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Found 12 results

  1. Before everyone loses their temper, just want to mention that I am assuming a day and date release in China. In case the day and date release don't happen, consider it worldwide weekend + China weekend (whenever it releases). Let's start. Avengers: End Game is without any doubt the biggest film of 2019, perhaps of all time, in terms of global opening. The previous film Infinity War grossed $640,521,291 in its opening weekend globally and another $200,944,666 in China & $18,193,251 in Russia. This gives the total day and date global opening of $859,605,208. That's about $140.4 million short of a Billion, with B, dollars weekend Now Infinity War itself had a beast opening, growing on it would be difficult but doable. I expect the film to do $290 million in North America, $240 million (+20%) plus in China and $475 million (+18%) in rest of the world. Who all agree? This is my first club, so don't know if I was supposed to do something else other than writing. Do guide me.
  2. 1)Detective Pikachu test screening reactions are excellent. 2) The length of the movie is perfect for families compared to endgame. 🙄🙄🙄 3) Everybody loves Pikachu 4) Those who don't love Pikachu will fall in love with Pikachu. 5) Ryan Reynolds is perfect 6) WB marketing is fantastic as compared to Disney 🙄🙄🙄 I think it can easily get to 650M+ Domestic
  3. As we all know that in overseas box office grosses, exchange rates are a major variable that can affect the overall gross of a film considerably. In an attempt to remove this variable and see closer to the actual image, I am compiling the local currency grosses of four 2 Billion dollar films, Avatar, Titanic (including 3D), Avengers: Infinity War and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and converting them to dollars at current exchange rates of the respective countries. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EeD1sXigLMJpYL4lCufDkuGM_zcI5jDH77io-GykQrE/ The sheet is still work in progress, and I would like help from you all. You can contribute, by sending the local currency gross or correct dollar gross (Since these figures are from Mojo they will be bit incorrect) of your country or countries you track. You can send your entries by commenting here or mail me. Thanks and let's hope we get the objective done soon.
  4. This is a pretty easy club to join except for a small, indie movie called Jurassic World 2. My reasons why I think Avengers 3 will pull an upset: 1) Jurassic World was lightning in a bottle. I expect the sequel to drop like a rock (See Fate of the Furious) 2) Avengers has a more loyal fanbase with not too much drop off between TA and AOU. 3) The Russo's always bring their A game and this is their first official Avengers film. 4) Thanos is the biggest Avengers villian. Basically the Avengers' Joker. 5) Jurassic World's novelty and hype has worn down considerably since 2015. 6) Infinity War will get a bump from the collective audience from recent Black Panther, Thor, Spider-man and Guardian movies. 7) Avengers 3 has much less competition than Jurassic World 2. 8) AOU made almost a billion OS, Civil War made only 750 m. So Avenger films are better recieved OS than quasi-Avenger films like Civil War.
  5. Reasons: Thursday actuals and PRAISE THANOS. IN-FINITY WATCH: ZattMurdock - $151.7m Second weekend (TOPPING TFA SECOND WEEKEND'S RECORD ) vtec - $153m MrFanaticGuy34 townzy89 captainwondyful Rumpot NoLegMan HeyItsMoses THE NAYSAYERS ORDER: That One Guy - under $110m Box Office Freak - $130m harrycaul ZeeSoh - $120m junkshop - $120-125m Brainbug - $120-125m KP1025 - $130m Rebeccas IronJimbo Critically Acclaimed Panda KJSooner - $115m ChipMunky A2k Raptor - $120m ThiagoMaia - $130m Belle - $115-130m MovieMan89 - $140m IceFire9yt - $130-140m Proxima Olive - $126.9m WrathOfHan - $135m Deep Wang baumer - $120m Sam - $116-129m NCsoft raulbalarezo - $120m Empire - $136m narniadis - $115m The Mad Titan - $128.4 Lothar BK007
  6. @Ethan Hunt pissed me off so much by shitting on Thanos that I made this club! It's not the boldest of clubs but I think this is a reasonable benchmark outside of those miserable bastards who think Marvel's glory days are over. Anyway, my top reasons this club will be a runaway success. 1) No Mayweather fight, bitches. 200 m OW is possible. 2) This is the climax of phases 1 through 3. The culmination of a decade of building Marvel Universe. 3) It's not a Captain America movie. 4) The Russos are like James Gunn, among MCU's greatest directors and not to be underestimated. 5) Thanos is the Avenger's Joker. Expect a decent bump when he finally leaves his throne to get busy. 6) Dr. Strange was a huge success. GotG2 was a huge success. Thor 3 and Black Panther will most likely be a huge success. All these characters will be in Avengers 3, many of who never fought alongside the Avengers. 7) AOU had kind of weak trailers. Disney's marketing for MCU movies has never been stronger and they will pull out all the stops for their final phase 3 push. 8) With a 200 m OW, all Infinity War needs are 2.52 legs to beat Beauty and the Flea Bag.
  7. TS3 is Disney's biggest triquel unadjusted. Both the MCU tri-quels fell below TS3: 8 Toy Story 3 BV $415,004,880 4,028 $110,307,189 4,028 6/18/10 9 Iron Man 3 BV $409,013,994 4,253 $174,144,585 4,253 5/3/13 10 Captain America: Civil War BV $408,084,349 4,226 $179,139,142 4,226 5/6/16 I have had a range of 440-480 for AIW off late but that has partly been due the trailer effect. For the following reasons, - AOU showed a big drop for TA and was not as well received. - 3 of the 5 biggest CBMs are solo. (Wonder Woman, TDKR, AOU, TDK, TA) and ensemble boxoffice potential is over-hyped. - CA3 had a bigger cast than IM3 but failed to beat it. - AIW honestly seems a bit cluttered. - Still early to say but CGI villain and faceless army seems less appealing than a 'human' villain. I think TS3 will reign as the supreme over this new MCU triquel. IM3 did 174.14 * 2.35x, CA3 did 179.14 * 2.28x. Guessing 185 * 2.23x = ~413, for AIW. IN (TEAM INFINITY AND BEYOND) a2k 413 OUT (TEAM INFINITY WAR)
  8. If i were Joss Whedon, then I would have picked Iron Man because he is a philantropist, genious, self-aware.
  9. Assuming their latest Spidey spin-off movie "Sinister Six" in 2016 completely underwhelms like the TASM franchise... http://insidemovies.ew.com/2014/10/07/spider-man-marvel-sony/?hootPostID=7c1b038a8036f7014d52339388e16826
  10. First, I would like to thank the users who voted this time around. A bit of an increase from last year. There were some changes this year to the top 10. I'am not able to do a presentation since I have had a really busy schedule these days. Results based on this thread and PMs sent to me: http://forums.boxoffice.com/index.php?/topic/12766-boxofficecoms-top-10-comic-book-movies-of-all-time-2013-ranking-thread/ Top 5 Comic Book movie based on Special Effects: Top 5 Comic Book Villains: Top 3 Comic Book Movies of 2013:
  11. After a month of discussion. We finally have our Top 10 comic book movie List. Many users agreed on the same movies. Your RANK was very important. A few movies appeared on more lists, but weren't RANKED high enough. Let's get to it! List based on: http://forums.boxoffice.com/index.php?/topic/6533-boxofficecoms-top-10-comic-book-movies-of-all-time-2012locked-top-10-list-coming-soon/ #10 #9 #8 #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1And Here We Go!(Of course) Top 20 List RANKED BY Boxoffice.com I look forward to doing this next year as we may add on a few movies. Hopefully we get more users to participate. Thanks everyone! EDIT: I may add more to this soon.
  12. A factual representation of why the Avengers is an overhyped mess.http://www.cracked.c...ore-honest.htmlAnd one that points out even more issues. Sure, some of it's nitpicking, then again, that's the name of the game, right?http://problemswithavengers.blogspot.ca/
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