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An oldie but a goldie.







Number of episodes: 2

Number of episodes: 7

Number of episodes: 2

Seasonal rank: 22nd place

Seasonal rank: 13th place

Seasonal rank: 18th place

Average score: 88.00%

Average score: 55.53%

Average score: 78.72%


Box Office Obliteration Appearance


Avatarfan earned most of his fame prior to the start of “Box Office Alliance.” On the preceding Box Office Obliteration mini-series, which spanned 8 episodes a summer prior to the launch of Box Office Alliance, Avatarfan participated actively and was declared the winner of that game show, which died off after one season. Although there were no major benefits from that show, it gave Avatarfan noticeable status when he first began to play Box Office Alliance. He was naturally deemed a threat to the other players, which often contributed to his low standing in seasonal rankings.


Box Office Alliance Appearances


Although Avatarfan hit it big with Box Office Obliteration, he never made a lasting impression in Box Office Alliance. His appearances each season were brief and often muddied. In the first season, XenoZodiac saw him as a threat, and Xeno's feelings toward Avatarfan provoked similar sentiments in other players, who encouraged the elimination of Avatarfan early on. Afterwards, however, Avatarfan's small appearances each season were less prolific as he became increasingly forgotten in light of the changing circumstances.


Season 1

Avatarfan was allied to Mattrek on Team Avatrek at the start of the first season of Box Office Alliance. Both had had similar experience in box office predicting contests, but Avatarfan was seen as the greater of two evils. Thus, he was given little room to exploit his skills like he managed in Box Office Obliteration. He was a known top dog, and so the other players sought to kick him when he was down. In the second episode of the season, Avatarfan went into The Challenge against his own partner. Team Avatrek shattered in a moment of weakness, and Mattrek took the upset, eliminating Avatarfan. The elimination was profound as it was the first elimination of the series. Ironically, Avatarfan was the only player not to be eliminated in Box Office Obliteration but the first player to be eliminated in Box Office Alliance. His elimination distanced his status from the other players. By the start of the second season, his accomplishments were largely forgotten, or deemed irrelevant in light of new circumstances.


Season 2

Avatarfan's lengthiest season on Box Office Alliance was season two, where he had a recurring appearance for seven consecutive episodes in the first half of the season. He debuted weakly here, having grown inexperienced since his prior elimination a season earlier. But when he came back around after suffering his first blow, he slowly started to make some kind of splash. However, with “The Crimson Knights” doing their dance, Avatarfan couldn't harness his fullest ability and was overlooked. The eyes had shifted to Acsc1312, Alfred, Townzy89, and CEDAR as the new elite of the series. Avatarfan was nothing compared to them, his win on Box Office Obliteration long forgotten.


If this phased Avatarfan, he didn't show it. He continued to chug along as a member of “Team Incredibles”, where he was allied to Sims and later JackO. Perhaps as a show of his strength, Avatarfan entered the Challenge in the third episode of the season. This being a double elimination Challenge, the stakes were higher. Avatarfan competed against Tawasal, InFamous and even his own partner JackO. Both JackO and Avatarfan posted the highest scores and were able to move on from that Challenge, remaining allied for the next few weeks. The Challenge proved that Avatarfan still had at least some measure of his former strength as he won one Challenge and was recovering from his losses.


But the same would not hold true for his next entry into The Challenge. In the episode “The Dark Knight Rises Special” (Season 2, episode 7), Avatarfan was cast into a darker Challenge against a much more powerful foe: Totem. Totem had already been making a name for himself this season as a member of “The Crimson Knights”, and he had made it to the Top Ten games before leaving the season prior. Avatarfan was definitely considered the underdog of this race. And when the results came in, despite Avatarfan's skill, he was crushed. Totem had won, and Avatarfan was eliminated. His brief stay did little to remind the other contestants of his skill he had displayed in Box Office Obliteration.


Season 3

Briefly, Avatarfan made a final appearance at the start of Season 3. He started off mildly, placing fifth in the first week, yet he never earned a spot on a team. In the second episode of the season, Avatarfan squared off once more against Totem in a Challenge. This time, it was about Avatarfan's revenge. He had a second chance to strike against Totem and bring him down. But unfortunately, Avatarfan could not manage success a second time either. Totem beat him down once more, and Avatarfan was eliminated again, finishing in second-to-last place for the season.


Avatarfan's brief run each season has had a tragic effect on the player. Once deemed one of the strongest, a Legend in the making, Avatarfan quickly became cast aside, portrayed as dried up. In most cases, Avatarfan is generally ignored by the top dogs, until he becomes a threat. But Avatarfan's persistence shows the true devotion of some players who, even when beaten once or twice, continue to pop up for a chance at redeeming glory.

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