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2016 Discussion Thread (Gremlins/Goonies In the Works)

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 Mumbai Musical (Working Title) (DWA/Fox) - 3/18/2016

Despicable Me 3 (Universal) 7/23/2016 ?

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This looks like a big pile of imaginary movies.


Dia de los Muertos (date is a guess)

Avatar 2 (date is guess)


Justice League (date is guess)

Mumbai Musical (Has date)

HtTyD3 (see above)

Angry Birds (see above)

Star Trek 3 (2016 is being aimed for, but date is a guess)



Mass Effect (Been around for awhile; no solid movement like director/cast)

Rio 3 (Rio 2 hasn't even come yet, will in 2014). I would expect it, unless it does terrible #'s.

TF5 (Will see eventually, but 2015, 2016, 2017+ is anyone's guess)

DM3 (Can't see this missing, but date is not real)


Not Likely

Pacific Rim 2 (date is a guess). Is coming but when we don't know. Del Toro has CP for July 2014 so at best won't start this til January 2015, but has other projects waiting. Could be, but wouldn't hold my breath.



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May 6: Doctor Strange (DIS)

May 20: Star Trek 3 (PAR)

May 27: Dia De Los Muertos (DIS)


June 17: How to Train Your Dragon 3 (FOX)

June 29: Oz: The Great and Powerful 2 (DIS)


July 1:  ID Forever Part Two (FOX)

July 1: Angry Birds (SONY)

July 15: Matrix 4 (WB)

July 29: Robopocalypse (DIS/FOX)



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