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CAYOM: Crowd Report Thread

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Orpheum Cinemas: The Oscar Experience

February 25th-26th, Y7


In celebration of the best in film of Y6 Orpheum Cinemas is proud to announce that it'll be holding a marathon screening of the 5 Best Picture Nominated films at Orpheum Wilshire. (located on the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Harbor Freeway in Hollywood) At the end of it all we'll also be screening the Red Carpet and the 6th Annual Academy Awards live. The screening will be held in our largest theatre, theatre 10, which was actually a renovated movie palace from Hollywood's Golden Age. You can purchase tickets to individual movies, or purchase our all inclusive pass; however, tickets are limited and we are only offering 750 all inclusive passes and 250 individual tickets per movie. The all inclusive pass also comes with 3 meals (2 dinners and 1 lunch) which will be served in the renovated original private lobby of theatre 10.  


Saturday, February 25th
1:00pm - Society
4:15pm - 451
6:00pm - *Private Buffet Dinner in Theatre 10 Lobby*
7:30pm - Careful Laid Plans

Sunday, February 26th

9:00am - Cardinal in the Kremlin
11:45am - *Private Buffet Lunch in Theatre 10 Lobby
12:45pm - To The Moon
3:30pm - Live Stream of The Red Carpet

4:45pm(Until End of the Awards) - *Private Buffet Dinner in Theatre 10 Lobby*
5:30pm - Live Stream of The Y6 Academy Awards


All Inclusive Passes include admission to all five movies, the Oscar and Red Carpet stream, 2 buffet dinners, 1 buffet lunch, and a commemorative poster. These passes cost $45 per person.

Tickets to individual movies cost $8 each. The Oscar Live Stream, Buffet Dinner, and Red Carpet package costs $15.


Note: The Buffet Dinner on Sunday, February 26th will be served in cocktail party style and will be served from 4:45pm until the end of the ceremony as guests are invited to pop in and out of the lobby to eat and socialise with others as awards go on. There will be multiple projectors in the lobby with closed captioning so you won't miss a moment of the show. (But, when entering and leaving the theatre please be mindful of other guests)  

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Last Ditch Efort 15/70 IMAX
19:45 6 May Year 6

Orpheum Wilshire, Theatre 25
Good mix of families with slightly older kids (9-10+), teens, and adults. 

Wonder Woman - Crowd had a pretty good reaction to it. It seems interesting to me. I'll go check it out if I have money. 

Mysteries of the Beyond - I loved it, and the crowd loved it. Should do extremely well I think. 

The Stuff of Legend: Into the Dark - Murmurs. 

The Cloud - You could really tell which people kinda knew a bit about quality of movies and those who didn't. Mixture of Groans and Cheers. 

Avarice - Huge cheers from everyone. You know this one will be a huge success. 


Expedecade Prologue:

I don't think a few people knew this was attached, but everyone was very excited. I loved the last bond film, and was looking forward to this one quite a bit. It totally doesn't disappoint. The beginning is so tense, and it's just an all-round very enticing prologue. A lot of people were saying that they wanted to see this movie. I have mixed feelings on the prologue however because on one hand it was really exciting and I loved it, but on the other hand I just got treated to a taste of something really wonderful that I can't get until December. :(

The Movie

It's a really good movie. Very good balance between the action and the characters. It's not like those movies where there's no character at all, and all you go to see are the explosions. But, with Careful Laid Plans, Peter Jackson's done a very good job at making the characters interesting while creating breathtaking visuals as well. In IMAX 15/70 a lot of the shots look very amazing, especially the aerial shots of Babylonia. 

A+ (9.5/10)

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I'm gonna be self indulgent and do another one of my films :lol: Oh, and post requests for me to do. 



Careful Laid Plans20:00 22 October Year 6

Orpheum Wilshire, Theatre 14445/445Audience:95% Adults. A few people in their late teens. TrailersCardinal in the Kremlin - Lots of talking. It was an older crowd so the reaction was subdued, and quiet, as expected. But, a lot of people were interested. I'll definitely go check this out. 

Kind Hearts and Coronets - Excited mumurs when Joe Wright's named flashed up on screen. It seems like my crowd has many cinema aficionados seeing as they recognised him from Anna Karenina, Atonement, and Pride & Prejudice. 

The Zone - Silence. I heard someone behind me say very quietly to another person, "Looks extremely pretty. Not quite sure what to make of the story though. I might go check it out; the visuals look worth it alone."  

The Movie

I loved it. The Crowd loved it. There were a few moments in the film where you could feel the tension in the room rising. As the bar scene played out everyone was very tense, and there was a gasp or two as the gun went off. The theatre also had a feeling of shock when Lisa got killed off. At the end of the film it received a standing ovation from everyone, and almost everyone stayed until the end of the credits. Very, very good. It's definitely got rewatch value, I'll probably go see it once more, and if not I'll definitely get the blu-ray. 


A+ (10/10)

Because I'm totally not biased ;) 

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Cyber15:45 21 August Year 6

Orpheum Wilshire, Theatre 7155/325Audience:Mostly Adults. I don't think I saw a single person under the age of 19/20. TrailersHigh Life - Murmurs

The Shepard and the Daughter of the Sun - Silence

To the Moon - Some talking. Some were confused why they played this trailer here; I'm not sure but sometimes theatres play weirdly placed trailers. Who know?

Society - Decent Reaction. People recognised Lawrence from SLP and when her name came up there was a noticeable uptick in murmurs. 


The Movie

It's a really good movie. Love the characters, and how even the bad ones make you feel. It's really like Harvey Weintsein said, "Some movies you feel." At the end of the movie it got a very healthy round of applause and substantial amounts of positive chatter in the lobby. Love Hoult, very well cast and that kid has serious acting talent. A+ (9.5/10)

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Sir Thymes Time16:45 21 May Year 6

Orpheum Wilshire, Theatre 2350/350Audience:Almost all familiesTrailersThe Golden Bird - Decent reactions. Kids liked it. 

Aquaman - Some cheers from the kids. Heard one of them saying, "Mummy, we have to see that...."

To the Moon - Best reaction of the night. It looks unconventional for an animated movie but very, very good at the same time. I definitely will be catching this sometime soon. 


The Movie

It's good. It's funny, and while it has its faults none of them are big enough to make the movie bad. I think that the movie accomplishes what it set out to do which was to provide a fun, filled, non-intellectual movie for families. A (9/10)

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Went to see two films!



Stuff of Legend: Into the Dark


80% Full

Sunday June 5th 

Audience: Mostly teens but a few adult couples and families here and there

TrailersAvarice- Applauses and lots of talk

The Cloud- Silence

Bioshock- Lots of talk

Cyber- Some talk

Aquaman- Some talk


The Movie

Great movie. The visuals are fantastic and the story is very entertaining. The audience seemed to enjoy it a lot and stayed around for the credits. Positive talk after. I would definitely like to see this again. Fun summer flick!!








The Life of a Prophet


30% Full

Sunday June 5th 

Audience: Almost entirely adults

TrailersCyber- Some talk. Comparisions to the Social Network. 

The Different Ones- Silence but some talk after the trailer

Frogs, Frogs, and More Frogs 3D- Silence (Few snickers)

Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson vs. Giant Spiders- Lots of talk. Best reaction probably. 

Society- Silence during the trailer but lots of talk after. 


The Movie

Mixed reaction. Some people really seemed to enjoy it while others were more "meh". I liked it personally and enjoyed the acting and battle sequences. I am surprised that there is so little controversy regarding the film. 



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AVARICE: An IMAX 3D Experience


Thursday, July 14th

SOLD OUT (450 seater) - There were 14 sellouts here, no wonder it had $27m midnight showings.


The crowd was quite varied, with mostly adults and college kids, but a few families present as well. All of them were very pumped for the movie.



Chuck Norris & Liam Neeson Vs. Giant Spiders - A ton of laughter and cheering throughout, especially at the introduction of the giant spider.

Barricade - There was a decent bit of chatter.

The Immune: Global Outbreak - It looks better than the first, but the reaction was pretty silent.

The Cardinal In The Kremlin - A lot of excited murmurs throughout the trailer.

Planeswalkers: Betrayals - This looks a lot better than the first film, and the audience seemed to agree.

Expedecade - The crowd was silent, and there was cheering afterwards. I hope this turns out to be big.



I wasn't a huge fan of Nirvana, but damn, this really blew my socks off. That, and there was a massive standing ovation at the theater. It's looking to be quite an epic moment in box office history.

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We've gotten nothing for Y7, until now.


Spark: Ignition - Presented In Digital 3D

Friday, June 2nd


90% full (350 seater)


It was a pretty varied audience for an animated movie. A lot of teens/young adults in the audience, most likely people brought in becaused they loved the first film. Plenty of kids in the audience, though.



The Blue Belt - There were some murmurs of interest.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - Silence.

The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer - Some mild chatter.

Amulet - A lot of hype. I think this is gonna be big.

Adventure Time: The Battle For Ooo - Some laughter and interest from tweens


The audience was really into it. There was lots of cheering, laughing, and even a bit of crying. The scene where Alex punches the film's antagonist in the face created laugh-cheers in the audience. Not quite as strong as the first Spark, but it's still a film of rather high merit.




Justice League: The IMAX 3D Experience

Thursday, May 4th


Sold Out (450-seater)


The theater was crazy. There were lines pulling outside of the theater for this. Hell, some hardcore DC fans actually camped outside the theater from Wednesday night!



The 39 Clues: Maze Of Bones - Some chatter, and this always was a reliable franchise.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time - A bit of chatter, but it may have just been general excitement.

Spark: Ignition - Some laughs and excitement. This is gonna be big.

Leviathan - Some intrigued chatter for the movie.

Journey - Silence. I'm sure what people thought.

LucIId - Some intrigued feelings. People were excited.

The Once & Future King: The Sword In The Stone - Some definite chatter.


The movie was good, but man, the audience just flat out loved it. It wasn't The Avengers, but it was extremely entertaining nonetheless. Expect a huge gross for this. Midnights were around $14m.

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Universe Cinemas: The 4th Annual Oscar Experience

February 24th-25th, Y8To celebrate the films nominated for an Oscar this year, Universe Cinemas 20, hailed as one of the best cinemas in the entire globe, will be holding a two-day event to celebrate this yearly event in the cinematic world. All five nominees for Best Picture will be screened, as well as a live stream of the Oscars and Red Carpet: all in our largest auditorium, Theater 18. In addition, there will be a wonderful buffet dinner offered to those who buy an Oscar Experience pass. Having said that, tickets for each individual movie are also being offered.SCHEDULE:Saturday, February 24th11:30am - The Rise & Fall Of Julius Caesar

3:30pm - A Woman In The Crowd 6:00pm - *Private Buffet Dinner*7:30pm - ExtrasensorySunday, February 25th

10:00am - *Private Buffet Brunch*11:15am - Risk Management2:45pm - The Rich & Famous5:00pm - *Private Buffet Dinner*6:00pm - Live Stream of The Red Carpet8:00pm - Live Stream of The Y7 Academy AwardsPasses include admission to all five movies, the Oscar stream, a buffet dinner, and a poster. These passes cost $30 per person.Tickets to individual movies and the live Oscar stream cost $6 each.

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