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Found 43 results

  1. Same thing as in old (and older) Cayom, discuss everything related to the game here.
  2. Kinda wanted to have a thread where we could keep track on who will do the actuals for what year since there seems to be plenty of interest. I'm setting up this thread with a preliminary rule that we only go five years at a time i.e for every year that finishes a new year will be added. So once @Alpha finishes Year 1's actuals, we'll open up Year 6 for takers. I'll take any suggestions if any of y'all think it should be done differently. Here's how it currently stands: YEAR 6 - @Xillix YEAR 7 - @cookie YEAR 8 - @YourMother the Edgelord YEAR 9 - @4815162342 YEAR 10 - @Ethan Hunt If anyone wants to claim/withdraw/contest any spot in this line-up just make a post in this thread.
  3. To be started over the next couple days, just setting up the thread for now. I tend to dislike horror so don't take my reviews of those too seriously. I will be reviewing all the movies but will skip my own.
  4. This is the thread to submit films for Year 1 of CAYOM 3.0! The release calendar is below. It's pre-filled with the tentpoles from the Advance Schedule Thread, but you will still need to make posts for those movies with details about them. You can also submit your fillers here. Note that, unless the film was a tentpole that was scheduled in the Advance Schedule Thread (and thus is already listed here), you are not allowed to post movies in this thread until they are completed - with full cast and release info and however complete a plot summary you plan on giving them. Keep in mind that directors are limited to one major film or two small films a year and that actors should be limited to a realistic number of projects as well. To submit a film, make a post in this thread including the relevant information. Required info includes: Title: Director: Genre: Release Date: Major Cast: Theater Count: MPAA Rating: Runtime: Production Budget: Plot Summary: (Can be as short or detailed as you wish) If you do not have all of this information finalized, you should not post the film in this thread until you do. Films posted without all this info will not be added to the release calendar in this first post. You can also optionally include other relevant information like producers, composers, the name of the releasing studio (if you are using your own fictional studios), special formats for release (like IMAX or 3D), even custom taglines or posters if you wish. None of this is required to post your film and it can be added after you first post if you so choose. Limited releases are allowed, and they can expand into additional theaters on a week-by-week basis. You will need to specify when the film expands and how many theaters it goes into each week, up until the final expansion that is the widest it will go. I've included some typical midweek release dates around holidays and such. If you want to release a movie on a weekday in some other week, go right ahead and just specify it in the post for that movie. I'll add that day to the release calendar. This post will be updated regularly with new additions. If available, you can click on the title of a film in the release calendar to go straight to its post. The deadline has passed! Below in the spoiler box is the final release schedule for Year 1! Thanks to everyone who submitted!
  6. I'm back! It's been a long time... more than a year. So I am re-introducing myself... I've been a part of CAYOM since 2006, Year 9, though I would post films after the deadline starting in Year 6. I'm 30, a self-published author, and a serial status updater. I have a few ideas and I hope to join in Year 11: Part 1. Year 10 I'll be staying out.
  7. Post trailers for your films here.
  8. Okay here I go! With the all time chart!I'm starting with the biggest films domestic. I will also do OW. As for WW-it is not quite complete I believe. (Well I do have one film missing I should update)Anyway, here I go!1. The Morrow 617,084,556 (Year 1)2. The Morrow II: 502,177,833 (Year 3)3. Nirvana: 416,010,340 (Year 4)4. Salvation: 400,061,198 (Year 3)5. Genesis: 347,516,899 (Year 3)6. Apocalypse 345,774,991 (Year 1)7. SpellForce: Breath of Winter: 342,280,863 (Year 3)8. Wings Of Icarus 307,886,424 (Year 1)9. Starcraft: 301,508,276 (Year 2)10. Call of Duty: Of Their Own Accord: 292,664,998 (Year 4)11. Spellforce: The Order Of Dawn 284,506,539 (Year 1)12. The Chronicle of Novara: The Stone of Armagon: 272,520,080 (Year 2)13. Guardians of Life: 262,358,214 (Year 2)14. Call Of Duty: 261,284,564 (Year 1)15. Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls: $251,923,564 (Year 2)16. Alesia: 251,367,546 (Year 4)17. Our City: 250,791,101 (Year 4)18. Insurgent: 247,653,341 (Year 4)19. The Walker Chronicles: 240,740,533 (Year 3)20. Vesta 240,021,454 (Year 1)21. The End Of The Universe 239,617,530 (Year 1)22. Barbarians: $235,540,932 (Year 2)23. Lord Madship: 233,988,226 (Year 4)23. The Seafarer: $225,193,692 (Year 2)24. Dodge City: 221,100,120 (Year 3)25. Rapture 219,605,478 (Year 1)26. Red Rabbit: 218,438,498 (Year 3)27. Voyage to Atlantis: 218,376,062 (Year 3)28. Frosty the Snowman: 217,519,892 (Year 3)29. Interconnected: Culmination: 217,454,460 (Year 3)30. Karate Kong: 213,415,149 (Year 3)31. Bartimaeus and the Golem's Eye: 208,643,400 (Year 3)32. Dragon Age: Darkness Over Ferelden: $207,099,871 (Year 2)33. Alien-Nation 206,445,448 (Year 1)34. The Last Six: 206,236,055 (Year 4)35. Prodigy: 205,175,190 (Year 3)36. Dawn of Souls II: Rebirth: 204,356,587 (Year 4)37. Sylvarius: 202,802,991 (Year 4)38. Wolves of the Deep: 200,832,449 (Year 3)39. Interconnected 200,754,328 (Year 1)40. Sitting Ducks 198,337,457 (Year 1)41. Divisions: 195,409,883 (Year 4)42. Warcraft: Masquerade: $195,024,533 (Year 2)43. The Bear And The Fox 194,071,349 (Year 1)44. Fairylight 193,666,548 (Year 1)45. Fifty Shades of Gray: 189,238,169 (Year 3)46. Rivals: The Abyss: 188,959,215 (Year 4)47. Ag3nts: 188,867,412 (Year 3)48. Bartimaues And The Amulet Of Samarkand 188,760,329 (Year 1)49. And The Band Played On 185,172,351 (Year 1)50. Kill that Director!: 184,147,197 (Year 3)So yeah just the top 50 for now....This is going to get harder as years go on
  9. Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the 7th Annual Academy Awards. [applause] [the video screen pulls down from the ceiling] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Opening Intro: Directed By Duncan Jones. Starring Michael Fassbender, Jimmy Kimmel, Emma Thompson, Christoph Waltz, and cameos by Year 7 stars. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Darkness. Silence. We see the words LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA typed onto the screen. We fade into a mansion in Los Angeles, during the day. The Hollywood sign is shown in the background. Inside the mansion is Jimmy Kimmel, Oscar envelope in lap, drinking a martini. The atmosphere is quiet, relaxing. Kimmel says, “Finally, I’ll be hosting the Oscars. What a splendid night to be alive.” Suddenly, we footsteps at the door. Kimmel gets up, Oscar envelope in hand, and opens the door. A pair of men pull a bag over his head and violently carry him out to a truck. They get in the truck, and Kimmel mumbles how he’ll never get to host the Oscars as the truck leaves the mansion. Inside, the henchman talk through small earpieces. “We’ve found him. What’s next, boss?” In a big hideout in Paris, we see a chair swivel around. We then see Ernst Blofeld, talking. “Just dispose of the body. I will take care of the rest.” Cutting back to the truck, which drives outside the house. Cutting to later, we see James Bond, running throughout the streets at Grauman’s Chinese Theater. He’s trying to shoot at the truck, and the henchman are shooting back. Other people run, and duck for cover. One of the henchmen shoot him in the torso, and Bond staggers. He shouts in his earpiece, “I’ve been hit!” At the MI6 headquarters in London, M is asking if they’re getting away. Bond responds, “Of course they’re getting away,” as we see the henchmen run back to the truck. M tells Bond to find a nearby car, and follow the henchmen. Bond responds yes, and looks for a car. He spots a Porsche, and gets in. He begins to drive after the henchmen. This causes a big car chase that doesn’t need much explanation but guns, violence, and shooting. Soon enough, Bond shoots the tire on the back wheel of the truck, which causes the truck to swivel, and crash into the side of a movie theater. The henchmen get out, and run inside the movie theater. Bond gets out of the Porsche and runs after the henchmen. Inside the theater, the gunfight goes on, and the henchmen run towards and rip through the screen. Bond runs after, and jumps into the rip. Bond finds himself, falling in a blue void. He soon lands on a giant filmstrip, and sees the henchmen running. On the filmstrip, Bond and the henchmen go into physical combat. Soon enough, one of the henchmen takes out their handgun and punches a hole in the filmstrip. Bond feels a sudden gust of wind, and begins to fall through this hole. It seems as if the void is endless, and cut to black. Darkness. Silence. Bond begins to open his eyes, having fainted from the experience. He wakes up, and sees six cartoon characters. They are the main six characters of My Little Pony. The purple one, Twilight Sparkle (Tara Strong) says he seems new to Ponyville. Bond looks at himself, and realizes he’s a cartoon pony. He curses under his breath, and says he needs to go. Twilight asks why, and he says he’s chasing after a group of people. Twilight says, “But you haven’t even heard our musical number yet!” Twilight and the other ponies begin to sing, but Bond interrupts, saying he needs to leave now. He then runs away, and jumps through a window. Bond then finds himself in a building made out of marble and stone. There are a group of people, and they all seem to be waiting for him. Bond asks what this is. One of them, Marcus Junius Brutus (Matthew Goode), yells, “Brothers! Aid me!” Bond soon realizes this is the infamous Ides of March, and he’s the role of Julius Caesar. Everyone pulls out daggers, and they begin to run towards him. Bond begins to pull out his gun, but he is too late. The Senators then jump forward, daggers in hand, and Bond is scared out of his mind. When it feels like the daggers are piercing his skin, Bond screams. We cut away, and Bond opens his eyes, scared. He wakes up, and finds himself in a bed. It looks like an apartment, and he looks out the window. He seems several monsters (Parademons), and then he sees what looks like the Justice League fighting all of them. Bond says to himself, “I must be going crazy.” He then exits the room. Soon after, a Parademon flies into the room, and grabs a bed sheet. Bond opens the door, and enters a small room. He sees a boy, Kyle Slater (Kodi Smitt-McPhee) sitting in a chair, in chains. Bond walks over, and says, trying to keep a positive attitude, says "Hello." Kyle asks why he's here. Bond says he really has no idea. Bond looks at the desk in front of him, and sees a report. Kyle killed people in a car crash. Shocked, Bond gets out of the room, and walks away. He smiles, "I'll see you later." Kyle says he could move things with his mind at an early age. Bond smirks, and says, "That's quite interesting," and hurries out of the room. Bond finds himself in animated form again, this time a cross between traditional 2D animation and Japanese manga. This place turns out to be getting pushed a lot, sending him flying through halls. Finally, he ends up crashing through a window, and we see a red-haired girl, Emily Charnon (Joey King) rising in the air, energy swirling around her. As the bolt of energy goes towards a giant elf monster, Bond is flying through the air. Suddenly, as the bolt of energy flies towards the monster and makes impact, there is blinding light. Soon enough, we see Bond, lying in snow. He looks to his left, and sees a rapping snowman (Eminem), doing a rap number about getting a cameo at the opening ceremony. Bond is confused at this, and shakes his head. Bond is really on a hospital bed. No one is tending him, and he gets up from the bed. He takes out the IV, the straps, and the machines and walks outside. He sees the streets deserted, and then hears the music to Baauer's "Harlem Shake." Suddenly, we see a swarm of zombies running down the street, waving hands and doing other random things. Bond looks behind him, and sees the henchmen from before, with Kimmel's body, getting into a parked car. Bond runs after them, and gets into a car to chase them. Soon enough, as they chase each other, they pass through different movie universes, until they finally fall into a lake in the universe of A Woman In The Crowd. Soon enough, the cars pass through space and time, and both of them fall through the same screen as earlier. Everyone is watching Risk Management on a now patched-up screen, when the cars tear through the screen again. The cars crash into a wall, and then everybody in the theater runs away from the screening. Bond pulls out his gun, but then we hear a voice from behind. We see Blofeld, walking towards Bond, grinning. Blofeld says no one will stop him from hijacking the Academy Awards, as long as he's around. At the snap of his finger, various pyrotechnics occur, and soon enough the whole stage is crazy. Bond then says, "You have much bigger problems to worry about." Blofeld looks behind him, and sees all the characters from every movie this year, stepping out of the screen, gun in hand (albeit with obvious exceptions). The Bond theme music fades in, and Bond exclaims, "Much bigger." Suddenly, a ring of gunshots occur (not showing Blofeld's death), and soon enough Santa Claus (Dwanye Johnson) comes with 2 large miniguns, firing rapidly. Soon enough, we see Blofeld's dead body on the ground, along with the henchman. Bond walks over to Jimmy Kimmel, and takes off the bag over his head. Kimmel takes a breath, and asks that really, Blofeld died in Expedecade. Bond says, "This isn't canon." Both laugh, and Bond looks at Kimmel's Oscar invitation. He asks if he's got a show to host. Kimmel begins to cringe, but then says that because Bond saved his life, he should get to host. Bond smiles, but says he's a man with a bigger job. Kimmel says its fine. "Just pretend you're Michael Fassbender." Bond thinks, and says fine. He gets back in his car, and says he best be on his way. Soon enough, the car drives out of the theater, as the screen begins to pull up. -------------------------------------------------------- [the car then breaks through the curtains of the theater] Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your host, Michael Fassbender! [applause as Fassbender gets out of the car] Fassbender: Thank you! Thank you all! [applause quiets down) Fassbender: Well, thank you all for being here on this very fine night. We have a great show for all of you. Fassbender: Well tonight, we are celebrating a year in great cinema, which is the point of the Oscars. We had many great films come out this year. Who saw The Rise and Fall of Julius Caesar? [applause] Fassbender: Many people saw it, it was one of the highest grossing of the year. Unfortunately, it took two and a half hours to transition from the rise to the fall. [laughter] Fassbender: But either way, critics liked it. But they really, really liked it. They loved it. It seemed as if every critic had his eyes presented with heaven instead of the actual movie. [laughter] Fassbender: Anyways, who saw The Rich & Famous? [applause] Fassbender: Now that was a great movie. It's now up tonight for Best Original Screenplay, but I'm thinking it should've been in contention for Best Adapted Screenplay. Why? Maybe because it was based on the last five years of Lindsay Lohan's life. [laughter] Fassbender: A once popular star is now a low-life alcoholic. Sounds familiar doesn't it? [laughter] Fassbender: Let's move on from Lindsay Lohan and possibly Kim Kardashian... [laughter] Fassbender: And on to A Woman In The Crowd. A poignant story of courage and love, along with one of the best performances of the year by Anna Kendrick, who is up for Best Actress tonight. Where is she now? [applause, camera glances at Kendrick, smiling] Fassbender: Kendrick, remember. The only thing you can do is pray on Oscar night. [laughter] Fassbender: But A Woman In The Crowd is a great movie indeed. Well, do some research on the internet. It’s based off MLP fanfiction. [laughter] Fassbender: Seriously? It completely changes your perspective on the film, doesn’t it? [laughter] Fassbender: Well, this year was perhaps one of the most successful years in recent history at the box office. Over nine billion dollars in box office renevue... [applause] Fassbender: And with the highest grossing film being Justice League, which made $154 million on opening weekend. [applause] Fassbender: With that, millions of people across the country seemed to get deja vu from that same formula. “Man, that film was so similar to the [DATA EXPUNGED, BANNED FROM PUBLIC VIEWING].” [small laughter] Fassbender: This year also had a diverse crowd of movies, except for music documentaries. Linkin Park, PSY, Taylor Swift, you had teenage girls running all over the place. Next week it’s Ke$ha, today we’ll go see Usher... [small laughter] Fassbender: Hopefully something like this won’t happen again. Studios have gotten complaints from mother’s about their family budget being drained. And they were one hell of a storm. [laughter] Fassbender: Anyways, we have a great show for you all tonight, but first, a random dance act from Cirque de Soleil. [applause, performers come on stage] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The show begins, and it begins majestically. The performers do various trapeze acts, and the dancers are quite elegant. It celebrates cinema in a very grandeur way. While it goes on, it goes from beautiful to rather boring. It could use more excitement. Suddenly, we see PSY come to the left of the stage, and he begins to fiddle with the soundboard. Soon enough, the speakers begin playing the chrous from PSY’s “Gentleman,” and after the “mother father gentleman” line, the lights go crazy and the dancers do the dance from the music video. It’s quite exciting. The crowd begins dancing too, and then PSY comes onto stage, saying “We have a great show for you tonight! the Oscars have never been better!” ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Announcer: Ladies and gentleman, the Academy Awards will be back shortly! [commercial break]
  10. Year 7 of CAYOM 2.0 officially begins! Since detailed instructions are contained in the players' guide thread, I'll simply summarize and say that this is the thread where you post all of your films with info including: Title, Cast, Director, Release Date, Theater Count, MPAA Rating, Budget, and a Plot Summary. I will edit this post a few times a day with updates based on postings.If your plot is of significant length, place it inside spoiler tags so it doesn't take forever to scroll down a page of this thread!!!!!The schedule: January 6-8Explosions and Half-Naked Attractive Ladies (2601 Theaters) (Page 4)Unbalanced 4 (3558 Theaters) (Page 2)January 13-16 (MLK Weekend)Childhood Ruined (2476 Theaters) (Page 3)Ice Station (3082 Theaters) (Page 3)The Idiot (Limited- 46 Theaters) (Page 3)January 20-22Coming Home (2703 Theaters) (Page 5)Ping (3030 Theaters) (Page 3)Psy: I'm a Gentleman (2112 Theaters) (Page 6)The Idiot (180 Theaters)January 27-29Penumbra (3150 Theaters) (Page 1)The Special Effects Team (3021 Theaters) (Page 4)The Idiot (456 Theaters)February 3-5The Best Foot Porno of All Time (2647 Theaters) (Page 6)Flying Spaghetti Monster the Great and Holy (2624 Theaters) (Page 6)We are the Champions (2803 Theaters) (Page 3)The Idiot (Wide- 1002 Theaters)February 10-12 The Choice (2917 Theaters) (Page 7)Walking with You (3102 Theaters) (Page 4)The Idiot (2155 Theaters)February 17-20 (President's Day Weekend)Bone: Solistice (3971 Theaters) (Page 2)The SCP Foundation (3034 Theaters) (Page 3)The Idiot (2698 Theaters)February 24-26Crusader (2648 Theaters) (Page 5)Taylor Swift: Sparks Fly (3054 Theaters) (Page 4)March 3-5Conventional Wisdom (3102 Theaters) (Page 3)The Wanders (3375 Theaters) (Page 2)March 10-12Assassin's Creed (3497 Theaters) (Page 2) Frindle (2815 Theaters) (Page 7)White Cargo (722 Theaters) (Page 2)March 17-193:39 AM (3307 Theaters) (Page 5)Bear Market (2632 Theaters) (Page 4)White Cargo (1722 Theaters)March 24-26 After Party (2721 Theaters) (Page 7) The Martian Chronicles (3567 Theaters) (Page 6) March 31-April 2Here Comes Peter Cottontail (3578 Theaters) (Page 4)Hush, Hush (3256 Theaters) (Page 3)April 7-9A Comedy (2738 Theaters) (Page 3)The Golden Legend: The Knight of Fire (3717 Theaters) (Page 2)Ke$ha: Animal, Cannibal, Warrior (2501 Theaters) (Page 6) April 14-16 (Easter Weekend)Blank (2637 Theaters) (Page 1)The Terrible Plight Of Freddy Zapper (3186 Theaters) (Page 3)April 21-23The Bronze Bow (3198 Theaters) (Page 5)Things Hoped For (2669 Theaters) (Page 5) April 28-30 Linkin Park: Burn it Down (2516 Theaters) (Page 4)Stephen King's It: Part 1 (2880 Theaters) (Page 5)May 5-7Justice League (4412 Theaters) (Page 3)May 12-14Crime Stinks (3466 Theaters) (Page 4)The Doppleganger (3207 Theaters) (Page 4)May 19-21Call Of Duty: Eye Of The Storm (4277 Theaters) (Page 1)May 26-29 (Memorial Day Weekend)Miserable Fans (3229 Theaters) (Page 3)South Pacific (3247 Theaters) (Page 2)June 2-4Life After Death (3530 Theaters) (Page 2)Spark: Ignition (3951 Theaters) (Page 2) June 9-11Tyrant II: The Inspector (3087 Theaters) (Page 4)June 16-18LucIId (3892 Theaters) (Page 5) June 23-25The Blue Belt (3818 Theaters) (Page 4)The Office: An American Workplace (3448 Theaters) (Page 5) June 30-July 4 (Independence Day Weekend)Thomas The Tank Engine (3982 Theaters) (Page 4)July 7-9Harlem Shake: 28 Days Later (2344 Theaters) (Page 2)The Scottsboro Boys (3384 Theaters) (Page 6)Top Gear Great Adventures: Our 'Nam (3285 Theaters) (Page 4)July 14-16The 39 Clues: The Sword Thief (4374 Theaters) (Page 1)July 21-23The Boy in the Watchtower (2811 Theaters) (Page 7) The Dark Victorian: Pursuit (3711 Theaters) (Page 2) July 28-30Amulet (3873 Theaters) (Page 2)Reality Shift (3623 Theaters) (Page 6)August 4-6Extrasensory (2904 Theaters) (Page 2)The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (3827 Theaters) (Page 6) Innocense (Limited- 4 Theaters)August 11-13Leviathan (3559 Theaters) (Page 4)Innocense (16 Theaters) August 18-20Fox in Socks (3792 Theaters) (Page 7) Seeing Her (3079 Theaters) (Page 5)Innocense (230 Theaters)August 25-27Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dawn of the Dreadfuls (3355 Theaters) (Page 5)Jazz: The Movie (Limited- 4 Theaters) (Page 5)Innocense (Wide- 743 Theaters) September 1-4 (Labor Day Weekend)My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – The Return of Queen Chrysalis, Part 2 (2895 Theaters) (Page 5)Redeeming Love (2940 Theaters) (Page 3)Usher: Love in this Club (3052 Theaters) (Page 4)Jazz: The Movie (16 Theaters)September 8-10Tears of a Tiger (2570 Theaters) (Page 5)God is Dead (Limited- 6 Theaters) (Page 4)Jazz: The Movie (42 Theaters)September 15-17 Epic Battlers (3223 Theaters) (Page 7)The Rich & Famous (2853 Theaters) (Page 2)God is Dead (60 Theaters)Jazz: The Movie (98 Theaters)September 22-24The Fall Of Boss Tweed (3539 Theaters) (Page 1)God is Dead (157 Theaters)Jazz: The Movie (214 Theaters)September 29-October 1The 120 Days of Sodom (1675 Theaters) (Page 5) Adventure Time: The Battle for Ooo (3053 Theaters) (Page 7) God is Dead (382 Theaters)Jazz: The Movie (398 Theaters)October 6-8The 13th Night (2924 Theaters) (Page 6)Heavy Rain (3600 Theaters) (Page 1)God is Dead (Wide- 650 Theaters)Jazz: The Movie (Wide- 624 Theaters)October 13-15Jekyll Jr. 2 (2567 Theaters) (Page 5)Paper Towns (3316 Theaters) (Page 2)God is Dead (1007 Theaters)Jazz: The Movie (1088 Theaters)October 20-22Brother and Sister (2478 Theaters) (Page 6)Halloweentown IV (3575 Theaters) (Page 5)Risk Management (Limited- 2 Theaters) (Page 1)God is Dead (1916 Theaters)October 27-29 (Halloween Weekend)Amnesia: The Dark Descent (3333 Theaters) (Page 1)The Vast Dark: Shadows of the Past (3366 Theaters) (Page 4)A Woman in the Crowd (3453 Theaters) (Page 6)Risk Management (58 Theaters) November 3-5 Among the Hidden (3843 Theaters) (Page 7)The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer (Limited- 4 Theaters) (Page 3)Searching for Mr. Watterson (Limited- 113 Theaters) (Page 7) The Storyteller (Limited- 13 Theaters) (Page 5)Risk Management (Wide- 602 Theaters) November 10-12Celluloid Heroes (3218 Theaters) (Page 7) The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer (16 Theaters)Risk Management (1096 Theaters)Searching for Mr. Watterson (197 Theaters) The Storyteller (Wide- 3017 Theaters)November 17-19The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (4072 Theaters) (Page 1)Hollywood (3085 Theaters) (Page 3)Journey (3333 Theaters) (Page 1)The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer (96 Theaters)Risk Management (1922 Theaters) Searching for Mr. Watterson (230 Theaters)November 22-26 (Thanksgiving Weekend)Chuck Norris And Liam Neeson vs. Santa Claus, Ultimate Badass (3729 Theaters) (Page 6)One Hit Wonder (2744 Theaters) (Page 5)A Wish for Wings That Work (3651 Theaters) (Page 6)The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer (178 Theaters)Risk Management (3094 Theaters) Searching for Mr. Watterson (Wide- 1005 Theaters) December 1-3Cop Hater (2525 Theaters) (Page 4)Le Plaisir, Faux (Limited- 4 Theaters) (Page 1) December 8-10The Mind Behind the Movies (2839 Theaters) (Page 5)A Series Of Unfortunate Events: Movie The Third (3883 Theaters) (Page 2)Shiloh (1890 Theaters) (Page 2)The Three-Month Funeral (Limited- 4 Theaters) (Page 1)The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer (394 Theaters)Le Plaisir, Faux (28 Theaters) December 15-17The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime (2488 Theaters) (Page 2)The Rise and Fall Of Julius Caesar (3521 Theaters) (Page 1)The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer (Wide- 823 Theaters)Le Plaisir, Faux (98 Theaters)The Three-Month Funeral (16 Theaters) December 22-25 (Christmas Weekend)Boy Band (2988 Theaters) (Page 6)The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer (2345 Theaters)Le Plasir, Faux (212 Theaters)The Three-Month Funeral (421 Theaters)Monday, December 25: The Once And Future King: The Queen Of Air and Darkness (3927 Theaters) (Page 2)Monday, December 25: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime (3255 Theaters) December 29-January 1 (New Year's Weekend)Le Plaisir, Faux (Wide- 694 Theaters)The Three-Month Funeral (Wide- 1042 Theaters)
  11. Yep we had this in the old CAYOM so I figured I start this up now. I will do posts for each cat (followed by a combined noms/wins for actors/actresses)I will probably have composers also.
  12. I'm reposting this thread from the Refugees forum so we can avoid hassle with new members or old players who missed this note before. CAYOM 2.0 is coming up. Members new and old are scrambling to get ready for another generation of movie-making. Now, some people want to adapt their favorite franchises to CAYOM, but there are alot of restrictions when it comes to real-life franchises. These rules below should clear things out. 1. No adaptations or remakes of franchises that currently ( or recently) have films made in real life. So keep away from stuff like Batman, Harry Potter, Hunger Games etc. Some old players do have franchise rights for films that have recent installments in real life, but they acquired the rights back when the rules were a bit more lenient. 2. If you do break rule one, ask the other players for permission to make a film based on said franchise. Try at least to adapt a story that hasn't been made to film in real life or take the story in a different direction. Don't just remake a film already in existence. 3. Some franchises are already owned by players from the old CAYOM. They have exclusive rights to make the films and decide on their own what to do with them. For example, Numbers owns Star Wars and Dragon Age. Make sure a franchise you want to adapt is not already owned by someone else, so be kind to ask first. Also, you can ask the owner of a franchise if he/she could sell it to you. If a franchise is owned by a player unlikely to return, you can ask others for permission to take over the rights. 4. You own exclusive franchise rights to films you make up on your own. 5. Some franchises shouldn't be used altogether. Major classic franchises like Indiana Jones or Jurassic Park should be off-limits completely, and some franchises that suffered from overexposure in the old CAYOM should also be off-limits unless permission is granted. 6. James Bond and Star Trek are community franchises, since they have a large series of films in their library and most (though not all) of their installments are stand-alone features. If one player grabs the rights to one of these franchises, they have their rights to make a few films (with their own actors, directors etc, actors who've played the characters in real life shouldn't be re-used) before the rights return to the community for someone else to take over. Regarding Star Trek, the Kirk (Original series/Reboot) and Picard (Next Generation) eras are off-limits. Old members who already own franchise rights: Cookie- Metal Slug, Ducktales (unless a DT film has been made in my absence) Numbers- Star Wars, Dragon Age, Pokemon, Call of Duty, Bioshock Rysenkari- Empowered, W.I.T.C.H Hiccup- Bartimaeus trilogy Waterbottle- 24, Hungry City Chronicles, Goosebumps Impact- Zelda, Mario, Golden Sun, Star Trek (currently) Electric- World Of Warcraft Silver Shark- StarCraft BobThePizzaBoy- Degrassi Original thread can be found at:http://mojorefugees....1#ixzz1d7agMxzQ
  13. I missed the deadline in posting films for this quarter, but that doesn't mean I can't at least review others'. Anyway, I'll be following the calendar when it comes to reviews, but if there's a film you want me to review ahead of time feel free to request it. One request per poster for each season though. Let's get it started, shall we? January Part 1 Blood Brothers A not so jolly time Based on the musical of the same name by Willy Russell (which I haven't seen so I can't make any comparisons) this adaptation tells the story of two twin brothers separated at birth, and them meeting up again throughout various points of their childhood/teenhood. One was raised by a wealthy step- family that could give him everything he wishes for in life, the other got stuck in the lower-class realm of 1960s England with the boys' real mother. There's potential here for a good character drama, if there were more development between our leads and the story didn't proceed in a by-the-numbers yet somewhat messy fashion. Also, Louis Leterrier as the choice of director is dubious at best. He's a frenchie with precedence in action movies and advertising, not character-based musical dramas set in jolly old England. The result is a style choice that really doesn't fit the film's narrative. It's not a terrible film to be frank since some of the actors are decent in it, but it could've used a much different approach from what we got. Note: I assume Leterrier is the director Films was going for, since I couldn't find any filmmaker named Louis Lettiner and came to the conclusion that Films must have misspelled his name. Please correct me if I'm wrong. The Good, The Bad, and The Dead Cowboys & Zombies The film bills itself as Evil Dead meets The Quick and The Dead, both Sam Raimi efforts, which should point to a fun time, right? I mean with Raimi, Bruce Campbell and a notable supporting cast you have the right recipe for an over-the-top joyride that'd surely be critic-proof. Strangely, most of the film is played straight instead, which is disappointing. There is a moment late in the film that evokes the kind of goofy fun the film set out to achieve (a mexican stand-off is interrupted by a bathroom gag) but for the most part it comes across as a serious tale and thus the occasional gags only end up feeling out of place. It's production values are high (as you'd expect from the director) and the actors do a fine job but the end product oddly lacks the Raimi touch, as if it was made by a ghost director and all Raimi did was plastering his name on the product. It's not bad per se, but the experience watching it is more perplexing than entertaining. Note: Rukaio, I'm aware you mentioned in Number's thread that the film is supposed to have a comedic edge, but it could have been made more clear in the writing.
  14. So since I have had to cancel writing the rest of my Year 7 films that opens up a bit of time for reading films made by others. So here is the rule for Request Mode: Request two films made by player other than yourself, but the films must come from two different players. Remember that I already read any film submitted to the CAYOM Festival so don't request those films. Before I will do any reviews I want to gather all the requests first. Then We Enter Bet Mode.
  15. I've love requests for movies! The grading scale is, instead of letters, numbers. Like 6/10, 8/10... And throw every movie you've got at me. My mission is to review every movie this year! - Alpha
  16. Post all of your major films here. No platform releases allowed. January 1-3: Vague Genre Movie January 8-10: Homestar Runner (Choose Your Own Adventure!) January 15-18 (MLK weekend): Killimano3's Animated Movie Net Connection January 22-24: January 29-31: February 5-7: Miracle at the Meadowlands Sons of War February 12-15 (President's Day weekend): Pokemon 3 Unbalanced 3 Will You Be My Valentine? February 19-21: Drill and Fill February 26-28: Walls of Stone March 4-6: Jungle Book March 11-13: The Improper Exchange March 18-20: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune March 25-27: Where? April 1-3: L.A. Noire April 8-10: Silent Invasion 2: Dark Times Things Not Seen April 15-17: Bored Game April 22-24: Chopping Mall April 29-May 1: EVE May 6-8: Last Ditch Effort May 13-15: Wonder Woman May 20-22: Voyage to the Stars May 27-30 (Memorial Day Weekend): Star Trek: The Next Generation Reboot June 3-5: The Stuff of Legend June 10-12:Celestial Worlds The Golden Bird 3D June 17-19: Chrono Heist June 24-26: 451 Sir Thimes Time July 1-4: (4-Day Weekend) Wednesday, June 29: The Cloud The American Revolution July 8-10: One Man's Trash July 15-17: Adventures of the Squid 2 Avarice July 22-24: M.A.D.N.E.S.S. July 29-31: Burnout: Takedown August 5-7: Pendragon: Merchant of Death The Sketchbook 2 August 12-14: Aquaman August 19-21: Chaotic Cyber August 26-28: Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson vs. Giant Spiders Subway Nest II: The Suburbs September 2-5 (Labor Day weekend): The Fall 2: Back From The Past September 9-11: The Story of Daniel Rigger September 16-18: High Life September 23-25: To The Moon September 30-October 2: Careful Laid Plans The Black Pope October 7-9: Society October 14-16: A Scary Motion Picture Day Z October 21-23: The Coffee Clan Killimano3's Horror Movie The Representative October 28-30: Vast Dark 5 Untitled Mr. Rogers Project November 4-6: Animals in the Savannah Barricade November 11-13: Alanna: The First Adventure Christmas Caper November 18-20: The 39 Clues: One False Note The Cardinal in the Kremlin Eridu November 23-27 (Thanksgiving weekend): Man of La Mancha Planeswalkers: Betrayals December 2-4: Greyhound Girl December 9-11: A Series of Unfortunate Events: Movie the Second Killing Floor The Voyage of Marco Polo December 16-18: Dominion December 23-25 (Christmas falls on a Sunday, so just a 3-day weekend here): Monday, December 19: Digimon: World Invasion Wednesday, December 21: Expedecade Thursday, December 22: The Winter War: Battle of Kelja Sunday, December 25: Cats vs. Dogs December 30-January 1: 13th Month
  17. Okay like always be sure to check the FYC thread and even the main thread. Chose up to 5 films in each cat. You don't need to have 5 films, but no more then 5 films As for doc and foregin-not sure if we have enough to do picks. But we will have foreign language this year. (Not sure about doc. We only had enough in year 3) The cats are: Best Picture Best Director Best Actor Best Actress Best Supporting Actor Best Supporting Actress Best Voice Acting in a Lead Role Best Voice Acting in a Supporting Role Best Original Screenplay Best Adapted Screenplay Best Ensemble Best Animated Feature Best Cinematography Best Art Direction Best Costumes Best Makeup Best Score Best Song Best Film Editing Best Sound Best Sound Editing Best Visual Effects Best Use of Action
  18. It's here! Make your predictions!
  19. This is a new CAYOM website I made in 2 hours http://cayomwebsite.webs.com/It's not totally finished, but I personally think time will tell. Let me know what you think!
  20. Year 5 of CAYOM 2.0 officially begins! Since detailed instructions are contained in the players' guide thread, I'll simply summarize and say that this is the thread where you post all of your films with info including: Title, Cast, Director, Release Date, Theater Count, MPAA Rating, Budget, and a Plot Summary. I will edit this post a few times a day with updates based on postings. If your plot is of significant length, place it inside spoiler tags so it doesn't take forever to scroll down a page of this thread!!!!! The schedule: January 2-4: Beast (2532 Theaters) (Page 3) The Rise and Fall of of WWE (1678 Theaters) (Page 7) January 9-11: Shocker (2587 Theaters) (Page 2) January 16-19 (MLK weekend): Escalator (3272 Theaters) (Page 2) Game Hunt (2757 Theaters) (Page 4) January 23-25: Psy: Sorry for Gangnam Styling (1512 Theaters) (Page 1) Rise of the Dead (3555 Theaters) (Page 6) January 30-February 1: 3:37 AM (12 Theaters- Limited) (Page 4) I Love You Too (3006 Theaters) (Page 6) Slumber Party (2249 Theaters) (Page 2) February 6-8: Countdown (3287 Theaters) (Page 3) One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish (3892 Theaters) (Page 1) 3:37 AM (160 Theaters) February 13-16 (President's Day weekend): The Guardian (3301 Theaters) (Page 3) Unbalanced 2 (3005 Theaters) (Page 3) 3:37 AM (760 Theaters- Wide) February 20-22: Forgiven Not Forgotten (2845 Theaters) (Page 4) Made in China (2564 Theaters) (Page 4) 3:37 AM (1545 Theaters) February 27-29: Tyrant (3112 Theaters) (Page 5) 3:37 AM (2032 Theaters) March 5-7: Paradise Lost (3698 Theaters) (Page 5) The Very Last First Time (2395 Theaters) (Page 1) 3:37 AM (2729 Theaters) March 12-14: Nonexistence (2988 Theaters) (Page 2) Slit Happens (2156 Theaters) (Page 5) March 19-21: Godzilla (3776 Theaters) (Page 7) March 26-28: Psychonauts (3381 Theaters) (Page 2) April 2-4: The Red Pyramid (4024 Theaters) (Page 1) ZeroG (3188 Theaters) (Page 3) April 9-11: Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson vs. Bigfoot (3532 Theaters) (Page 1) El Sombrero (5 Theaters- Limited) April 16-18: Hot Wheels (3518 Theaters) (Page 6) Silent Invasion (2491 Theaters) (Page 7) El Sombrero (344 Theaters) April 23-25: Madonna: Masterpiece (2525 Theaters) (Page 6) The Men of the Night (3047 Theaters) (Page 4) April 30- May 2: Oro (4401 Theaters) (Page 1) El Sombrero (549 Theaters) May 7-9: The Next Dimension (4086 Theaters) Wed. May 5: El Sombrero (1604 Theaters- Wide) May 14-16: Blue Beetle (4344 Theaters) (Page 6) Magic Money-Printing Business Of Magic (3689 Theaters) (Page 5) May 21-23: Espionage Project (3474 Theaters) (Page 3) May 28-31 (Memorial Day Weekend): The 39 Clues: Maze of Bones (4164 Theaters) (Page 1) The Career Buster (3258 Theaters) (Page 3) June 4-6: Killer Husband (3000 Theaters) (Page 6) Summer Wars (3927 Theaters) (Page 2) June 11-13: Double Chronomance (3261 Theaters) (Page 2) Stories From Eden (3481 Theaters) (Page 2) June 18-20: Legally Blonde (3394 Theaters) (Page 3) Chris Smith and the Island of Dinosaurs (3901 Theaters) (Page 6) June 25-27: Warcraft: The Cataclysm (4166 Theaters) (Page 3) July 2-5 (4th of July Weekend): Hindenburg (4485 Theaters) (Page 6) July 9-11 Bowling Night (3476 Theaters) (Page 3) Candlelight (2408 Theaters) (Page 7) July 16-18: Double Standards (2595 Theaters) (Page 6) Starcraft: Fury of the Swarm (4125 Theaters) (Page 1) July 23-25: 4Chan: The Truth (48 Theaters- Limited) (Page 7) Brandybrook (3232 Theaters) (Page 3) Last Chapter (2581 Theaters) (Page 6) July 30-August 1: Lucid (3692 Theaters) (Page 3) 4Chan: The Truth (353 Theaters) August 6-8: The Shark Mutiny (3684 Theaters) (Page 1) Shiverin' Gulch (3529 Theaters) (Page 4) 4Chan: The Truth (726 Theaters- Wide) August 13-15: Harlington House (2759 Theaters) (Page 4) The House of the Scorpion (3312 Theaters) (Page 1) August 20-22: Plastic-Man (4344 Theaters) (Page 1) August 27-29: Against All Odds (2704 Theaters) (Page 7) Giant Spiders 2 (3425 Theaters) (Page 2) September 3-6 (Labor Day weekend): Slenderman (2924 Theaters) (Page 2) Time Lapse (3369 Theaters) (Page 6) September 10-12: Action Movie (3325 Theaters) (Page 4) Adele: Rolling in the Deep (2815 Theaters) (Page 3) September 17-19: The Fall (2705 Theaters) (Page 6) Khanh Bernarda Alba (423 Theaters- Limited) (Page 7) Penny Press (2791 Theaters) (Page 3) September 24-26: Past Tense (1723 Theaters) (Page 7) Some Assembly Required (2671 Theaters) (Page 1) Khanh Bernarda Alba (716 Theaters- Wide) October 1-3: Halloweentown II (3491 Theaters) (Page 4) The Monster Mash (4021 Theaters) (Page 3) Khanh Bernarda Alba (1124 Theaters) October 8-10: The Fault in our Stars (3519 Theaters) (Page 4) Our Beloved Savior (2979 Theaters) (Page 7) October 15-17: Cruisers: Second Gear (3D) (3085 Theaters) (Page 5) October 22-24: Empty Hearth (2 Theaters- Limited) (Page 1) Fright Town 2: Return 3D (3122 Theaters) (Page 4) October 29-31: The Dogs of Babel (3353 Theaters) (Page 3) The Vast Dark: Fight Fire with Fire (3318 Theaters) (Page 7) Empty Hearth (58 Theaters) November 5-7: Dragon Age: Onslaught (4074 Theaters) (Page 1) Catharsis (4 Theaters- Limited) (Page 1) Claustrophobia (4 Theaters- Limited) (Page 7) Everyman (5 Theaters- Limited) (Page 3) Empty Hearth (602 Theaters- Wide) November 12-14: Santa Claus: Ultimate Badass (3095 Theaters) (Page 2) Catharsis (47 Theaters) Claustrophobia (16 Theaters) Empty Hearth (1096 Theaters) Everyman (16 Theaters) November 19-21: Celia, A Slave (2815 Theaters) (Page 4) Worlds Apart (4419 Theaters) (Page 2) Catharsis (237 Theaters) Claustrophobia (42 Theaters) Empty Hearth (1922 Theaters) Everyman (621 Theaters- Wide) November 24-28 (Thanksgiving weekend): The Eccentric Minds of Belmond Lane (4 Theaters) (Page 2) Random Act of Kindness (2858 Theaters) (Page 4) Ratchet & Clank (3674 Theaters) (Page 6) Untitled Cook13 Animation Catharsis (894 Theaters- Wide) Claustrophobia (98 Theaters) Empty Hearth (3094 Theaters) Everyman (1243 Theaters) December 3-5: Corso (2 Theaters- Limited) (Page 1) Elizabeth and Burton (952 Theaters) (Page 4) Catharsis (1694 Theaters) Claustrophobia (214 Theaters) The Eccentric Minds of Belmond Lane (48 Theaters) December 10-12: Edward Tulane (4 Theaters- Limited) (Page 2) Minority (3198 Theaters) (Page 4) The Affair (3875 Theaters) (Page 7) Claustrophobia (398 Theaters) Corso (80 Theaters) The Eccentric Minds of Belmond Lane (173 Theaters) December 17-19: Dawn of Oblivion (3921 Theaters) (Page 6) SpellForce - Shadow of the Phoenix (4368 Theaters) (Page 5) Claustrophobia (624 Theaters- Wide) Corso (195 Theaters) The Eccentric Minds of Belmond Lane (806 Theaters- Wide) Edward Tulane (72 Theaters) December 24-26 (Christmas Weekend) The Once and Future King: The Sword in the Stone (3897 Theaters) (Page 3) Claustrophobia (1088 Theaters) Corso (1209 Theaters- Wide) Edward Tulane (368 Theaters) Wed. 12/22- The Eccentric Minds of Belmond Lane (2057 Theaters) December 31-January 2 Claustrophobia (2298 Theaters) Edward Tulane (1124 Theaters- Wide)
  21. Okay like always-I am going by countries and having the biggest country. As well as profit gain/loss. I will have more charts later. January! Call Me Maybe UK: 595,650 Japan: N/A Australia: 14,293 Biggest Country: Italy: 1,019,206 Overseas: 5,112,214 Worldwide Total: 14,617,391 Profit: --12,691,304 MaZ3 UK: 995,508 Japan: N/A Australia: 335,232 Biggest Country: Germany: 1,796,609 Overseas: 10,004,531 Worldwide Total: 24,879,675 Profit: +6,439,838 The Homestarmy Invades! UK: 2,005,487 Japan: 57,067 Australia: 273,133 Biggest Country: UK: 2,005,487 Overseas: 5,241,140 Worldwide Total: 32,383,368 Profit: +15,191,684 Sasquatch 3D UK: 10,005,219 Japan: 17,609,285 Australia: 5,540,103 Biggest Country: Japan: 17,609,285 Overseas: 77,970,103 Worldwide Total: 120,249,284 Profit: -4,875,358 The Immune UK: 13,367,683 Japan: 29,483,222 Australia: 9,998,079 Biggest Country: Japan: 29,483,222 Overseas: 114,041,106 Worldwide Total: 202,398,340 Profit: +61,199,170 A Stark Night UK: 5,131,253 Japan: 1,024,307 Australia: 1,464,877 Biggest Country: UK: 5,131,253 Overseas: 13,137,780 Worldwide Total: 67,623,339 Profit: -6,188,330 Columbine UK: 2,111,175 Japan: 984,680 Australia: 796,212 Biggest Country: UK: 2,111,175 Overseas: 7,875,605 Worldwide Total: 57,878,160 Profit: +8,939,080 Lady Gaga Born this Way UK: 1,986,201 Japan: 21,923 Australia: N/A Biggest Country: UK: 1,986,201 Overseas: 5,003,320 Worldwide Total: 14,763,324 Profit: -7,618,338
  22. Here we go! Nirvana: 416,010,340 Call of Duty: Of Their Own Accord: 292,664,998 Alesia: 251,367,546 Our City: 250,791,101 Insurgent: 247,653,341 Lord Madship: 233,988,226 The Last Six: 206,236,055 Dawn of Souls II: Rebirth: 204,356,587 Sylvarius: 202,802,991 Divisions: 195,409,883 Rivals: The Abyss: 188,959,215 Comedians: 175,267,014 A Series of Unfortunate Events: 173,491,149 Bone: Vernal Equinox: 169,568,436 Martian Manhunter: 159,436,006 The Flash: 159,144,447 Pokemon: Rise of the Rockets: 140,574,893 The Sketchbook: 140,115,735 The Simulation: 137,171,931 Tomb Raider: 136,503,541 Spark: 135,090,911 The Glass Castle: 135,044,790 Once Upon a Mattress: 131,063,432 Booster Gold: 130,285,744 Island of the Blue Dolphins: 120,113,516 Duck in Space: 113,868,648 The Party Party: 107,275,548 Giant Spiders: 102,758,575 Unbalanced: 101,201,175 Illusionio 2: 100,834,945 The Good Die Young: 96,801,642 Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson vs. the Abominable Snowman: 96,587,141 The Immune: 88,357,234 The Vast Dark Part III: The Exectution: 87,086,135 Invades Must Die!: The Tale of Doogie Tales: 85,700,210 Taking Names: 84,728,277 The Bellringer of Notre Dame: 83,812,585 Citizen Hughes: 83,295,287 The Road Home: 82,555,742 Wenan: 80,127,544 The Tripple Nickels: 77,339,752 Miracle Kids: 75,157,394 Paranoia 2: 71,859,957 Ready, Player One: 71,412,726 The Nutcracker and the Moose King: 70,873,615 Forever Yours: 68,888,888 Death of a Salesman: 67,945,311 Defiance: 65,848,930 LoveBytes: 62,736,155 Best Friends Forever: 62,480,457 Army of Two: 57,019,114 Decker: 56,570,623 A Stark Night: 54,485,559 Cruisers: 53,177,731 Columbine: 50,002,555 The Conondrum: 49,258,399 Remember Flight 175: 47,379,653 Madea's Valentine: 46,151,157 In the Line of Service: 45,697,986 Prisoners: 43,233,283 Sasquatch 3D: 42,279,181 39 Steps: 42,100,509 Phone Conversations with Mother: 41,687,490 Student Film: 40,247,355 Hope-Fear-Adventure: 34,971,423 The Suicide King: 33,985,278 Knights of the Lunch Table: 33,678,743 Bohemian: 33,382,802 Breakout Character: 28,272,177 Never Say Goodbye: 28,209,714 The Homestarmy Invades!: 27,142,228 The Flowers of Arvika: 26,826,346 Pippi Longstocking: 25,569,154 On the Set: 23,793,338 Midnight: Children of the Damned: 20,789,791 Final Fantasy Dawn of Souls (reissue in 3D): 20,101,479 Mermaid: 19,398,024 Jane and Tony: 18,483,345 Summer Jobs: 17,223,069 Silence Part 2: The Revenge: 16,377,595 City of Darkness: 15,191,475 MaZ3: 14,875,144 The Lost Planet of the Sleeping Creature: 12,958,872 Grunge: 12,819,957 Lake of Psychopaths: 11,735,302 The 13th Night IV: Vengeance of Hell: 11,314,486 Weird Al Yankovic: Insert Title Here in 2-D: 10,847,978 Lady Gaga: Born This Way 3D: 9,760,004 Call Me Maybe: 9,505,177 Service: 8,039,966 Death of a Strawberry: 7,489,313 Morgan Spurlock's Shut Up and Take My Memes: 6,839,583 Battle Mars 3D: 5,283,533 La Bourrage Marron: 3,517,162 Kardashians! The World’s Greatest Family: 3,180,769 Six Souls 3D: 2,557,324
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