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Ezen Baklattan

CAYOM: Year 7 - Actuals

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January 6-8: ‘Unbalanced’ Shakes Up The New Year

The famous horror anthology franchise, Unbalanced, managed to delay franchise fatigue once again and manage to keep going for a little bit longer. It managed to get to a $20.3m Friday and an IM of just over 2. This is probably due in part by the good reviews for this installment and the inclusion of everyone’s favorite oversized rapist insects.  The B CinemaScore is also decent for films like this. Meanwhile, Expedecade, the bane of Numbers’s existence, had a solid hold into the new year. These good feats could not be matched up for Michael Bay’s bizarre documentary, which is a essentially a trailer for Thomas the Tank Engine. Audiences can only handle so much ridiculousness.


1. Unbalanced 4 - $41,803,081 (NEW)

2. Expedecade - $25,403,681 (3rd week)

3. A Series Of Unfortunate Events: Movie The Second - $15,673,026 (4th week)

4. The Twenty One Balloons - $11,574,605 (5th week)

5. The Zone - $6,804,913 (3rd week)

6. Best Friends - $5,698,381 (4th week)

7. Kind Hearts & Coronters - $4,629,498 (5th week)

8. Explosions & Half-Naked Attractive Ladies - $4,271,953 (NEW)

9. Planeswalkers: Betrayals - $3,925,103 (7th week)

10. Careful Laid Plans - $3,504,599 (12th week)


January 13-16: Hemsworth Saves Our Childhoods

Thor knows how to heat up a boring January. The Ice Station, a new action film starring Chris Hemsworth, yielded some impressive numbers thanks to a decent ad campaign and the draw of Chris Hemsworth. The film also managed a solid B+ Cinemascore. Audiences, meanwhile, couldn’t buy the sheer nonsense based in the plot of Ruined Childhood, even if Barney really is the antichrist. Unbalanced 4 took a big stumble, but this shouldn’t come as a surprise at all.


1. The Ice Station - $22,768,405/$27,509,672 (NEW)

2. Expedecade - $14,879,603/$18,209,485 (4th week)

3. Unbalanced 4 - $11,304,586/$13,026,574 (2nd week) (-73%/-69%)

4. A Series Of Unfortunate Events: Movie The Second - $9,803,678/$12,905,357 (5th week)

5. Ruined Childhood - $8,105,793/$7,453,401 (NEW)

6. The Twenty One Balloons - $8,029,456/$11,005,673 (6th week)

7. The Zone - $4,601,234/$5,627,341 (4th week)

8. Best Friends - $3,802,139/$4,633,705 (5th week)

9. Careful Laid Plans - $3,162,103/$4,203,158 (13th week)

10. Kind Hearts & Coronets - $3,071,234/$2,695,495 (6th week)

-Explosions & Half-Naked Attractive Ladies  - $1,483,331/$1,863,209 (2nd Week) (-65%/-56%)

-The Idiot - $763,204/$989,405 (NEW - limited)


January 20-22: ‘Coming Home’ Sneaks Into #1

Apparently AnnaSophia Robb became a thing in the world of CAYOM. Her January thriller really connected with teen audiences, performing with a $9.7m Friday and a $24.3m weekend. Ping, unfortunately, didn’t quite live up to expectations, with many families waiting for Bone next month. it should still have decent legs up to that point. The Ice Station was actually ahead of it on the initial weekend estimates. Psy’s new documentary did even worse than the previous, and it may have just tanked as badly as Carnival did.


1. Coming Home - $23,807,495 (NEW)

2. Ping - $11,081,422 (NEW)

3. The Ice Station - $10,953,845 (2nd week) (-52%)

4. Expedecade - $8,083,495 (5th week)

5. A Series Of Unfortunate Events: Movie The Second - $5,703,293 (6th week)

6. Unbalanced 4 - $4,845,204 (3rd week)

7. The Twenty One Balloons - $4,151,293 (7th week)

8.  Ruined Childhood - $3,106,664 (2nd week) (-62%)

9. The Zone - $2,971,304 (5th week)

10. Careful Laid Plans - $2,778,394 (14th week)


The Idiot - $1,526,345 (2nd week - still limited)

PSY: I’m A Gentleman - $768,305 (NEW)


January 27-29: ‘Effects Team’ Is Special To Audience

It was a tight race for number #1 between horror adaption Penumbra & Todd Phillips comedy The Special Effects Team. In the end, though, it was the latter that managed to pull off the upset. Each film did perform respectably though, while The Special Effects Team has a healthy B+ CinemaScore to keep the ball rolling, unlike Penumbra’s C+. Not much is of note this weekend, other than The Idiot’s entry into the top 10, even before it enters wide release. The basis of a classic novel is helping the film, but at this point, WOM will do the rest. Also of note is Careful Laid Plan's Oscar nomination boost.


1. The Special Effects Team - $18,934,018 (NEW)

2. Penumbra - $18,459,203 (NEW)

3. Coming Home - $11,506,271 (2nd week) (-52%)

4. Ping - $7,289,557 (2nd week) (-34%)

5. The Ice Station - $6,257,495 (3rd week)

6. Expedecade - $5,319,204 (6th week)

7. A Series Of Unfortunate Events: Movie The Second - $3,681,204 (7th week)

8. Careful Laid Plans - $3,056,199 (15th week)

9. The Twenty One Balloons - $2,619,405 (8th week)

10. The Idiot - $2,038,147 (3rd week - almost wide)

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There's a good reason for that, believe me.


Well, considering Creator had it as the Winter Blockbuster of Year 6 and it ended up second of the year at a time when weekdays aren't great... yeah, I expected it to hold a bit. :P

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Forgive my immature pun on President's Day Weekend. I simply couldn't resist.  :blush:


February 3-5: The Pastafarians Will Inherit The Earth

Thanks to some interesting web marketing tactics and bizarre buzz, a movie about The Flying Spaghetti Monster made it to #1, although its bizarre concept still didn’t completely engulf audiences. We Are The Champions opened a bit softer than expected, but WOM is good, so it should have a decent finish. The biggest loser this week was The Best Food Porno of All Time, which even Kevin Smith proved unable to rescue. The Special Effects Team took a bit of a hit from each new comedy, but it still held well thanks to word of mouth, while The Idiot finally reached wide release. Seriously people? There are many weeks with one film only and you’re giving Super Bowl weekend FOUR wide releases?!


1. Flying Spaghetti Monster The Great & Holy - $15,702,818 (NEW)

2. We Are The Champions - $11,154,279 (NEW)

3. The Special Effects Team  - $9,058,329 (2nd week) (-52%)

4. Penumbra - $8,195,677 (2nd week) (-56%)

5. Coming Home - $6,048,721 (3rd week)

6. The Best Food Porno Of All Time - $5,507,341 (NEW)

7. Ping - $4,703,159 (3rd week)

8. The Ice Station - $3,641,959 (4th week)

9. Expedecade - $3,489,071 (7th week)

10. The Idiot - $2,485,399 (4th week - wide)


February 10-12: Audiences Walk With Tatum & Shitto

Thanks to an interesting premise, likeable leads, and strong critical reviews, Walking With You was able to surprise box office pundits and excel with a $34.3m weekend. That’s not to say that The Choice, a romantic option for older audiences, still did well, although fishnets was unable to rest easy with a Shitto film outgrossing PSY: I’m A Gentleman. Each film received a B+ CinemaScore, so expect some strong word of mouth for each film and decent legs. Not much else to report this weekend, but things should get interesting next weekend.


1. Walking With You - $34,304,289 (NEW)

2. The Choice - $19,833,841 (NEW)

3. Flying Spaghetti Monster The Great & Holy - $8,093,485 (2nd week) (-48%)

4. We Are The Champions - $6,945,891 (2nd week) (-39%)

5. The Special Effects Team - $5,514,538 (3rd week)

6. The Idiot - $3,902,485 (5th week - wider)

7. Penumbra - $3,899,012 (3rd week)

8. Ping - $3,527,478 (4th week)

9. Coming Home - $3,481,773 (4th week)

10. The Best Food Porno Of All Time - $2,271,506 (2nd week) (-59%)


February 17-20: Audiences Have A Bone-r for ‘Solstice’

With an amped marketing campaign to help audiences remember the exciting thrill ride of Y4’s Bone: Vernal Equinox, the sequel brought in the dough, attracting fans of the comic and families in great droves. It also earned an impressive A Cinemascore, so good numbers are in store for this. Also faring well was The SCP Foundation, with a unique premise that captured the attention of audiences. However, the film only earned a B- CinemaScore, so legs may not be stellar. It’s still a cut above many horror movies. Walking With You and The Choice each had solid holds into this President’s Day Weekend.


1. Bone: Solstice - $52,781,305/$63,025,144 (NEW)

2. The SCP Foundation - $24,801,948/$29.772,834 (NEW)

3. Walking With You - $19,653,203/$23,107,345 (2nd week) (-43%/-33%)

4. The Choice - $11,572,851/$13,952,155 (2nd week) (-42%/-30%)

5. We Are The Champions - $4,502,681/$5,809,221 (3rd week)

6. Flying Spaghetti Monster The Great & Holy - $4,499,256/$5,702,345

7. The Idiot - $4,102,341/$4,988,671 (6th week - widest)

8. The Special Effects Team - $3,498,471/$4,102,723 (4th week)

9. Penumbra - $1,703,595/$2,121,203 (4th week)

10. Coming Home - $1,624,687/$2,007,499 (5th week)


February 24-26: ‘Bone’ Dominates Pathetic Weekend

With no significant threat to its #1 title, Bone: Solstice was easily able to repeat at #1, showing an excellent hold and a possible chance to play at $200m. Both openers were disasters, but for different reasons. Crusader lacked an interesting and original premise, whereas people didn’t ask for another Taylor Swift documentary after getting one last year. The only other thing of note this weekend was Walking With You’s overtaking of The SCP Foundation.


1. Bone: Solstice - $32,106,803 (2nd week) (-39%)

2. Walking With You - $11,502,140 (3rd week)

3. The SCP Foundation - $10,712,693 (2nd week) (-57%)

4. The Choice - $7,102,389 (3rd week)

5. Crusader - $5,922,109 (NEW)

6. Taylor Swift: Sparks Fly - $4,952,981 (NEW)

7. We Are The Champions - $2,680,413 (4th week)

8. Flying Spaghetti Monster The Great & Holy - $2,491,305 (4th week)

9. The Idiot - $2,446,904 (7th week)

10. The Special Effects Team - $2,029,511 (5th week)

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March 3-5: Wishy-Washy ‘Wanders’  Wins Weekend With Wonder

Thanks to an effective marketing campaign with more oomph than your typical horror, The Wanders broke out this weekend, with an impressive $22.6m Friday gross. However, the film received dramatically mixed WOM (some raves and absolute pans are all over the place, and many people had more mixed feelings on the ending) and thus, an 18% drop on Saturday and a C+ CinemaScore. Legs may be a challenge for this film. Conventional Wisdom had some audience members lost to The Wanders, but it still performed decently all things considered. Meanwhile, Bone continues to impressive with some damn fine box office numbers.


1. The Wanders - $53,089,186 (NEW)

2. Bone: Solstice- $20,147,831 (3rd week)

3. Conventional Wisdom - $18,207,443 (NEW)

4. Walking With You - $7,053,689 (4th week)

5. The SCP Foundation - $5,036,710 (3rd week)

6. The Choice - $4,390,766 (4th week)

7. Crusader - $2,706,317 (2nd week) (-54%)

8. Taylor Swift: Sparks Fly - $1,897,201 (2nd week) (-62%)

9. Careful Laid Plans - $1,601,394 (20th week)

10. We Are The Champions - $1,480,562 (5th week)


March 10-12: ‘Assassin’s Creed’ In For The Kill

One breakout deserves another. Thanks to the strong appeal of the game, Assassin’s Creed was able to break out at the box office to a mind blowing $60.5m opening weekend. The B+ CinemaScore will also bode well for its further grosses at the box office. Frindle proved to be decent counter programming, managing a sum of money that was good, but not Earth shattering. White Cargo also made a decent run in its limited release, doing better than most documentaries thanks to great grosses and a narrator that caused yet another great thread derailing this weekend. The Wanders took a steep drop of two-thirds due to its polarizing word of mouth, and that pretty much sums of all of note this weekend.


1. Assassin’s Creed - $60,472,399 (NEW)

2. The Wanders - $17,290,042 (2nd week) (-67%)

3. Bone: Solstice - $12,644,908 (4th week)

4. Frindle - $12,053,811 (NEW)

5. Conventional Wisdom - $8,780,469 (2nd week) (-52%)

6. Walking With You - $4,471,212 (5th week)

7. White Cargo - $3,751,206 (NEW)

8. The Choice - $2,750,409 (5th week)

9. The SCP Foundation - $2,498,090 (4th week)

10. Careful Laid Plans - $1,000,563 (21st week)


March 17-19: The Market Takes A Dip

After two smash weekends, it’s only natural that the market slow down for a little bit. This week lacked any interesting openers, and neither one will probably hit $20m in its final gross. Even Bone managed to get back into Second Place. This weekend is so boring, that do I even need to keep going? It speaks for itself.


1. Assassin’s Creed - $26,013,741 (-57%)

2. Bone: Solstice - $8,903,216 (5th week)

3. 3:39AM - $8,541,239 (NEW)

4. Frindle - $7,922,107 (2nd week) (-34%)

5. The Wanders - $7,841,609 (3rd week)

6. Bear Market - $6,501,780 (NEW)

7. Conventional Wisdom - $5,508,631 (3rd week)

8. White Cargo - $4,970,418 (2nd week) (+33%)

9. Walking With You - $3,016,980 (6th week)

10. The Choice - $1,740,346 (6th week)


March 24-26: The ‘Mars In March’ Curse Strikes Again

With critical pans, fatigue from recent breakouts, and a confused marketing campaign, The Martian Chronicles failed to match expectations. The film had the author of 451 and the budget of Dawn Of Oblivion, and it’ll barely match that amount worldwide. The B CinemaScore showed that audiences were a bit more forgiving, but this is still a lousy number regardless. College drama-thriller After Party didn’t set the box office on fire either, despite decent reviews. Assassin’s Creed and Bone: Solstice continue to chug along just fine, and both are looking at healthy domestic totals.


1. The Martian Chronicles - $38,711,098 (NEW)

2. Assassin’s Creed - $13,378,427 (3rd week)

3. After Party - $9,670,512 (NEW)

4. Bone: Solstice - $5,970,418 (6th week)

5. Frindle - $5,811,203 (3rd week)

6. The Wanders - $3,849,203 (4th week)

7. Bear Market - $3,529,602 (2nd week) (-46%)

8. White Cargo - $3,492,731 (3rd week)

9. Conventional Wisdom - $3,218,389 (4th week)

10. 3:39AM - $2,862,144 (2nd week) (-66%)


March 31-April 2: ‘Peter Cottontail’ Delivers The Goods

Here Comes Peter Cottontail, the first ever Hollywood Easter animations, fared well at the box office with a huge draw from kids who had already seen Bone: Solstice. The Film’s A- CinemaScore is also very healthy. Meanwhile, young adult novel adaptation Hush, Hush, from the director of Y3 megahit Genesis, grossed a moderate sum of money this weekend. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. As The Martian Chronicles diminishes the profits that Assassin’s Creed and Peter Cottontail are generating for Alpha, the rest of the holdovers are lacking any surprise value.


1. Here Comes Peter Cottontail - $36,221,579 (NEW)

2. The Martian Chronicles - $15,280,437 (2nd week) (-61%)

3. Hush, Hush - $11,780,931 (NEW)

4. Assassin’s Creed - $7,480,568 (4th week)

5. After Party - $5,512,681 (2nd week) (-43%)

6. Frindle - $3,256,180 (4th week)

7. Bone: Solstice - $2,780,319 (7th week)

8. White Cargo - $2,156,703 (4th week)

9. Conventional Wisdom - $1,802,553 (5th week)

10. The Wanders - $1,702,458 (5th week)

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