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Best films of 2002!

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  1. Lilo and Stitch
  2. Spider-Man
  3. Treasure Planet
  4. Catch Me If You Can
  5. The Bourne Identity
  6. Antwone Fisher
  7. The Rookie
  8. Big Fat Liar
  9. Scooby-Doo
  10. The Powerpuff Girls Movie
  11. Mike's New Car
  12. Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie
  13. Chicken Scratch
  14. The Santa Clause 2
  15. Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams
  16. Charlie Brown's Christmas Tales
  17. Like Mike
  18. Stuart Little 2
  19. Dinotopia
  20. The Wild Thornberrys Movie
  21. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
  22. Return to Never Land
  23. Tarzan and Jane
  24. The Powerpuff Girls: 'Twas the Fight Before Christmas
  25. The Master of Disguise
  26. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
  27. Gone Nutty
  28. Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch
  29. Home Alone 4
  30. Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year
  31. Barney's Christmas Star
  32. Cinderella II: Dreams Come True
  33. The Land Before Time IX: Journey to the Big Water
  34. Rolie Polie Oli: The Great Defender of Fun
  35. Disney's Very Merry Christmas Sing Along Songs
  36. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
  37. Spellbound
  38. Ice Age
  39. Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

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1. Attack of the clones -- A (fantastic!)

2. Adaption -- A

3. All or nothing -- A

3 (tied) gangs of new york

4. City of god -- A- (very good!)

5. The hours --A-

6. Lilja 4-ever -- A-

7. The pianist -- A-

8. Minority report -- A-

9. Talk to her -- A-

10. Spiderman -- B+ (good)

11. Secretary -- B+

12. Phone booth -- B+

13. Punch drink Love -- B+

14. Signs -- B+

15. Bourne identity -- B+

16. The two towers -- B+

17. The ring -- B (functional)

18. Road to perdition -- B

19. One hour photo -- B

20. Catch me If you can -- B




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