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CAYOM: Crowd Report Thread

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On the Loose

January 18, 7:15 PM, 65% full


Horror at the Superbowl - Looks pretty good, a few people laughed at the title

Midnight Part II - Groans at the title, but then laughter at Will Smith.

Blue Heart - Murmurs of confusion. Looks interesting to me.

The Last Projectionist - Red-band trailer; looks awesome even though it's not really Tarantino.

Consciousness Slip - Complete silence. Audience seemed interested in the teaser.

Ultimately forgettable, but it's the only decent thing out right now, so I think it'll do well. Audience seemed to enjoy it, but a few people were falling asleep.


Horror at the Superbowl

February 1, 7:45 PM, 75% full


Blue Heart - People seemed uninterested. This movie looks better to me every time I see this trailer.

The Last Projectionist - For some reason, they showed the green-band trailer; still looks good though.

Divergent - Looks weird, but pretty cool. The audience was talking after it about how they want to see it.

Vault Break - Looks kind of generic, the audience liked Renner; I liked Brad Bird.

Consciousness Slip - I've gotten used to this teaser, but the audience seemed engaged.

Lots of laughs. Audience loved it; I loved it. Some applause at the end. I wouldn't mind a sequel.

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Going to do some now, but just avoid doing any in the Fall/holidays.ProdigyMarch 15th, Year 34PMAbout 70% full.Trailers:Genesis: Tons of talking.Kill that Director!: Laughs.Tornado: Someone could not stop laughing at this. Oooh boy. Getting tired of this trailer.Salvation: Silence then some talking.Vault Break: Looks pretty good.8AM: Just some talking.Movie: Very good. Some clapping at the end.Wolves of the DeepMarch 1st2PMAbout 50% full.Trailers:Kill that Director: Laughs everywhere.Tornado: Talking.Divergent: Some talking.Voyage to Atlantis: Some "Yeahs!"Beware of Zomibes: Couple of laughs and a couple of "ughs"Movie: Neeson kicks butt!

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Friday, June 27th


SOLD OUT (350-Seater)

The Crowd: It was surprisingly very mixed. Granted, there were lots of kids here, but there were also a surprising number of teens and adults here. A lot of them were probably fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender.


-Duck In Space - some laughs, but not much else

-Island Of The Blue Dolphins - there was some chatter; people seemed interested

-A Series Of Unfortunate Events - this got some mild laughter.

-Knights Of The Lunch Table - Some laughs, but not much else.

-Insurgent - There was actually a lot of chatter.

-The Sketchbook - Plenty of laughs from the entire audience.

The Movie: There was a standing ovation at the end. The movie is a true crowd-pleaser, and WOM is gonig to be amazing. It's one of the best movies of the year.

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Call of Duty: Of Their Own Accord

Friday, May 16, Year 4

12:00 AM

SOLD OUT (250-seater)

The Crowd: Mostly teenagers and guys in their 20s and early 30s. A very energetic and outspoken bunch.


- Booster Gold - Mixed to positive reaction, though a good amount laughed when the title came up

- Nirvana - Generally quite positive, though when Amira appeared one guy shouted "Neytiri was hotter" which drew a bunch of laughs

- The Last Six - Positive, though some wisecracks about Kratos, Marvel's Thor and Loki, and other characters were made

- Comedians - Good amount of laughs, people liked seeing Les Grossman again

- Lord Madship - People were excited to see the debut of the teaser for the new Bond saga, the few token girls were oohing over Michael Fassbender

- Alesia - Positive but subdued. The epic visuals and battles seemed to be appealing.

The Movie: This group of young men were completely into the action and thrills, yelling and cheering at various moments. At the point where

Shepherd betrays and kills Roach and Ghost

those who didn't know the twist going in were like "son of a bitch!" and those who did know were like "ASSHOLE!" They all cheered when you-know-who got his comeuppance at the end.

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Here Impact: just for you, a crowd report of my favorite of my own Year 3 movies. :P

Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson vs. the Loch Ness Monster

August 23, 6:45 PM, 80% full


The Ice Bridge - Looks intriguing, but the audience seemed bored.

The Summer Story - Audience was bored with this one too, until Nolan's name showed up.

Fatal Rendezvous - Huge positive response to this, being RDJ's first movie in three years. Looks fantastic.

Fifty Shades of Grey - Was booed repeatedly, especially since they showed the red band trailer. Why, just why?

The Morrow II - A teaser, but it still got the audience talking.

Surprisingly one of the funniest movies of the year. Norris and Neeson have great chemistry, and the overall script is full of funny satire on Hollywood. Morgan Freeman was good too, and this is a fantastic mainstream debut from Clark Gregg. The audience loved it, and there was scattered applause at the end. Bring on a sequel!

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And why would they show 50 Shades at a guy film?????

I always notice in the real Crowd Reports thread that occasionally there's one really bizarre trailer that doesn't fit at all. I was trying to think of what the worst trailer they could show at such a macho movie. ;)
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Voyage to AtlantisFriday, June 14th4PMAbout 80% full.Trailers:Broken Earth: Someone went "What the **** is this???" looks bad still.The Ice Bridge: Silence.8AM: When Will Smith showed up someone went "Hey the movie started" Laughs then. Looks intresting.Chaperones: Tons of laughs.Fable: Silence. Looks like it could be good.Bobby: Silence.The Morrow II (Teaser): A bunch of claps.Movie: Loads of fun.

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More:Ag3nts:Sunday, June 9th2:35PMAbout 75% full, mostly families.Trailers:Adventures of a Squid: Tons of laughs.Wrinkle in Time: Some talking.Last Airbender: Some "huhs" in the audience.Bobby: Some talking.Nadia: A Perfect 10: Some girl went "Mom I got to see that!"Frosty the Snowman (Teaser): Laughs.Movie: Pretty fun and funny.SalvationFriday at 4PMSold out.Trailers:Walker Chronicles: Some chatter.Truth and Love: Some talking.8AM: Silence.Voyage to Atlantis: Little talking saying it looks good.Kill that Director!: Tons of laughs.Broken Earth: People going "That looks stupid"Red Rabbit (Teaser): Not much was shown, but it could be good.Movie: Really good. Audience enjoyed it.

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Okay my BP nominee from year 3:Dodge CityDecember 31st, Year 33:30 PMSold out (I live in the Southwest so this would really happen)A Stark Night: Some laughs.Leitmotif: Talking.Tyler Perry's Madea Valentine: Some laughs.Service: A couple of laughs.City of Darkness: Nothing.Army of Two: Quite a few people wanted to see this.Movie: Amazing film. This should take home a few Oscars. Audience loved it.

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