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Found 3 results

  1. Original thread manager: @Corpse Current thread manager: @Quigley
  2. I now proclaim Godzilla of the Houses Legendary and Toho, King of the Monsters and Destroyer of Worlds, as the rightful heir worldwide to the Box Office Throne, rightful King of the Warner Brothers 2019 Films. Five Reasons For Your Consideration 1) Overwhelmingly Positive Reception. This film has been getting raves from test screenings, some which @ViewerAnon and @grim22 have been to. @Gavin Feng is also reporting great reactions from China (more on that later). This film also has what Godzilla 2014 lacked: monster fighting, and there’s a lot of it apparently. That should prove healthy legs at the box office everywhere including domestic, even if it opens less than the 2014 film. 2) Visual Effects Porn. As mentioned before, there’s a lot of action this time around, no more teasing bullshit. Overseas audiences don’t care about plot and character unfortunately, they care about action and spectacle. They’re the reason why Michael Bay’s Transformers blew past $1B. Better movies that follow this example include Jurassic World and just recently Aquaman. On top of that, the biblical apocalyptic scale should also appeal to them, reminiscing disaster flicks from Godzilla false prophet Roland Emmerich. 3) Asian Explosion. Box office analyst @Gavin Feng has previously mentioned a $250M gross for this film in China. That's $100M+ higher than the likes of Kong: Skull Island, The Meg, and Rampage, and if the film lives up to its early critical acclaim, it could go even higher. In Japan, the film already has a massive advantage over Godzilla 1998 and Godzilla 2014; the iconic roster. The debut of Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah in a Hollywood film, brought to life with glorious CGI, should bring Japanese fans into seats. If Godzilla 2014 reached $30M with him alone and barely shown, it should reach $50M+ over there. 4) No Competition. Despite not having the buzz that Godzilla had, King Kong was able to withstand the $1B blockbuster Beauty and the Beast back in 2017. We now have a similar situation with Aladdin but with key differences. Beauty and the Beast, in comparison, was much more anticipated than Aladdin is right now, which has had less exposure to audiences and infamously ridiculed upon on social media. Kong also came out the week before, whereas this film is coming out the week after Aladdin, so rather than getting its legs cut out, it will be the opposite. You could argue that the demographics are also different, hence why SLOP 2 and Toy Story 4 won’t be threats. Dark Phoenix and MIB International, come on, anyone thinking that these will pass $400M is delusional. Avengers: Endgame and Detective Pikachu would have been out for weeks by then, so literally the only major competition afterwards would be Spider-Man: Far From Home, a month later. 5) Marketing. The Warner Brothers are the gods of this particular field. They are exceptional at what they do, especially with the tactics that they use for this Monsterverse. They famously misled Godzilla 2014 by plastering Bryan Cranston all over the place, generating a $93M OW that was unfortunately followed by weak legs. They saved Kong: Skull Island in its last few days before release by doing the last minute advertising push that resulted with a $60M OW, much higher than the $40M projections from reliable sources. We haven’t seen a trick from them for this film...yet. The Comic-Con trailer has been regarded as one of the best trailers of all time, and while none of the recent tv spots have matched it in quality, they certainly have excited audiences everywhere with the Kaiju brawling, slowly winning back the followers our King lost in 2014 thanks to false advertising. Across the Pacific, Toho is marketing this like an anniversary film, unlike 2014 (which ironically was the 60th anniversary of the franchise). They know we finally nailed their icon, and their going all out on marketing as evidenced by this banner: They never did something like this for Godzilla 1998 or Godzilla 2014. Hollywood has finally made a great Godzilla film, one that respects the character and isn’t afraid of showing him and his costars in all their glory deservedly so. ——————— Pretenders to the Throne Shazam of House DC: coming out at an unfortunate time; between MCU films with the latter being Avengers: Endgame. He’s also a new hero, Godzilla and even Pikachu are more popular overseas. This could’ve been the Brothers’ highest grossing film DOM at any other time of the year really. Pikachu of House Pokémon: the biggest threat to this club, however Pikachu will on a serious note be affected by Endgame legs. Buzz lately hasn’t been as strong as when the first trailer came out. Maybe a third and final trailer before Endgame could change things. Chapter 2 of House IT: the first film was lightning in a bottle. This one is based on the boring aspects of the book and lacks the Stranger Things-like charm of 80s kids together against evil. Joker of House Bat: the sure to be breakout hit of the year undoubtedly, however this won’t have China backing it up. Even if it gets a PG-13 release, this type of film isn’t one that could pull in the numbers that Godzilla would. So, are you ready to receive our new King or do you deny him? For King Godzilla (IN) @Ledmonkey96 @Brainbug @CaptainJackSparrow @Slambros For House Ghidorah (OUT) @YourMother the Edgelord @dudalb @TMP @Avatree @Warmaster506 @Mulder @reddevil19 @ZeeSoh @Inuyaki @kaijukurt @Cappoedameron @a2k @KP1025 @Jormungard
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