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Found 3 results

  1. Same as usual, folks: please post your topic title and URL in here when making a new thread! This will help us better archive and organize threads! International Forum Rules 1) Tentpole franchise film releases (Essentially sequels to proven films with strong OS BO performances) are allowed discussion threads up to 12 months in advance. There should be no requirement to be any earlier for International Rollouts. 2) All other Films are not allowed discussion threads until 3 months prior to the earliest release date. Unless it is agreed by the Moderators of the Forum. 3) International (All) CLUBS (for movies) are to be created in the Box Office Clubs Forum (Please mark them as International). Normal CLUB creation rules apply (see the Clubs forum for more information) Link here 4) Specific Country CLUBS (for movies) are to be created in THIS forum. Only 1 CLUB per country per movie is allowed (and it should make sense to that countries box office normal takings) and they can only be created up to 3 Months in Advance of the release date in THAT Country. You will need to provide a reasons why you created this club and the release date of the film OR this club will be closed. 5) If you find a Country thread is missing (and is not listed below) please advise a Moderator before creating a NEW thread. 6) General Clubs and discussion threads are also welcomed but as such you should review the threads below before starting (least a Mod should close that thread or Merge) 7) When creating the title don't shout (ie. ALL Capslock). The title should generally be in the format: "Movie" OS Thread | OS Total | "Comments etc" If you have any questions about the rules please speak to a Moderator or myself (PM). As always make sure you post a link to any new threads that are created (especially if you create one!) in this thread and i'll add them to the Archives! Jajang. The Archives (Links) Links to each of the posts below containing the Archives (Links to all the threads). Country / Territories Archives International / General Archives Movie Archives (Sorted alphabetically) #0 - 9 #A - D #E - H #I - L #M - P #Q - T #U - Z International Threads Key threads only shown. The International Box office Thread Putting International BO Numbers in Perspective Adjusting Exchange Rates US Movies with higher revenues from a single Non US Country than US Revenues themselves Current Movies Below only lists the current movies in release (or about to be released). (Future movies are listed below that). All other movies are listed alphabetically (grouped by their first letter) in the following 4 posts. Once again - if anything is missing please post in here. Bad Moms Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Inferno Trolls Arrival Doctor Strange Hacksaw Ridge Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them Moana Underworld: Blood Wars Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Passengers Assassin's Creed Sing La La Land Future Movies See above guidelines for when future movie threads can be created. Winter 2017 Resident Evil : the Final Chapter Fifty Shades Darker The LEGO Batman Movie The Great Wall Spring 2017 Logan Skull Island Beauty and The Beast Fast 8 Summer 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy II Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Lies Wonder Woman Transformers: the Last Knight King Despicable Me 3 Cars 3 Kingsman: The Golden Circle Spider-man: Homecoming Dunkirk Alien: Covenant Fall 2017 Holiday 2017 Thor: Ragnarok Justice League Coco Star Wars Episode VIII
  2. the box office theory - forums : Fantasy Box Office Game About the Game See below for information Information Sources (this post) About the Game (this post) History of the Game (2nd post) Rules of the Game (3rd post) - the nitty gritty ... the first post explains the game. This forum and threads - how we operate now. (4th post in this thread) Information Sources Box Office Mojo - Main source of our data including final budgets if BOM does not supply a final budget then we will use the estimated budget as per the game The Numbers - Movie Site - is used sometimes as an early source of unknown budgets Wikipedia - yeah not a great source but some of our early budgets are sourced here. This site - as a last resort, if no information can be sourced About the Game Welcome to Box Office Theory's very own Fantasy Box Office Game. The game is played on a very simple premise, you are an investor (ie. studio) who invests money in the production of movies. As such you would get a return on this investment. We base the game on the real life box office using the domestic numbers released on a weekly basis. We also base the budgets on the real life information or the best guess at the budget for said movie. To simplify the game, a budget is set down to develop a movie. This is set at least 1 month in advance prior to release of the film and then investors can choose to "invest" $ into the film prior to release. Investors invest in lots of 10% into films to a maximum of 100% for any investor. To give investors a larger range films typically have 200% total available for investment and blockbusters films will contain more (300%). Once a film is released, investors then receive the earnings for that film which then that money can then in turn be spent on further films. To allow for easier play investors begin with a set amount of dollars (as noted in the rules below). As already noted, all $ are based upon the US Box Office Data (Domestic Box Office). All this information is taken from Box Office Mojo which tracks this information. In particular we utilise the budgets on BOM (budgets are revised at release). The Game is administered by Jajang (Thanks goes out to Doctor Who, CJohn & ASCS1312 as previous administrators of the game). The results are posted in this forum on weekly basis and the investments list for each month is posted here also. I (Jajang) ran the game for 6 years from 2006 to 2012, and after a 3 year hiatus have returned to bring the game back to life! If you have any questions about the game, feel free to post in the official discussion thread in this forum. A new thread will be created on a Monthly Basis. Initially this thread will be for players to invest in films that a due for release during that Month. I will only list films that are going Wide during that month (or expected to expand to wide in a coming month). Investors are also able to invest in Limited release films also but must supply a budget at the time they invest and the source they got it from (it must be a reputable source). Results from that month will also be posted in the same thread. The following posts detail the history of the game and the current rules.
  3. Update please before tdkr release

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