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Found 9 results

  1. A redo of my other thread. It will be the first MCU with a solo female lead, because AM&TW will have the first MCU movie with a female co-lead. It has some major competition like How To Train Your Dragon, Dumbo, Godzilla (which has some prominent female characters it seems) and a JP thriller movie. And is riding off the tails of other women led action pics like X-Men DP and Rhythm Section with Blake Lively. But on the plus side, it also releases on International Women's Day. We've seen with BP and others that a movie can break out, especially if it's good and targets an undeserved demographic. Anyways, over or under 420 mil domestic?
  2. Next holiday, Jumanji will be back into theaters. I think it could make over the original adjusted domestic for a few reasons: 1.) The star power on this flick is huge (The Rock, Kevin Hart, Jack Black) 2.) Even with Star Wars movies nowadays, family flicks are still doing well against it. Daddy's Home did $150M, and Sing is looking at a $300M total. 3.) It's competition other than Star Wars looks weak. 4.) Great reactions 5.) Looks like a ton of fun So are you in or out? IN (Jungle Boogey) Out (F*** Jumanji!)
  3. What'll likely be one of the worst movies of 2017 will likely breakout and you know what movie I'm talking about. The Emoji Movie. Unfortunately I can see it making $100M at the domestic box office for a few reasons. 1.) Emoji Movie benefits from an extremely barren August along with no family competition until Ninjago 2.) It could surprise and be decent (0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of happening) 3.) Marketing for this will be rampant. 4.) It has a Hotel Transylvania short which could possibly add interest. So are you in or out? IN: (?) OUT: (?)
  4. Following in the vain of @WrathOfHan and to a lesser extent @Ethan Hunt's procrastinated 2017 predictions, I decided to do one of my own originally just for Summer of 2017 domestic, but due to break giving you guys a treat and putting my predictions in for Fall and Winter! 5/5/17: Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 2 (Starring Star-Munch) $145M OW/$350M Domestic (2.41x) As usual of the start of Summer, kids are out of school, beaches are full of people, Cheap TV Smurf releases a movie meanwhile Disney signs checks for good reviews. This time, without Big Daddy Downey as Man-child Smurf. Although trailer views have been lacking compared to other movies such as JL, SMH, Alien, and IT, and arguably hype has been lackluster, Disney/Cheap TV Smurf turns it around mid April as usual, and while I don't see $400M+ domestic, I see a slight increase thanks to it being of the MCU's most beloved titles, and the fact that may play out as more of a family film OW/presales. Unlike AOU, this seems likely for positive reviews and unlike CW you don't need to know 6-7 films prior to understand. The only two sources currently tracking is pro.Boxoffice.com, which is predicting $160M/$400M and @EmpireCity, who was seen good presales for it.
  5. Throughout spring break, while Beauty and the Beast and Fate of the Furious will be the juggernauts, a smaller box office battle will occur between blue people and Trump's baby. From the creator of Sing>Moana Domestic club comes Boss Baby>Smurfs Domestic club, which I think will happen for a few reasons: 1.) Boss Baby has more/better marketing, the trailers for this has killed at Rogue One and Sing. 2.) Smurfs has to deal with the bad WOM from the other 2 Smurfs movies. 3.) Boss Baby has slightly less competition than Smurfs and will likely get the better reviews. So are you in or out? IN: (Daddy's Boy/Girl) OUT: (NAABP)
  6. As you know both Moana (11/23) and Sing (12/23) are opening this holiday, both with respectively grosses. I think Sing will likely make more than Moana, for a few key reasons. 1.) Illumination is kind of a brand name now. 2.) Moana has more family competition (DS, Trolls, FB) than Sing (RO). 3.) Sing has been marketed more than Moana these past few months, and each trailer getting more views. It also seems likely that Disney will put more effort in promoting Rogue One and Doctor Strange this holiday, than Moana, similar to how TGD barely got promoted last year when The Force Awakens was about to be released. 4.) The first 20 minutes of Sing was shown at TIFF with seemingly good buzz. 5.) An almost done cut of Sing was also screened at TIFF with great reviews, most notable was Variety comparing Sing to a Pixar, WDAS, and Dreamworks level of quality. 6.) There has been minimal marketing for Moana, and Trolls had a decent OW along with Strange breaking out, and Beasts nearby, Moana may underperform, so things are looking good for Sing. My predictions for each are Moana: 65/90/305 Sing: 60/85/320 1/29/17: This club was a huge success and my first victory here. Although my predictions were way off Sing broke out big thanks to the holiday season, great weekdays, and the marketing power of Illumination. Actuals: Moana: $56.6M (3 Day)/$82M (5 Day)/$250M-$255M (projected total) Sing: $35.2M (3 Day)/$55.8M (5 Day)/$75M (6 Day)/$270M-$275M (projected total) IN (Might of the Lady Gaga pigs) YourMother ($320M Sing, $305M Moana) WrathOfHan narniadis ($300M or over for Sing) Truckasaurus BenedictL11 CaptainJackSparrow Spaghetti Hiccup23 DAJK RandomJC Krissykins fracfar CaptainH OUT (Maui Power!) Water Bottle Cjohn Cannastop Blankments Jason RascarCapat a2knet (<$250M Sing, >$250M Moana) Claudio Arlborn (>$300M Sing, Moana > Sing) The Panda tribefan695 Daniel Dylan Davis
  7. From the maker of the likely successful Sing over Moana club comes Sing making over $300M domestic club. Sing could make over $300M for a few reasons: 1.) Sing is currently following a projection at $180M by Monday, with weak family competition and a barren January could allow Sing to belt out $300M. 2.) It's WOM has been fantastic so far with a showstopper 3rd act. So are you in or out? IN Out
  8. $100M for a low budget horror is not something I would usually expect/imagine/fathom at all. But every new bit of info that comes out about this film gives me confidence that it is in line for a big opening and a leggy (by horror standards) run. Early reviews have been unanimously positive, all calling it terrifying and the scariest film of the year, if not the past few years. Director James Wan's previous film 'Insidious', opened softly but still managed a 4x multi thanks to good word of mouth amongst the horror crowd. All early word, including "almost unheard of positive reactions to test screenings" suggest that this film will be better and scarier than Insidious. Horror has made a bit of a comeback this year with Mama, The Purge, Evil Dead and now (sort of) World War Z all over performing. This is despite mixed WOM. If The Conjuring lives up to the hype then this could become a Paranormal Activity sized hit with audiences, because everyone loves a good scare and truly scary films are few and far between. It is perhaps a bold prediction but at this point I'm in for $100M Dom and have The Conjuring at $33M/$105M Who's in? IN RichWS - $165M Michael Gary Scott Jake Gittes CoolioD1 Cmasterclay Vanilla - $125M blenderbus - $110M Wildphantom - $120M PDC1987 Empire University - $103M Biggestgeekever Mahnamahna - $136M ky02121 - $120M filmnerdjamie letsuseournoggin Omega shrinkage Dark Prince KingKong TMP - $130M SharkNadoBuff - $135M Maxmoser3 - $100M acab Witness - $110M sam - $100M ShawnMr - $105M Sims - $110M BEEJAYGRAD11 OUT ChD - $41M CJohn - $50M seduh mcclaine ban1o seduh #Alpha - $83M Karl Ruger - $65M Jack Nevada - $80M Ryneoh1040 - $75M Krissykins - $50M Jandrew Godzilla - $50M Hiccup - $70M Baumer
  9. CLUB REASONS: - With shocking OW, this could end up to 350mln DOM - R-rated huge openings usually have great DOM numbers - Overseas, it should go great business in Europe, more signficantly in Italy - Very strong marketing campaign Assuming this ends with 350mln DOM, it should make mln 270 OS so 620mln WW SNIPERS (In both DOM and WW) -Calypsus -mahnamahna -Masterwolf -Captain Jack Sparrow -B J MEDICS (In DOM but out WW) RIFLEMEN (Out DOM but in WW) PASSIONISTS (Out both DOM and WW) -DAJK -fracfar -Age of Roberton -Donald -Stripe -Hatebox -Icicle -sfran43 Club closes in February 30, 2015.
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