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Found 11 results

  1. SCENE: @4815162342, @Mulder @aabattery, @DAR, and a couple dozen other members of the SW BOT Fraternity sit glumly around the floor. Upended beer bottles and torn ticket stubs litter the room. Depression and gloom rule as folks mumble about various topics. Finally OUR HERO has had enough. Porthos (standing up): HEY!! What's this lying around shit?! Numbers: Well, what the hell we s'posed to do, ya moron?! aabattery: Star Wars' over, man. Solo dropped the big one. Porthos: What?!? Over? Did you say "over"? Porthos: NOTHING is over until WE decide it is! *The Imperial March starts playing triumphantly in the background* Porthos: Was it over when baumer's "Blackhat above 100m in China" club bombed on BOT? Hell no! Mulder (whispering) @baumer? DAR: Forget it, he's rolling. Porthos: And it ain't over now. 'Cause when the goin' gets tough... Porthos (pauses as he looks for the crowd to answer him) Porthos: ...the tough get goin'! Who's with me? Let's go! C'mon!!!! YAHHHH!!!! Porthos runs out, alone. *The Imperial March theme fades away* Every single member continues to look beat and downcast. Porthos walks back into the thread. Porthos: What the fuck happened to the BOT I used to know? *The Imperial March starts up again* Porthos: Where's the spirit? Porthos: Where's the guts? Huh?!? Porthos: This could be the greatest club of our lives, but you're gonna let it be the worst. Porthos: "Ooh, we're afraid to go with you Porthos, we might get laughed at." Porthos: Well just kiss my ass from now on! Not me! I'm not gonna take this. Porthos: Frozen 2's a dead film! Porthos: Sonic? Dead! Porthos: Juuumannji–– Mulder: Dead! Mulder: Porthos is right. Psychotic, but absolutely right. Mulder slowly gets up. Mulder: We gotta start this club. Mulder: Now, we could deal with conventional arguments that could take hundreds of posts and lead to dozens of threadbans. Mulder: Un-huh. No, in this case I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid club be done on somebody's part. Porthos: We're just the posters to do it. aabattery and DAR look at each other and then stand up DAR: Let's do it. Porthos: LET'S DO IT!! JOIN!! JOIN!!! JOIN!!! Porthos continues to scream as the members of the SW BOT Fraternity start to get up and charge to engage the rest of the forum... FADE TO BLACK
  2. As we all know that in overseas box office grosses, exchange rates are a major variable that can affect the overall gross of a film considerably. In an attempt to remove this variable and see closer to the actual image, I am compiling the local currency grosses of four 2 Billion dollar films, Avatar, Titanic (including 3D), Avengers: Infinity War and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and converting them to dollars at current exchange rates of the respective countries. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EeD1sXigLMJpYL4lCufDkuGM_zcI5jDH77io-GykQrE/ The sheet is still work in progress, and I would like help from you all. You can contribute, by sending the local currency gross or correct dollar gross (Since these figures are from Mojo they will be bit incorrect) of your country or countries you track. You can send your entries by commenting here or mail me. Thanks and let's hope we get the objective done soon.
  3. The History of Amazing Box Office Stories Ladies and gentlemen sit back as I take you back through time. We'll be exploring the box office from the 70's until the present. We're going to look back at the films that made their mark on the box office decade by decade. I'm going to take you inside of the records, the milestones and the shocking feats that has captured our attention for the last 5 decades. Your favourite films will probably be on here but not every film will be mentioned. This is going to be a celebration of the films that not only set records, but the ones that shocked and thrilled us with what they did at the box office. We have a lot to cover and this will be done in five parts. So get ready as we examine the box office decade by decade. It will be a fun ride and hopefully something you enjoy. Now, keep in mind, my box office acumen really begins in the 70's so unfortunately I cannot go back further than that. Even more precise, my real knowledge starts after the 80's. But I'll do my best to make this interesting for all of you. Let's begin. The 70's started a new era of film making. The utopia type films of decades past began to give way to a meaner and more bleak type of film. You had film makers like Wes Craven and Tobe Hooper making films that focused on the gritty underbelly of American culture. They began to show that the world wasn't all sunshine and rainbows and that it was a mean and nasty place that could bring you to your knees. 1972 brought the 70's the first really big hits of the decade as Francis Ford Coppola's Mafia Crime opus, the Godfather gathered some of the biggest names of the film industry and clocking in at close to three hours, it shocked the world as it managed to gross 133 million in the US and a total of 245 million WW. The only other 1972 film that came close to 100 million was the Gene Hackman vehicle for 20th Century Fox called the Poseidon Adventure. This was an action adventure about a capsized ship. It was remade in 2006 to much less successful results. In 1972, the tenth highest grossing film was The Legend of Boggy Creek, which made 20 million. An interesting note is Deliverance finished fifth in 1972 with 46 million. This was the R rated film about weekend warriors going camping in the mountains and then getting stalked and eventually raped and (some) killed by a bunch of mountain men. This was the fifth highest grossing film of 1972. 1973 had a few interesting stories. The Sting was the highest grossing film of the year as it made an unheard of 156 million dollars. The film starred two eventual legends, Paul Newman and Robert Redford. This was a film about con men trying to con a mob boss out of his money. But the most interesting film of 1973 was the first horror movie to make 100 million at the box office and a film that to this day, more than 40 years later, is considered one of, if not the scariest film of all time. That being the Exorcist. This was also the first horror film to be nominated for best picture. After various rereleases, the Exorcist has made 440 million WW. It had an interesting release date, the day after Christmas. Initially released in just 26 theatres, the film took the nation by storm very quickly. The Exorcist set the box office a flame and to this day, it is still spoken about with reverence. The other big film of 1973 was George Lucas' coming of age, car enthusiast film, American Graffiti. It made 96 million dollars, but more importantly, film producer Alan Ladd liked it so much that he told George Lucas he would make any film George wanted to do. This would come in handy for George in 3 years. An interesting film to come in at number 7 was the X rated sex opus starring Marlon Brando called Last Tango in Paris. It grossed 36 million. 1974 was the year of the disaster film. 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers teamed up to release The Towering Inferno. This was the first time two major Hollywood studios teamed up to produced a film. It was headlined by two of the biggest stars with Steve McQueen and Paul Newman. The film had dazzling special effects and audiences responded to it to the tune of 116 million dollars. The second disaster film to make bank in 73 was the Universal film Earthquake. It was lauded for its innovative sound and starred a well known cast with names like Charlton Heston, Walter Matthau and George Kennedy. It came in at number five with a shade under 80 million. The third top ten disaster was Airport 1975. For those of you who haven't seen it, if you have seen Airplane, the ZAZ production, it basically riffs on this film in many ways. But the most shocking film of the year and the one in at number one, was the Mel Brooks cowboy spoof, Blazing Saddles. This film also satirized racism in Hollywood and it starred Gene Wilder and Cleavon Little. It went on to gross 119 million to finish just ahead of Towering Inferno. Some notable films of 1974 was the sequel to the Godfather, which took a huge tumble but still finished sixth with 47 million. The Burt Reynolds prison football film, The Longest Yard, finished 9th with 43 million. Thus concludes the beginning of our journey through THoABOS. Coming up next, 1975, the year movies changed forever.
  4. Maybe it is too early for this topic.After watching EP7,I think China might be the only market,STB beat EP7.STB teaser is more likely be Chinese tastes.
  5. I'll start TPM: Podrace ATOC: Anakin ROTS: bad guys win ANH: Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon ESB: Hoth ROTJ: Action TFA: Desert (Jakku in this case)
  6. Alright boys and gals, the time has come to speculate on the TITLE for Star Wars: Episode VIII (Spoilers for Episode VII below, you have been warned!) As a reminder, here are the titles of the previous 7 entries (is there even 1 person here who needs reminding?) Episode I - The Phantom Menace Episode II - Attack of the Clones Episode III - Revenge of the Sith Episode IV - A New Hope Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back Episode VI - Return of the Jedi Episode VII - The Force Awakens Episode VIII - ??!! All we know is that it's a sequel to Ep 7 and features mostly the same characters, along with a few addition. What would be a worthy title? I'll start! I think the title could be Star Wars: Episode VIII - Shadow of the Empire Why? Because they're all still living under the shadow of the Empire's former domination. Kylo Ren still wants to pursue his goal of honoring his Grand Father, the First Order is still behaving mostly like the Empire it was before, or tries to, and the good guys still feel like they're fighting more of the same. The former Empire is still relevant 30 years later, and its legacy lives on as a remnant of its shadow lingers upon the galaxy and the New Republic. What do you think would be a worthy title? Disney will announce the title within the next months so... don't miss the opportunity to speculate!
  7. I am not going to kid myself. Getting over 200M on an OW is so hard. Only 3 movies have ever done it. It is just a really high mountain to climb, and Rogue One does not have to get there to be a huge success story. But, I am drinking the kool-aid and feeling the hype big time on this. It would definitely be a nice feather in its cap, and I think it has a lot going for it. It seems like its OW could go really high. Flying above JW would be a big win. I think it is within sight. -Star Wars brand: This is fucking Star Wars. TFA numbers speak for themselves. This is a brand that deeply resonates in culture, in the US. -Good release date: TFA, Avatar, and LOTR have all done great business around this time. Also, some have wondered if there is event fatigue. SS, SLOP, and FD argue against that. But this has nice space away from other big releases. -The movie looks really good. Audiences liked Episode 7 and it seems like quality actors, writers, and filmmakers are involved. The DCEU and some statistical analyses argue that reviews impact legs and multiplier rather than OW. But, IM on weekends do seem to be affected by WOM. I think the quality will be strong enough that there will not be bad WOM that holds it back. -Darth Vader. Darth Vader is such a huge iconic character and that has to draw people in. -Disney seems to have an awesome campaign going for it. Marketing matters a lot for OD and OW. The hype surrounding a movie drives this kind of stuff. Disney should have awesome promo material and play it at the right times to get buzz going. In: CaptainJackSparrow YourMother Morieris RandomJC Out: JennaJ EthanHunt Mr.FanaticGuy34
  8. Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/boxoffice/comments/444omb/gone_with_the_winds_reported_adjusted_domestic/ All credits go to /u/capdeporc2005, I'm merely linking to his post and encouraging discussion "I thought I'd verify GWTW's claim to being the domestic box office champ. As it's well known, its cume has been accumulated with several re-releases over many decades. Given how often this film is hailed as the all time great in terms of money making, it's surprising how little data there is documenting its performance. BOM for instance doesn't break down the domestic gross by each release, instead lumping most of the presumed receipts with the original 1939 release. And Guinness World Records reports that GWTW has adjusted lifetime global receipts of around $3.4B, but likewise doesn't bother to break it down. The only source offering a breakdown of the domestic receipts by release is IMDb, so I started from there. Year Reported domestic gross* Adjusted domestic gross (tickets sold)** Adjusted domestic gross (inflation)** 1939 (Initial release) $14,150,000 $518,628,261‡ $241,279,895 1941 (Re-release) $5,560,000 $187,483,200 $89,647,246 1942 (Re-release) $1,520,000 $47,457,778 $22,102,198 1947 (Re-release) $3,514,000 $74,057,550 $37,348,777 1954 (Re-release) $5,271,000 $98,743,400 $46,442,996 1961 (Re-release) $6,700,000 $81,856,522 $53,110,832 1967 (Re-release) $29,221,000 $205,277,525 $207,361,489 1974 (Re-release) $7,279,000 $32,813,888 $34,994,862 1989 (Re-release) $2,403,316 $5,103,263 $4,593,764 1998 (Re-release) $6,750,112 $12,132,931 $9,815,284 TOTAL $82,368,428 $1,263,554,317 $746,697,343 *The receipts figures for the years 1939, 1941, 1942, 1947, 1954, 1961, 1967 and 1974 are as reported on IMDb. The receipts figuresfor the years 1989 and 1998 are as reported on BOM. **The large discrepancy between gross adjusted for tickets sold and gross adjusted for inflation is due to the fact that increases in ticketprices over decades has outstripped inflation. For example, the average ticket price in 2015 was $8.43 while, adjusted for inflation, theaverage ticket price in 1939 was $3.92. ‡ This is an overestimation because the initial release of GWTW included much more expensive road show advance-tickets. IMDb also has alternative figures for GWTW's receipts in the years of 1939, 1941 and 1942 of $20M, $11M and $4M, respectively, but this is almost certainly wrong according to Wikipedia: Currently, BOM lists GWTW's adjusted lifetime domestic gross as ~$1.7B, based on unadjusted receipts of $189,523,031 supposedly earned before its 1989 re-release, but offers absolutely no breakdown of when these figures where earned, and even more troubling, possibly adjusts the entire total based on the value of the $US in 1939. I am almost certain that the adjusted lifetime domestic gross for GWTW is wrong given that no breakdown is given for the unadjusted total, and is probably based on unverified newspaper reports reprinted ad nauseam. It's likely that there's been much confusion regarding this film's domestic and global receipts and no one has ever bothered to set things straight. Star Wars' adjusted lifetime domestic total stands at about ~$1.5B and given its release date (38 years later thanGWTW), its figures are likely much more reliable. SW is likely the actual domestic champ." ---------- What do you think? I know that some of you guys broke down GWTW's gross, is it consistent with your numbers?
  9. Time for another dip into the madness pool partially inspired by that pesky force awakening. Remember how this year is the year of Universal and nothing can stop that? Their closest competition, Disney, is about 850m behind Universal domestically for the year so far, with only two movies left for the year opposed to Universal's four remaining films. So Uni has it in the bag right? Not so fast! Did I mention those two yet to be released Disney films are Pixar's The Good Dinosaur and a little film called Star Wars: The Force Awakens? And what is Uni's remaining slate? A quaint Jolie/Pitt pet project, a small Tom Hardy crime drama, Krampus the Red Nosed Reindeer, and Tina Fey the Movie: Guest Starring Amy Poehler (opening against SW). Now Universal's 2015 grosses are currently at $2.328b. They are unlikely to go much above $2.4b with the remainder of their 2015 grosses or maybe not even hit that mark (say another 25-30m left for Steve Jobs, Crimson Peak, Everest, and Jem combined and maybe 50m this year for Krampus, By the Sea, Legend, and Sisters combined). Disney has grossed $1.477b in 2015 year to date. Assuming Uni ends the year in the $2.38-2.42b range, here's essentially what Disney films need to gross DOM between now and January 1st for Disney to pose a legitimate threat to Uni's crown: SW: 575m+ (needs at least a 240m+ OW and great WOM for this) TGD: 290m+ (needs at least a 105m+ 5 day opening and great WOM for this) Bridge of Spies: 30m+ (needs its great holds to continue for this) Here are links to the year to dates for both studios for those who want to see all grosses that count: Disney: http://www.boxofficemojo.com/studio/chart/?view=company&view2=calendar&timeframe=ytd&yr=2015&studio=buenavista.htm Universal: http://www.boxofficemojo.com/studio/chart/?view=company&view2=calendar&timeframe=ytd&yr=2015&studio=universal.htm So who's in this craziness? Team Jedi Mice: MovieMan89 Empire grey ghost WrathOfHan wileECoyote Maxmoser3 Team Indominus Minions: department store basement lab276 Cookson Omni misafeco The Panda babz06
  10. If there is one Blockbuster series critics have a soft spot for it's Star Wars, the original was even nominated in the Best Picture category , and even the prequels were maybe even given more slack from critics then the GA. overall the star wars franchise has been nominated for 19 Oscars, in 11 categories including 9 wins (granted most were for the OT). I feel like the nostalgia factor and the fact that (from the looks of it) great care that was taken in making this film it will muster several nominations, visual effects and other technical awards are pretty much a given, original score seems incredibly likely, and high profile awards just may be a possibility. but what do you think? Previous nominations for Star Wars movies: Best Art Direction 3x Best Costume Design Best Sound 4x Best Film Editing 3x Best Effects, Visual Effects 5x Best Music, Original Score 3x Best Picture Best Actor in a Supporting Role Best Director Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen Best Make-up
  11. This is the least active of all the sub forums for franchises. I say WHY...it is the greatest series of all people!!So who would you like to direct a potential new trilogy of movies?
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