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Found 11 results

  1. Detective Pikachu hasn't been lighting up the charts as it should be. It is doing fine, but not spectacular. However, could Sonic do worse? Sonic is a series that has had several bad games that would have ended any other series. Meanwhile Pokemon still is mighty healthy even if it peaked somewhere around 2000. Detective Pikachu got 166.7 OW. which would put it at worst 400. Sonic will do worse than that. half maybe. There might be some people who will go to see it just to make fun of it, but it won't be enough. In or Out.
  2. Sometimes I just wanna share some cool fights with you guys. And discuss or offer some insight into them. Every time I'd just... not do it. No more! Since my top is now closed for further replies, I figured I'd just create a new, different thread. So let this be a repository for cool movie fight sequences. Anybody can join in on the discussion and fun! Format: You're welcome to follow my format but really... just do whatever you want Except -- try your best to find at least some box office data on the movie. Sometimes it's impossible but this is, after all, a box office website. Happy watching people kick the shit out of each other!
  3. Here we go, folks: HORROR 2018 Insidious: The Last Key January 5th, 2018 Opening Weekend: $29,600,000 Domestic Total: $67,000,000 Worldwide Total: $166,000,000 Winchester February 2nd, 2018 Opening Weekend: $9,250,000 Domestic Total: $25,000,000 Worldwide Total: $44,100,000 Strangers: Prey at Night March 9th, 2018 Opening Weekend: $10,400,000 Domestic Total: $24,600,000 Worldwide Total: $30,000,000 A Quiet Place April 6th, 2018 Opening Weekend: $50,000,000 Domestic Total: $187,000,000 Worldwide Total: $332,300,000 Truth or Dare April 13th, 2018 Opening Weekend: $18,660,000 Domestic Total: $40,700,000 Worldwide Total: $94,800,000 Hereditary 8th June, 2018 Opening Weekend: $13,600,000 Domestic Total: $44,000,000 Worldwide Total: $79,300,000 The First Purge July 4th, 2018 Opening Weekend: $17,150,000 Domestic Total: $69,000,000 Worldwide Total: $136,400,000 Unfriended: Dark Web July 20th, 2018 Opening Weekend: $3,450,000 Domestic Total: $8,800,000 Worldwide Total: $9,600,000 The Meg 10th August, 2018 Opening Weekend: $44,500,000 Domestic Total: $143,000,000 Worldwide Total: $527,800,000 Slenderman 10th August 2018 Opening Weekend: $11,325,000 Domestic Total: $30,600,000 Worldwide Total: $51,700,000 The Nun 7th September, 2018 Opening Weekend: $53,500,000 Domestic Total: $117,500,000 Worldwide Total: $365,500,000 Hell Fest 28th September, 2018 Opening Weekend: $5,075,000 Domestic Total: $11,100,000 Worldwide Total: $17,500,000 Halloween October 19th, 2018 Opening Weekend: $76,200,000 Domestic Total: $159,300,000 Worldwide Total: $253,500,000 Suspiria 2nd November, 2018 Opening Weekend: $184,000 Domestic Total: $2,500,000 Worldwide Total: $4,900,000 Overlord 9th November, 2018 Opening Weekend: $10,100,000 Domestic Total: $21,700,000 Worldwide Total: $41,200,000 Possession of Hannah Grace 30th November, 2018 Opening Weekend: $6,500,000 Domestic Total: $14,500,000 Worldwide Total: $30,300,000
  4. The movie just got a gorgeous 4k restoration which is why they're re-releasing it, along with its sequel. https://www.polygon.com/2018/12/27/18157761/jackie-chan-police-story-4k-restoration-trailer-best-action-movie Police Story and Police Story 2 will be screening in weeklong engagements at the Alamo Drafthouse (Downtown Brooklyn), the Alamo New Mission (San Francisco), and the Music Box (Chicago) beginning Feb. 1, as well as at the Los Angeles NuArt (March 8-14), the Coolidge Corner Cinema (Boston, Feb. 1-2), Landmark’s Ken (San Dieg, Feb 1-2), the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz (Austin, Feb 2-3), the Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers (Feb. 4), the Alamo Drafthouse Littleton (Denver, Feb 6), SIFF Cinema (Seattle, Feb 8), the Hollywood (Portland, Feb. 16-23), the Alamo Drafthouse LaCenterra (Katy, Feb. 19), the Charles (Baltimore, Feb. 28), and the DIA (Detroit, May 26-28). Absolutely worth a watch, Jackie Chan and his crew at the time were completely crazy. If you haven't seen this movie please do so, the stunts are just out of this world. The final mall sequence is one truly unforgettable action setpiece. Not sure if it's his best movie overall but in terms of pure action and stunts quality... I think it is. That or Police Story 3 Happy watching! I hope it will post some good numbers! Rare are the opportunities to catch those movies in theater in proper format.
  5. With it being around half way through the year I thought it'd be a good time for us to share the best films released this year that we've seen so far with one another. My top 10 for this year (so far): Burning The Wild Pear Tree Shoplifters Isle of Dogs Sunday's Illness Dogman Ekvtime: Man of God Utøya 22. juli A Quiet Place Incredibles 2 List is entirely subjective of course, just wanted to share! If I'm honest this year hasn't blown me away so far, I've seen 67 movies so far that were released this year (possibly released earlier in areas outside Europe, I sometimes do miss those dates) and they've not really done massive amounts for me. I do look forward to seeing more throughout the year though, and of course as we see more Oscar contenders start to come out in the latter half of the year. (N.B. Saw a good few of my list at various festivals, mostly Berlin, just for the curious).
  6. What'll likely be one of the worst movies of 2017 will likely breakout and you know what movie I'm talking about. The Emoji Movie. Unfortunately I can see it making $100M at the domestic box office for a few reasons. 1.) Emoji Movie benefits from an extremely barren August along with no family competition until Ninjago 2.) It could surprise and be decent (0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of happening) 3.) Marketing for this will be rampant. 4.) It has a Hotel Transylvania short which could possibly add interest. So are you in or out? IN: (?) OUT: (?)
  7. Since everyone is doing a Lego Batman Club I might as well make one. Lego Batman is arguably going to be one of the biggest animated hits of 2017. I think it will beat cross over $300M for a few reasons. Reasons: 1.) It's the first blockbuster animated movie of 2017 with great marketing. I've seen trailers for this with Rogue One, Batman V Superman, and Sing, getting great applause. 2.) It has the goodwill from The Lego Movie, with arguably the one of the films major draw as the main character: Batman, not to mention something appealing to older crowds. 3.) January and perhaps February will arguably be weak this year, and if any film is going to breakout in Q1 2017 (other than BaTB) it is this. 4.) Animated superhero movies like BH6 and Incredibles were huge hits, but with a character as big as Batman this could explode. 5.) Lego Batman will likely have great reviews and WOM. IN OUT
  8. ALICE IN WONDERLAND Part 1: The Secret World of Lewis Carroll was televised on ABCTV on 28/4/'15(8:30 to 9:30 p.m.). For fans of both literature and scandal The Secret World of Lewis Carroll (BBCTwo) was a wonderfully engaging portrait which showed both the scandalous and the imaginative side of Carroll. Martha Kearney, the presenter, left viewers with the question: "was Lewis Carroll a repressed paedophile?" The Alice in Wonderland creator Lewis Carroll invented the Alice story on a river trip with his 10-year-old friend Alice Liddell, a self-possessed little girl, we were told, with whom Carroll was entranced. This BBC documentary examined Carroll's relationship with children. He took photographs of Alice Liddell's two sisters in 1859. This enthusiasm for photography was a common, a mainstream and fashionable Victorian pastime. Carroll, though, seemed to be unusual at least insofar as his ceaseless pursuit of, and a passion for, juvenile feminine company and photographs. Some critics argue, though, that this personal idiosyncrasy of Carroll's was just a response to a prevalent aesthetic, artistic, and philosophical movement of the time. Part 1.1: The English author, journalist, political commentator and television personality Will Self, interviewed in this doco, described Carroll as being 'a repressed paedophile'. Classics and English expert Robert Douglas-Fairhurst argued, on the other hand, that however much it is "tempting to think of Carroll as a Victorian Jimmy Savile,1 in fact, there are dozens and dozens of records from girls whom he befriended. They all made it clear that there was a kind of ritual to their friendship. It involved kissing them chastely and that was it.” Savile(1926-2011), it may never be forgotten, and you may remember, was one of Britain's most prolific predatory sexual offenders. Part 2: Many people believe Carroll was an innocent who simply enjoyed the company of children, and there is no evidence of misbehaviour. Program presenter, Kearney, tried to end on a positive note: “Perhaps we’ll never find out the truth about Lewis Carroll no matter how much we delve.” But, after her programme, many viewers were likely to have decided that they now knew precisely what the damning truth was. It must have been tough for Kearney to do all that delving into her hero's life as she did.. The programme located a previously unseen photograph almost certainly taken by Carroll. It showed a girl stripped off, revealing her developed, adolescent body. And it seems she was Lorina, Alice’s older sister by three years. Carroll, who died in January 1898, befriended Alice Liddell and her two sisters when they were children. It was Miss Liddell who was the inspiration for the famous book. Researchers, working on this documentary of the 150th anniversary of the publication of the much-loved children's book, discovered these disturbing images.1 -Ron Price with thanks to 1Terry Ramsey, The Telegraph, 31/1/'15. Part 3: Dodgson1 was also keenly interested in adult women, it should be emphasized to all those who come to read this my prose-poem, and he had a sense of sin being the devout Protestant that he was. The year 1863 was a very big year for this famous author, a writer of some 100,000 letters, who took his Alice manuscript to Macmillan's. This work was published in the last year of the civil war, and the same year as the first Western book written in its entirety on the subject of the Babi religion3 was published by a university: '65 was a big year! 1The name of the author of Alice in Wonderland was Charles Dodgson better known by his pen name Lewis Carroll. 2 The American Civil War, 1861-1865; Congress passed the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery in America, and Abraham Lincoln was shot & killed while attending the play "Our American Cousin" at Ford's Theatre. 3 Mirza Kazem-Beg of St Petersberg University published Bab Babidy. Ron Price 1 May 2015
  9. Hello! I need a little help about the Naruto The Movie The Last! I have decided to collect ALL datas about ALL Naruto movies! Unfortunatly I miss some for the The Last! Here what I collected about the all Naruto movies: Ninja Clash In The Land Of Snow Age = 2004.08.21. Final Box Office = 1,370,000,000 Yen = 1.37 billion Yen Japanese Cinema Ranking Week 1 = 1st Week 2 = 3rd Week 3 = 6th Week 4 = 9th Legend Of The Stone Of Gelel Age = 20050.08.06. Final Box Office = 1,180,000,000 Yen = 1.18 billion yen Japanese Cinema Ranking Week 2 = 8th Week 3 = 7th Week 4 = 9th Week 5 = 10th Guardians Of The Crescent Moon Kingdom Age = 2006.08.05. Final Box Office = 780,000,000 Yen = 780 million yen Japanese Cinema Ranking Week 1 = 7th Week 2 = 10th First Shippuden Movie Age = 2007.08.04. Final Box Office = 1,210,000,000 Yen = 1.21 billion yen Japanese Cinema Ranking Week 1 = 5th Week 2 = 8th Week 3 = 8th Bonds Age = 2008.08.02. Final Box Office = 1,160,000,000 Yen = 1.16 billion yen Japanese Cinema Ranking Week 1 = 3rd Week 2 = 7th Week 3 = 9th Will Of Fire Age = 2009.08.01. Final Box Office = 1,020,000,000 Yen = 1.02 billion yen Japanese Cinema Ranking Week 1 = 5th Week 2 = 10th - Week 3 = 12th - The Lost Tower Age = 2010.07.31. Final Box Office = 1,030,000,000 Yen = 1.03 billion yen Japanese Cinema Ranking Week 1 = 7th Week 2 = 9th - Week 3 = 12th - Blood Prison Age = 2011.07.30. Final Box Office = 800,000,000 Yen = 800 million yen Japanese Cinema Ranking Week 1 = 6th Week 2 = 8th Week 3 = 9th - Week 4 = 14th - Road To Ninja Age = 2010.07.28. Final Box Office = 1,480,000,000 Yen = 1.48 billion yen Japanese Cinema Ranking Week 1 = 3rd Week 2 = 6th Week 3 = 8th - Week 4 = 11th - The Last Age = 2014.12.06. Final Box Office = ???????? (last time I heard it was 1.75 billion yen) Japanese Cinema Ranking Week 1 = 1st Week 2 = 2nd Week 3 = 6th Week 4 = 6th Week 5 = 7th - Week 6 = 11th - My problems is that I can't find new box office informations about the The Last! If anybody could help be I would thank it! The last information about the box office was this: http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2015/01/11/the-last-naruto-the-movie-becomes-the-top-grossing-film-in-the-franchise However, according to this source the 1.75 billion yen happened at the end of 2014 december. I need fresh datas about the box office of the The Last. Thank you again for everyone who helps!
  10. Alpha

    ETR Corner

    ETR Corner posts reviews for all your possible moviegoing choices!Come back soon for more reviews!
  11. This is a new CAYOM website I made in 2 hours http://cayomwebsite.webs.com/It's not totally finished, but I personally think time will tell. Let me know what you think!
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