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Favorite Bond Film

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    This is tough but I'm going to give it a go....


    The Stinkers: 

    24. Moonraker D

    23. Octopussy D

    22. A View to A Kill D+

    21. Die Another Day  C-

    20. The Man With the Golden Gun C+

    19. Diamonds Are Forever  C+


    The Rainy Day Flicks:

    18. The Living Daylights B-

    17. Live and Let Die  B

    16. License to Kill  B

    15. For Your Eyes Only B

    14. The World is Not Enough B

    13. Tomorrow Never Dies B+


    The Great Ones: 

    12. Dr. No  A-

    11. Quantum of Solace  A-

    10. You Only Live Twice  A-

    9. Thunderbolt  A-


    The Classics: 

    8. The Spy Who Loved Me  A

    7. From Russia With Love   A

    6. On Her Majesty's Secret Service  A

    5. Spectre  A 

    4. Goldfinger  A+

    3.  Goldeneye  A+

    2. Casino Royale  A+

    1. Skyfall  A+


    So for me the bond ranking would go: 


    1. Daniel Craig

    2. Sean Connery

    3. Pierce Brosnan

    4. George Lazenby

    5. Roger Moore

    6. Timothy Dalton 



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    1. Goldfinger
    2. Goldeneye
    3. Casino Royale
    4. The Spy Who Loved Me
    5. The Living Daylights
    6. On Her Majesty's Secret Service
    7. Licence To Kill
    8. Skyfall
    9. From Russia With Love
    10. For Your Eyes Only
    11. Dr. No
    12. Thunderball
    13. Tomorrow Never Dies
    14. You Only Live Twice
    15. Live And Let Die
    16. Octopussy
    17. The World Is Not Enough
    18. Spectre
    19. Moonraker
    20. Quantum Of Solace
    21. The Man With The Golden Gun
    22. Diamonds Are Forever
    23. A View To A Kill
    24. Die Another Day
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