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Found 4 results

  1. What will be the next movie of Phase one DCU???
  2. Come one, come all! For the foreseeable future, I will be doing box office contests for a variety of films. I'm not yet sure if it'll be one a month, or for each "big" film (my discretion) but I figured this would be a fun thing to do. The prize for this contest will be (1) month of Premium on the BOT Forums. If you already have a Gold or Premium account, you can gift this to someone else (should you so choose). Our first film in the contest will be 'The Batman' which comes out March 4, 2022! CONTEST RULES Each contestant will provide a number of their choosing for Full OD, Saturday, Sunday and OW. After actuals come out, I will tally the difference between them and your predictions for each day and OW. This means that should you perhaps not be accurate on one day, you could make up for it on the others or with the OW total! In that vein, all numbers are separate from one another (i.e your OW number does not have to add up from your FSS numbers, if you so choose). The GOAL of the contest is to have the LOWEST contest score. Please use the bolded template below to provide your numbers. If you don't want to comment here, you can message me your numbers. After entries close, I will post everyones numbers on this thread. Good luck everyone!! Contest closes to new entries and edits at 7:00AM EST, March 2nd 2022. Example (Prediction) Full OD: $77,777,777 Saturday: $55,555,555 Sunday: $44,444,444 OW Total: $175,000,000 Example (Actuals) Full OD: $75,393,194 Saturday: $51,769,880 Sunday: $40,355,081 OW Total: $167,518,155 Difference / Contest Score: $17,741,466 Full OD: Saturday: Sunday: OW Total:
  3. I have been experiencing a lot of way-off and too distant predictions all over superheroes. First of all, the WW predictions are very wide for Deadpool, some saying it flops due to R-rating, some saying it will become a hit due to buzz. Second, some said BvS could flop due to Zack Snyder possibly ruined it, and said the third trailer is terrible. Third, there were complaints about the teaser trailer, which people deemed it terrible, but its views could recover the WW BO. Fourth, there is a lot of talk about X-Men Apocalypse, it will be successful due to the villain itself and the trailer, but some commented it doesn't have Hugh Jackman/Wolverine. Fifth, Suicide Squad is poised to be a surprise hit, but the term "Suicide Squad" is unfamily-friendly to children, there has also been predicts above $1b WW. Sixth, the Gambit has an excellent star, but due to script issues, this seems like in danger. Lastly, Strange is very hard to predict, some says low, but some says it high. How good/accurate are you at predicting WW number tally? There will be 7 super movies to predict WW. Closest predict to actual WW wins. 8 if Sinister Six included, but it will most likely be indefinitely delayed or canceled. CATEGORIES/MOVIES TO PREDICT WW: - Deadpool - Batman v. Superman - Civil War - Apocalypse - Suicide Squad - Gambit - Doctor Strange Entries/WW predicts for all 7 categories must be posted by February 11, 2016 , day before the WW rollout for Deadpool. Beyond that, you can't predict anymore those 7, goodbye. Once you have predicted for first time, you can't change your predict in order to avoid confusion. Changing it will be declined. YOUR WW predicts should only contain one decimal place, two decimal places, then it will be rounded off to tens. No decimal places for WW predicts are okay, but it should not be exactly the same as others predicts. ALSO, use millions (m) only, don't use billions (b) so there will be no confusions. For example, If you predicted $246,586,634, then it will become $246.6m. If you predicted $1.42534b, then it will become $1425.3m. NOTES: 1st place Winner at each of THESE CATEGORIES (Batman v. Superman, Civil War, Apocalypse, Suicide Squad) gets a FREE gold account upgrade. 2nd place Winner at each of THESE CATEGORIES (Batman v. Superman, Civil War, Apocalypse, Suicide Squad) gets a FREE premium account upgrade. 3rd place Winner at each of THESE CATEGORIES (Batman v. Superman, Civil War, Apocalypse, Suicide Squad) gets a FREE silver account upgrade. 4th place Winner at each of THESE CATEGORIES (Batman v. Superman, Civil War, Apocalypse, Suicide Squad) gets a 5 batarangs, batmobile, power of flight and superspeed, Captain America's shield, Apocalypse and Joker cosplay costume. 1st place Winner at each of THESE CATEGORIES (Deadpool, Gambit, Doctor Strange) gets a FREE premium account upgrade. 2nd place Winner at each of THESE CATEGORIES (Deadpool, Gambit, Doctor Strange) gets a FREE silver account upgrade. 3rd place Winner at each of THESE CATEGORIES (Deadpool, Gambit, Doctor Strange) gets a FREE copper account upgrade. 4th place Winner at each of THESE CATEGORIES (Deadpool, Gambit, Doctor Strange) gets a dual UZI, Gambit costume and magic powers. You can only have ONE upgrade. TWO UPGRADES IS NOT ALLOWED. Period. However, if you already have an account upgrade, you can give it to your friends or enemies. IMPORTANT: You can't have a same WW predict as others for each category. For example, Person A predicted $245m WW for Movie A, then Person B predicted $245m WW for Movie A aswell, then, the Person B's predict will strictly increase by $500,000. In an event of after strictly increasing WW predict of Person B's to $245.5m WW, where Person C already predicted $245.5m WW before, then Person B' predict gets increased to $246m WW. And so on. Movie A is an example. AGAIN: Once you have predicted for first time, you can't change your predict in order to avoid confusion. Changing it will be declined. You may choose which ones do you want to predict first, leaving the rest TBP (To Be predicted). Hence, if you haven't predicted that a movie before, you still have chance to predict it, but until Feb 3, 2016. For example, a person is 2nd at both Civil War and Suicide Squad, then he/she only get one premium account upgrade. For example, a person is 1st at both Deadpool and Gambit, then he/she only get one premium account upgrade. For example, a person is 1st at Batman v. Superman, but 2nd at Civil war, then he/she only get one gold account upgrade. Winners will be declared if EACH superhero movie ended its WW run. Numbers of BOM will serve as an OFFICIAL numbers for this contest. I'm going to start this extravaganza (in US dollars): Deadpool : 132m Batman v. Superman : 1316m Civil War : 1335m Apocalypse : 878m Suicide Squad : 952m Gambit : 367m Doctor Strange : 579m
  4. Hi, so I had this goofy idea to adapt the story of Box Office Forums and its various posters into the Batman universe since I found myself randomly inserting certain quotes and posters into various parts of the Nolanverse, that I seriously began the idea of actually just going through the whole thing. Am I crazy? Stupid? Maybe. But I figured it'd be kind of fun for me, and hopefully for you as well. What I'll try to do is set up the first part, and then set up subsequent parts with the 2nd post representing links to future scenes. We'll see if I can adapt the whole thing! Also, please understand it's very difficult to find a poster who's a perfect fit for each character, so some just sprung to mind. And without further ado... BOX OFFICE BEGINS ShawnMR: Ecstasy, let me see! A Young ShawnMR runs through the derby area of Box Office Mojo attempting to chase down a young ECSTASY, having found an arrowhead. Shawn finds Ecstasy, hiding underneath a table ECSTASY: Finders keepers, and I found it! ShawnMR: Finders Keepers! He steals the arrowhead and runs to hide, not realizing he is on top of a weak wooden plank. After a moderate creak, it breaks in half with ShawnMR falling through. At the bottom of the well, Shawn looks deep into the abyss when suddenly he is engulfed by a swarm of box office numbers. Suddenly…Shawn awakes in the present day -------------------------------------------------------- Mattrek: Did you have bad dream? ShawnMR: Nightmare. Mattrek: Worse than this place? ShawnMR and Mattrek are waiting in line, getting their rations for the day Mattrek: They are here to fight you. ShawnMR: Again? Mattrek: Until they kill you ShawnMR: Can they kill me before breakfast? Suddenly, Algren appears, slapping away ShawnMR’s food. Algren: You are in IMDB Box Office Forums little man….and I am…the DEVIL. ShawnMR: You’re not the devil…you’re practice! ShawnMR tackles Algren, viciously fighting off him and a slew of other insensitive posters in the mud. ShawnMR takes some hits, but clearly manages to fight off Algren and his goons with ease. Gunshots ring out, and ShawnMR is pulled away from the brawl Random IMDB mod: SOLITARY! ShawnMR: Why? IMDB Mod: For protection! ShawnMR: I don’t need protection! IMDB Mod: Protection for them! Algren and his goons lay on the ground, groaning in pain. ShawnMR is placed into a solitary forum of IMDB, enshrouded in darkness ------------------------------------------------------------ Mysterious Figure: Are you so desperate to fight posters that you lock yourself in IMDB to take them on one at a time? ShawnMR: Actually there were uh…seven of them. Mysterious Figure: I counted six, Mister Shawn. ShawnMR suddenly turns his head at the mysterious figure, shocked that someone mentioned his name ShawnMR: How do you know my name? Mysterious Figure: The internet is too small for someone like ShawnMR to disappear. No matter how deep he chooses to sink. ShawnMR: Who are you? Mysterious Figure: My name is Ducard but I speak for a man named Baumer. A man greatly feared by the box office underworld. A man who can offer you a path. ShawnMR: What makes you think I need a path? Ducard: Someone like you is only here by choice. You have been exploring the box office fraternity but whatever your original intentions, you have become truly lost. ShawnMR: And what path can Baumer offer? Ducard: The path of a man who shares his hatred of poor box office predictions and wishes to serve true analysis. The Path of the League of BoxOfficeTheory. ShawnMR chuckles, losing almost all interest in Ducard’s “offer.” ShawnMR: So you’re armchair analysts. Ducard: No no no, an armchair analyst is just a poster lost in the scramble for his own gratification. He can be ignored or slandered. But if you make yourself more than just an armchair analyst, if you devote yourself to an ideal…and if they can’t stop you, you become something else entirely. ShawnMR: Which is? Ducard: A legend, Mister Shawn. Tomorrow you will be released. If you are bored of brawling with IMDB posters and want to achieve something. There is a rare gif that grows in GoogleImages. Pick one of these gifs. If you carry it to Box Office Theory, you may find what you were searching for in the first place. ShawnMR: And what was I looking for? Ducard: Only you can know that. *TO BE CONTINUED*
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