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Found 6 results

  1. TITANS GO! On July 27th Teen Titans Go To The Polls will be released. Watch the trailer below: I believe TTG is going to rake in the monies, more than Ninjago to be clear. "But @LOGAN'sLuckyRun, that's stupid and you should be ashamed of yourself for wasting my time you pathetic sack of sh-" you say Well let me give my reasons to why I believe this will happen One thing this has over Ninjago is a better release date. IMO WB animation and September DO NOT MIX. They've tried twice and failed (it will probably happen again with Smallfoot) TTG is crazy popular. It's CN's highest rated show and has tons of fans Adults/comic bookies might appreciate the meta DC jokes (there's even Marvel references) Ninjago didn't have much fan appreciation because of the choice to replace the voice cast. Obviously a kid doesn't care about the NAME but they can tell if the character sounds different. It was one of the main complaints from them. The design changes also turned a lot of kids off. RAVEN Other than Hotel Pennsylvania 3 it will have August to itself Watch as this film has a >22m OW and holds together better than Robin's tight buns WHO'S WITH ME!!? TITANS GO!: @Empire @ChipMunky @CaptainJackSparrow @TwoMisfits @Nova @Brainbug @DMan7 @dudalb @YourMother the Edgelord TITANS NO!: @cannastop @WrathOfHan @filmlover @Jonwo (for the time being) @a2k @BK007 @slambros @Spectre @lilmac @Zakiyyah6 @AJG @Alli
  2. http://comicbook.com/2015/04/23/spider-man-animated-movie-announced-by-sony-pictures/
  3. I thought about waiting for Monday's numbers before starting this club, but I feel confident enough to do it so here it goes. I firmly believe that people here on the boards are understimating Spider-Man: Homecoming's potential. July is a different beast when it comes to box office and I think it's possible for this film to have a very similar run to other film from the same genre that was just released, but having three assets that film didn't have: while Spider-Man: Homecoming is the sixth Spider-Man film in less than 20 years and after three very poorly received films, it's also a film that has enjoyed some very strong critical and public reception, what leads me to think that SMH will hold better than people are expecting next to Apes and the upcoming films. The theory is that since it's Summer in the US, we will see this film getting strong weekdays and soft drops in the weekend. To enjoy a healthy multiplier, Spider-Man: Homecoming counts with the popularity of the characters, Marvel Studios brand and the very nature of July releases. So who's with me believing that this film will gross over 60m on its second weekend? TRUE BELIEVERS: iJack $62m Cochofles $60m KJsooner $63m TwoMisfits Subzero NAY SAYERS: WrathOfHan $58m baumer $54m Napoleon $50m the beast $54m a2knet $49m AndyChrono $52.65m the beast $54m cheesypoofs $53-55m Dbot1800 $46m cmbbox2390 $57.8m raulbalarezo $53m Steele131 $53m junkshop36 $53m AndyK $58m JB33 $52m-53m Johnny Tran 53.4m BeastByTheBay low 50s ZeeSoh 55% drop X021 54-55% drop Mojoguy 60% drop The Panda 55-60% drop Zakiyyah6 56-57% drop keysersoze123 55% drop MattW Under $50m MikeQ 55% drop That One Guy CJohn jj99 nomyth YourMother wildphantom TheMovieman Twelve Tower Jayhawk aabattery fabiopazzo2 eXtacy KeepItU25071906 thelich343 JohnnyGossamer
  4. Neo's Reasons For Club: -Lack of competition. The last big movie to have open is BvS which will likely be at 6-7M. The Huntsman opening 2 weeks before will likely be ay 10M or less. -The Winter Soldier saw an increase of 47% over The First Avenger a similar increase would yield an OW of 140M at the minimum* Civil War’s opening weekend is the first weekend of May (The Avengers, Iron Man 3 and Age of Ultron) have all made 175M+ openings on this date. Iron Man is joining the movie as is Falcon, Spider-Man and Black Panther among others. Has an A-list cast that includes Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Chadwick Boseman, Robert Downey Jr., Jeremy Renner, Daniel Brühl, Scarltt Johansson, Sebastian Stan and Frank Grillo. Has the Disney marketing machine. -Marvel has been on a hot streak post-Avengers. -Will be seen as Avengers 2.5. iJack's Reasons For Club: Okay, since the rule for the "The 2016 Comic Book Movie-Mageddon thread. Rank the 2016 CBMs against each other in this thread. Read first post for more details." seems to focus on superhero films to be released this year, and the single active club on the main regarding Captain America: Civil War seems to be this one, I think it's fair to open a club that represents those that actually think this film will go breakout when it's released coming May 6th, 2016. EDIT: I was informed that Neo started a opening weekend thread last year with Captain America: Civil War over Iron Man 3's Opening Weekend, Tele and the mods decided to merge both threads and now I'll keep updating the club on Neo's absence. May the force be with you, Neo. While my personal opinion is that this will get very very close to gross what The Avengers: Age of Ultron did on its first weekend ($191m), the club for that scenario is already taken, so I thought it'd be cool to have a club that it'd put the third movies from both Captain America and Iron Man, since that would be a dispute between two films of Marvel Studios. Some have claimed that my excitement over this film's success at the box office is just my optimistic side, but people also got surprised when Deadpool went gangbusters, when me and some very few were predicting that for quite some time. I don't think I'm being optimistic by saying that Captain America: Civil War will gross more than Iron Man 3, both on its opening weekend AND its domestic totals. Why? Because while The Avengers: Age of Ultron felt like an Avengers adventure and it was marketed as such, I think Marvel Studios has been very clever on marketing this and focusing on the Captain America's and Iron Man's schism that they have been hinting since the first The Avengers film. Unlike Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War feels like an event film to me, and one that the general audience seem to be very much on board with, judging by the latest numbers from Listen Media after the Super Bowl: Captain America: Civil War, just like The Avengers, seems to me like the culmination of everything the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been leading to, and I feel that two superheroes that are friends and allies - a friendship and alliance that we've witnessed happen in the big screen for four years now - fighting over a disagreement on how to deal with their powers and responsabilities (yes pun intended, here's your no-prize) is something that the general audiences are responding very well and Marvel hasn't even started their marketing blitz yet, which is bound to get kickstarted with their first trailer to be released quite probably in the next two weeks. Even before that, my reasoning is that this isn't being marketed as a solo Captain America film neither should be: even though he is the focus, this is a film focused on his ideological and physical conflict with Iron Man, the fact that the film is reportedly being raved as Marvel Studios best film like Devin Faraci reported, it's the icing in the cake. This is a film that has being literally marketed as Avengers 2.5, and while the focus is Captain America and Iron Man, Spider-Man is bound to show up for the first time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and I feel that Marvel Studios has been doing an astonishing work on making these films resonating with both adults, young adults and children. The intereactions on social media with the hastags #TeamCap and #TeamIronMan seems to me that clicked with the audiences, Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans are constantly interacting with the fans and reminding them of the film and even got into a twitter fight with Deadpool which was hillarious. I'm going out of my gut here, but I do think that Iron Man 3's $174m OW and $409m Dom are achieavable thresholds for Captain America: Civil War, especially with the fire power that they have for this film that Iron Man 3 didn't have for that release. So... whose side are you on? TEAM CAP grey ghost: $185m OW / $425m DOM mahnamahna: $185m OW BKB: $225m OW / $500m-$530m DOM Sythus: $185m OW Total Treecall: $184m OW Orestes zenithim: $190m OW / $490m DOM Ethan Hunt: $179m OW / $419m DOM Asyulus: $178m OW Kalo: $181m OW Blankments: $181m OW Darth Dexter of Hoth: $190m OW BourneFan #1: $180m OW yads: $190m OW Folking Captain Jack Sparrow: $180m OW theStun: $195m OW / $487m DOM Neo: $176m OW Infernus: 179m OW / $425m DOM Talkie: $184m OW iJack: $215m OW / $559m DOM (2.6 multiplier) Black Hawk: $175m OW / $460m DOM fmpro: $180m OW / $480m DOM DMan7: $200m+ OW / $450m+ DOM druv10: $190m OW / $505m DOM Daxtreme: $180m OW / $460m DOM Ray G: $177m OW / $452m DOM Empire: $174m OW / $504m DOM Cheesy Poofs: $177m-$184m OW / $500m DOM TrendyWiz7: $205m OW / $570m DOM Gokai Red: $180m OW / $450m DOM Warmaster506: $215m OW / $565m DOM Rman823: $180m OW / $415m DOM TheMovieman: $195m OW / $474m DOM junkshop36: $187m OW / $470m DOM Ent: $185m-$188m OW / $465m-$475m DOM Deathlife: $182m OW / $435m DOM mclaine: $185m OW / $420m DOM AndyLL: $180m OW / $415m DOM Flyingcow29: $175m OW / $420m DOM yads: $210m OW / $575m DOM wileECoyote: $182m OW / $440m DOM mmacader: $190m OW / $450m DOM TEAM IRON MAN Juby $145m OW / $350m DOM Olive: $145m OW / $355m DOM Johnny Storm: $155m OW eXtacy: $145m OW The Stingray: $131m OW / $339m DOM ssjrem Icicle keysersoze123: $130m-$150m OW Clef Ment: $150m OW DAJK: $161m OW cochofles: $140m-$160m OW Sam: $130-140m OW misafeco: $150m OW Maxmoser3: $135m OW / $325m DOM acab: $155m OW / $375m DOM acetabulum7 IMojammer $150m-ish OW Baumer: $140m OW / $392m DOM Daniel Dylan Daniels: $139m OW / $315m DOM CJohn: $150m OW / $380m DOM WrathOfHan: $150m OW / $380m DOM a2knet: $127.5m OW / $320m DOM Mockingjay Raphael: $300m DOM Hangman: $168m OW / $389m DOM Samarus $170m OW / $400m DOM Goffe: $146m OW / $358m DOM keysersoze123: $130m OW / $340m DOM boomboom234: $150m OW / $360m DOM Beals: $115m OW / $350m-ish DOM ChipMunky: $162.5m OW / $390m DOM TEAM HYDRA (Out OW, In DOM) langer: $160m OW / $425m DOM picores: $165m OW / $415m DOM TEAM NEEDS MORE LOKI (In OW, Out DOM) 5upe5: $175m OW / $405m DOM TEAM SPIDER-MAN (OW AND DOM RECORDS) iJack: This close of changing his allegiance to this club. That's the ceiling.
  5. First, I would like to thank the users who voted this time around. A bit of an increase from last year. There were some changes this year to the top 10. I'am not able to do a presentation since I have had a really busy schedule these days. Results based on this thread and PMs sent to me: http://forums.boxoffice.com/index.php?/topic/12766-boxofficecoms-top-10-comic-book-movies-of-all-time-2013-ranking-thread/ Top 5 Comic Book movie based on Special Effects: Top 5 Comic Book Villains: Top 3 Comic Book Movies of 2013:
  6. After a month of discussion. We finally have our Top 10 comic book movie List. Many users agreed on the same movies. Your RANK was very important. A few movies appeared on more lists, but weren't RANKED high enough. Let's get to it! List based on: http://forums.boxoffice.com/index.php?/topic/6533-boxofficecoms-top-10-comic-book-movies-of-all-time-2012locked-top-10-list-coming-soon/ #10 #9 #8 #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1And Here We Go!(Of course) Top 20 List RANKED BY Boxoffice.com I look forward to doing this next year as we may add on a few movies. Hopefully we get more users to participate. Thanks everyone! EDIT: I may add more to this soon.
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