People will know her name at the end of the year. Numbers: FICTION. As far as we know, Woodley is cut from TASM 2, so strike that from the list. Divergent may be successful, but the odds of it being "Hunger Games" successful are quite small, considering the disparity in quality of the two films' initial trailers in terms of selling the characters and the setting. As for her final outing, Fault in Our Stars remains an unknown quantity. It could be a huge romantic breakout, or it could be a moderate one, or it could fizzle. Even if that film does break out, it would not cement Woodley as anything more than a routinely mentioned online candidate for any young adult romance movie. 1 of 2, Baumer believes in Shailene while the other two have their doubts 3. No movie in 2014 will earn 400M Domestic Telemachos: FACT. It's extremely rare for an original film (or first film in a series) to gross $400m these days; almost exclusively that feat's accomplished by sequels. All the sequels this year aren't from franchises that show explosive growth (or their franchise movies are so far below $400m that any significant growth won't make up the difference). There's also no original films that could conceivably explode on the scene. Baumer: FACT. We have been spoiled the last few years with sequels to very big films. The superhero effect has really skewed out perspective. There is no Iron Man. There is no Avengers. There are a lot of films that have the potential to do well but none that will truly break out. I could see a record number of 300 million dollar films but nothing will touch 400. Numbers: FACT FACT FACT There are no original films coming out this year that look like big breakout smashes that can gross that high. Of the sequels and franchise outings coming out, only one has a shot at cracking the barrier: Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1. But I expect that film to have a small to modest decrease from Catching Fire's gross, as the trend of frontloading in young adult franchise films will continue to make its presence felt and the lesser source material the film draws from will have more muted audience and critical approval. 2 of 3, All 3 of them agree that no movie will make 400M with Numbers being really sure. SWITCH!!! 4. Of the many TV stars making the leap to movies in 2014 Aaron Paul will see the most success with "Need for Speed". Baumer: FICTION. Need for Speed looks horrendous. And not only that but it looks like a blatant rip off of the Fast Furious series. The trailer was terrible and he looks awful in it. Not only will he not have the most success, this film might put him back. I've never heard of the guy and if he wants to make the leap to feature films, maybe he better look for something that doesn't scream like it was directed by Aaron Seltzer and Jason Friedberg. Numbers: FICTION. Unfortunately, Need for Speed looks like a poor man's version of the Fast and Furious movies, though that may be more of an indictment of the marketing than the substance of the movie. I don't know the budget for this movie but I bet it is modest enough that a moderate gross for the movie wouldn't be that disappointing overall. But in terms of a star vehicle, it won't do much to make waves for his career. BUT, keep an eye out on Exodus this December, where Paul's role as Joshua may be the supporting role that gets him some quality calls to his agent. Telemachos: FICTION. Videogame franchises traditionally haven't broken out, and I don't think the trailer sells it. It feels like a generic F&F ripoff and I don't think that's going to be enough to make it a big hit. 3 of 4, Hopefully Jon Snow will have better luck with Pompeii 5. No monthly opening weekend records will be broken in 2014. JANUARY Cloverfield $40,058,229 FEBRUARY Passion of the Christ $83,848,082 MARCH The Hunger Games $152,535,747 APRIL Fast Five $86,198,765 MAY The Avengers $207,438,708 JUNE Man of Steel $116,619,362 JULY Harry Potter / Deathly Hallows (P2) $169,189,427 AUGUST The Bourne Ultimatum $69,283,690 SEPTEMBER Hotel Transylvania $42,522,194 OCTOBER Gravity $55,785,112 NOVEMBER Catching Fire $158,074,286 DECEMBER The Hobbit $84,617,303 Baumer: FICTION. Transformers 4 will take the opening weekend record in June. There is no need to move this back to Wednesday so the OW record of 114 million in June will be shattered. Transformers 4 is going in a completely different direction but it is keeping the same behind the scenes team and adding Wahlberg. That should be enough to get it to 120 million OW. Numbers: FICTION. I am a believer in The Hobbit: There and Back Again. I believe that Desolation of Smaug has gotten the better audience reception needed to restore faith in the prequel series for a larger upfront attendance. With IMAX, 3D, and a weak December market, if WB has a strong marketing game and the reviews are at least Smaug-level, then TABA has a strong shot at getting the 84.618 million necessary for the December OW record. Telemachos: FACT. Although the best opportunities would be in April, June, and December. But I don't think CA2 explodes enough to hit 90m in April, I don't see TF4 hitting 120m in June, and I don't think TABA surges enough to break 85m in December. 3 of 5, It will be interesting to see how this pans out at the end of the year 6. "X-Men: Days of Future Past" will be the highest grossing superhero movie of 2014 Baumer: FACT. What is its competition? ASM2? ASM2 will probably decrease, DOFP will increase big time. One had a very good first film the other had a very divisive first film. The quick answer is yes it will. Numbers: FACT-ION. I wish I could come down on one side of the fence for this, but Days of Future Past is too odd a beast to adequately peg down at this phase. Because of the diminishing numbers the X-Men movies have had since 2006, I am hard-pressed to see Days of Future Past outgrossing X-Men: The Last Stand (which by the way is now a very poor title choice considering the future setting of part of Days with its own LAST STAND). So really it comes down to whether Captain America can outgross The Last Stand or if The Amazing Spiderman 2 can gross under it. Considering the disappointing run of Thor 2, I doubt Captain America 2 can get that high a gross, but I also don't see for now Marc Webb's sequel dropping much either, since the marketing has been pushing the action and mayhem front and center, which is always good for selling an audience. Telemachos: FICTION. The X-franchise seems like it tops out around 230-250 or so and it seems likely that TASM2 can outgross that even if it stays relatively flat from its predecessor. 3 of 6, 3 distinct answers in this round. Good responses all around. SWITCH!!! 7. "12 Years a Slave" will win Best Picture at the Oscars Numbers: FACT, PENDING GLOBE AND GUILD RESULTS At the moment 12 Years a Slave is in the driver's seat of the Oscar race, having mostly dominated the various film critic awards through December. But it does have two films that have a decent shot at supplanting it. The first is Gravity, which has dazzled critics and audiences alike as a technical marvel that has a powerful emotional hook. Gravity has been the main power so far in the race for Best Director, and it is uncertain if a film like 12 Years a Slave can win without strong backing from the director branch. The second contender is American Hustle, which is film much more traditionally in the Academy's wheelhouse, evoking 90's Scorsese with the characters, storytelling devices, and overall tone. American Hustle's threat power comes from the largest branch of the Academy, the actors, as it is very much an ensemble piece that is first and foremost an acting showcase. But the threat posed by Gravity and American Hustle remains uncertain as we enter January. Four awards will help clear the waters, or potentially muddy them further: The Golden Globes (Drama + Comedy/Musical), the Producer's Guild Awards (Film), the Director's Guild Awards (Director), and the Screen Actors Guild awards (Ensemble). If 12 Years a Slave wins the main awards in at least three of the four, then it should be comfortably locked for the win. But if it splits those four main awards with Gravity and Hustle (note that American Hustle is competing in Comedy/Musical at the Globes, not Drama against Gravity and 12 Years), then its frontrunner status can and should be called into question. Telemachos: FACT, albeit a tentative one. I don't see another film that has the emotional and historical impact, as well as a redemptive/cathartic ending. WOLF is too savage, HUSTLE too light, GRAVITY not "deep" enough, HER and LLEWYN too "minor". This is an opportunity for the Academy to feel good and important about themselves, and I think that'll be too much for them to pass up. Baumer: FICTION. This is a critical darling but it is not a unanimous choice among academy members. It's a nice film but imo, and this seems to be shared by the academy, it's not the best film of the year. They have been known to give the finger to critics and especially the public and this will be no different. Gravity has the pedigree and American Hustle might not be deserving either, but O'Russell has made some very Oscar friendly films over the past 5 years so they might reward him with the honour this year. 3 of 7, Personally I am rooting for Gravity 8. Both "Veronica Mars" and "Wish I was here" will be box office successes relative to their budgets and lead to more medium budget movies being crowdfunded. Numbers: FACT, FICTION, FICTION Veronica Mars, with a budget of $5.7 million, stands a good chance of making that money back and then some if it is marketed in a way that appeals to beyond just fans of the television show. I think the marketing will be successful in making it look palatable to general audiences. The fanbase of a niche TV show can only go so far. Wish I Was Here, with a budget of $6 million, has roughly the same pool of money to make back as Veronica Mars, but unlike that film, it doesn't have a pool of waiting fans to draw in. While I said it was important for VM's marketing to go beyond the scope of the fandom, that fandom remains an important core audience to buy tickets, something Braff's film lacks. It is unclear if the film will appeal to people, so here I lean more towards fiction. Since the question asks for "medium-budget" movies, the answer is decidedly no. Both Veronica Mars and Wish I Was Here are low-budget movies and their success remains up in the air for the most part. Medium-budget movies on the other hand have budgets in the tens of millions of dollars, and the odds of crowdfunding being a success on that scale remains incredibly unlikely. It would have to be a film that tens of thousands of people would want to kick some money towards, but a film like that is going to be a rare thing because of the need to draw in so many people would require the film to have an immediate built-in draw factor, something your average medium-budget movie does not have when it's in the pre-production phase. Telemachos: FICTION, They're already financial successes because the studios aren't paying for them. Whatever their ultimate success, though, I don't see a rush to crowd fund studio projects because you're essentially targeting niche fan bases. How many of those are there? Baumer: FICTION: Average people funding films and getting no credit for it seems like one of the dumbest ideas to me. Hollywood can afford to produce whatever they want, people don't need to pay for these films and this fad will be finished very soon. 3 of 8, Well, crowdfunding would make sense for Niche projects but I agree that we probably won't see too many of these in the future 9. 2014 will end up grossing higher than 2013 at the domestic box office Numbers: FICTION. At the moment 2014 appears to be substantially weaker on paper than 2013. The two Marvel films, particularly Guardians of the Galaxy, are uncertain to perform much better, it at all, than Thor: The Dark World. Fast 7 has been moved to 2015. Interstellar remains a total unknown. There is no powerhouse March movie aside from Noah, which personally I think stands a fair chance of sinking. Transformers 4 is likely to experience a fair-sized drop, we'll see if it does as poorly as Pirates 4 did compared it its predecessor. Hunger Games 3 will likely decrease from Catching Fire. And aside from Hobbit 3, December lacks an "IT" movie. All in all, the franchise movies or big blockbusters all look to be decreases or potential busts, aside from Captain America 2 and Hobbit 3, and right now there doesn't look to be an original movie breakout. Telemachos: FICTION, 2013 not only had two 400m movies, it also had a 300m grosser and numerous movies in the high 200s. I don't anything in 2014 that offers that clout at all. Baumer: FICTION: I don't think the summer is strong enough to allow 2014 to eclipse 2013. 4 of 9 After they started off agreeing with each other, the wheels fell off somewhere in between and they end up with an agreement in only 4 out of the 9 questions. But all 3 feel that 2014 will be a weaker box office year compared to 2013. Feel free to join in and provide your answers in this thread as well. Please do vote as to who you felt answered the questions better. Poll is at the top of this thread. I would like to thank Tele, Baumer and Numbers for taking time out to provide their opinions here. Thanks a lot guys. I am looking for participants, please let me know if you would be interested in providing your opinions for future editions of this column. Until Next Time.
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