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CAYOM Year 8: Part 1

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    Top Gear Great Adventures: Bolivian Cruiser



    Director: Owen Trevor

    Genre: Comedy/Adventure/Action/Documentary

    Date:  August 3-5 (3285 theatres)

    Studio: Guernica Studios

    Format: 2D

    Budget: $15 million

    Theaters: 3,266



    Jeremy Clarkson

    Richard Hammond

    James May




    Top Gear is a British television show about motor vehicles, primarily cars, and is the world's most widely watched factual television program. The show has received acclaim for its visual style and presentation, and criticism for its content and often politically incorrect commentary made by its presenters. Now it's making its debut on the big screen. After a brief summery of the program we meet the tree presenters, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. They have a five-minutes intro of constant joking and banter, taking a piss of their British being, making the US audience more ease with their characters they start narrating and looking back at their Bolivian adventure.


    The three presenters started at a riverside in the Amazon jungle where a towed river raft left their cars: a Range Rover, a Suzuki SJ413, and a Toyota Land Cruiser (the presenters were supposed to have been helicoptered in to the location, but Clarkson said that the helicopter had crashed before filming, necessitating a boat trip up the river). The trio were originally left on the bank with nothing. Hammond remarked on the other two's inappropriate clothing and they all revealed their phobias. Hammond is terrified of insects, James May is scared of heights and Clarkson, manual labour, something May says is just 'bone idleness.' After doing nothing for a long time, a raft finally arrives with their cars. The driver of the raft only parks it vaguely near the bank, so, at that point, they cannot disembark.

    While trying to move the raft, Clarkson started to sink into the mudflats within the river and so Hammond had to pull him out with Clarkson's Range Rover. They had trouble getting the cars off the raft, as Hammond's car wouldn't start and the raft was too small for Clarkson to give him a push-start. It was not until the next morning that May realised that some of the planks were long enough to make a ramp off the raft. James tried to get off the raft first, but got stuck up a small hill just after the ramp. As May was blocking the path, they had to get a third plank to get Clarkson off the raft. He managed, and also pulled May's Suzuki up the hill, and into a log. Clarkson also had to tow Hammond off the raft, and then give him a pull-start.

    For the first section of the journey, they were forced to make a route by slashing undergrowth and went along logging trails, encountering snakes and insects. During this segment, several fan blades were broken off Clarkson's engine fan, later leading to him cutting holes in the bonnet for additional ventilation. Clarkson tried to drive across a small gully, but failed. May tried to winch him out, but ended up pulling his own vehicle into the gully, so Hammond had to winch both of their vehicles back to the starting point. A chainsaw and rope were used to make a bridge out of the trunks of four young trees to complete the crossing. For the next section, the cars underwent minor modifications to cross a river, including non-standard use of certain products: Tampax tampons to waterproof a fuel tank cap, and Vaseline and Durex condoms to waterproof parts of the engine. Hammond got through the river without problems. Clarkson, however, stalled, so May had to drive around him, and he got stuck. As Hammond was winching May out, Clarkson got his car started without any problems, which seriously annoyed May. In the director's cut, they encounter a tree fall in the middle of the road, which Hammond and May work at with machetes for 'two hours.' Clarkson promptly comes in with the chainsaw which gets stuck. After sawing through the log, he starts to saw at James' car. May threatens him with his machete which almost starts a chainsaw-machete fight between them, at which point, the chainsaw falters.

    They then climbed into the Andes to La Paz along the Yungas Road, a road also known as the 'Death Road' due to its narrowness and sheer drops. Due to May's fear of heights, he semi-seriously threatened to cut anyone's head off if they bumped into him, holding a machete near Clarkson's face when he bumped him by accident (Hammond had repeatedly rammed May several times before the warning). Later, Hammond drove into a ditch to avoid a passing bus, and found out that May's car's winch was broken. Elsewhere, Clarkson was placed in extreme danger when he met a car coming the other way on a particularly narrow section of the road, and the edge of the road ledge started to crumble under his wheels. Near the end of the section, Clarkson held a brief memorial service for Hammond and May, jokingly suggesting that they must be dead. He put two makeshift crosses up, labelling one 'Ted Nugent' and the other 'Ray Mears'.

    They modified their cars in La Paz: Clarkson and Hammond fitted much bigger wheels and tyres on their cars, which had a negative effect on their performance, because it geared up the cars too much for their gearboxes. Hammond also got rid of the roof, and replaced it with a lighter rollbar. May simply 'mended' his car. Afterwards, they crossed the Altiplano while using a portable GPS with an altitude readout. They tried to take a straight route into Chile over the Guallatiri active volcano (the green parts on this volcano landscape are volcanic deposit, not vegetation). This attempt was defeated by weakness and a drunken-type feeling after about 16,000 feet caused by severe hypoxia, the result of being at such a high altitude. They had each taken a Viagra tablet to try to prevent high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) from altitude hypoxia. Altitude hypoxia also much reduced the cars' effective power, which meant May's car could produce no more than 20 bhp. On the way, they passed at least two active volcanic steam vents. At 17,200 feet altitude (3.26 miles, 5,243 metres, where the air pressure was about half an atmosphere), they stopped and appraised their current medical state. All three were displaying clear signs of altitude sickness and as the road was continuing to climb, the trio decided to turn back and take a lower route. During the climb, they used a pulse oximeter to read their blood oxygen saturation, which sometimes was down to 84%, a value which in normal life would recommend admission to hospital.

    A few miles from the end of their journey, the route took them down a very steep sand dune to reach the Pacific coast, on Caleta Los Verdes, some 20 kilometres south of Iquique, Chile. They initially decided to practise on a less steep dune. Just prior to starting their practice run, Hammond got out to talk to Clarkson, 'forgetting' that his handbrake was broken and that he had left the Toyota in neutral (A hand can be seen through the Toyota window letting go of the car at the rear, causing it to begin moving forward). The Toyota began rolling down the dune driverless and rolled over, losing a wheel in the process. The broken wheel hub meant the end for the Toyota, but Clarkson and May completed the dangerous descent to the coastline.

    Although Hammond was forced to admit the defeat of the Toyota Land Cruiser that he lovingly referred to as "The Donkey", he still argued that he had chosen wisely. Clarkson observed that May's Suzuki may have completed the journey, but it had been a very rough ride; May agreed, saying, "The ride is rotten". Due to the Toyota's failure and the Suzuki's hard ride, Clarkson declared that although the Range Rover was the most unreliable car in the world, it had proven itself to be the most reliable car in the world.

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    The Nodding Tiger


    Director: Ang Lee

    Composer: Mychael Danna

    Genre: Family Adventure

    Date: November 16-18

    Studio: Guernica Studios

    Format: 3D

    Budget: $95 million

    Theaters: 4,022

    MPAA Rating: PG

    Running Time: 102 min




    all local actors

    Narrator - Ken Watanabe



    We open with beautiful landscape shots of China and a nice mellifluous musical piece floats in. Narration begins:

    "Just outside the walls of a Chinese city there lived a young woodcutter named T'ang and his old mother, a woman of seventy. They were very poor and had a tiny one-room shanty, built of mud and grass, which they rented from a neighbour."


    (The story will be told in past tense...)


    Every day young T'ang rose bright and early and went up on the mountain near their house. There he spent the day cutting firewood to sell in the city near by. In the evening he would return home, take the wood to market, sell it, and bring back food for his mother and himself. Now, though these two people were poor, they were very happy, for the young man loved his mother dearly, and the old woman thought there was no one like her son in all the world. Their friends, however, felt sorry for them and said, "What a pity we have no grasshoppers here, so that the T'angs could have some food from heaven!"

    One day young T'ang got up before daylight and started for the hills, carrying his axe on his shoulder. He bade his mother good-bye, telling her that he would be back early with a heavier load of wood than usual, for the morrow would be a holiday and they must eat good food. All day long Widow T'ang waited patiently, saying to herself over and over as she went about her simple work, "The good boy, the good boy, how he loves his old mother!"

    In the afternoon she began watching for his return - but in vain. The sun was sinking lower and lower in the west, but still he did not come. At last the old woman was frightened. "My poor son!" she muttered. "Something has happened to him." Straining her feeble eyes, she looked along the mountain path. Nothing was to be seen there but a flock of sheep following the shepherd. "Woe is me!" moaned the woman. "My boy! my boy!" She took her crutch from its corner and limped off to a neighbour's house to tell him of her trouble and beg him to go and look for the missing boy.

    Now this neighbour was kind-hearted, and willing to help old Mother T'ang, for he felt very sorry for her. "There are many wild beasts in the mountains," he said, shaking his head as he walked away with her, thinking to prepare the frightened woman for the worst, "and I fear that your son has been carried off by one of them." Widow T'ang gave a scream of horror and sank upon the ground. Her friend walked slowly up the mountain path, looking carefully for signs of a struggle. At last when he had gone half way up the slope he came to a little pile of torn clothing spattered with blood. The woodman's axe was lying by the side of the path, also his carrying pole and some rope. There could be no mistake: after making a brave fight, the poor youth had been carried off by a tiger.

    Gathering up the torn garments, the man went sadly down the hill. He dreaded seeing the poor mother and telling her that her only boy was indeed gone for ever. At the foot of the mountain he found her still lying on the ground. When she looked up and saw what he was carrying, with a cry of despair she fainted away. She did not need to be told what had happened.

    Friends bore her into the little house and gave her food, but they could not comfort her. "Alas!" she cried, "of what use is it to live? He was my only boy. Who will take care of me in my old age? Why have the gods treated me in this cruel way?"

    She wept, tore her hair, and beat her chest, until people said she had gone mad. The longer she mourned, the more violent she became.

    The next day, however, much to the surprise of her neighbours, she set out for the city, making her way along slowly by means of her crutch. It was a pitiful sight to see her, so old, so feeble, and so lonely. Every one was sorry for her and pointed her out, saying, "See! the poor old soul has no one to help her!"

    In the city she asked her way to the public hall. When she found the place she knelt at the front gate, calling out loudly and telling of her ill-fortune. Just at this moment the mandarin, or city judge, walked into the court room to try any cases which might be brought before him. He heard the old woman weeping and wailing outside, and bade one of the servants let her enter and tell him of her wrongs.

    Now this was just what the Widow T'ang had come for. Calming herself, she hobbled into the great hall of trial.

    "What is the matter, old woman? Why do you raise such an uproar in front of my yamen? Speak up quickly and tell me of your trouble."

    "I am old and feeble," she began; "lame and almost blind. I have no money and no way of earning money. I have not one relative now in all the empire. I depended on my only son for a living. Every day he climbed the mountain, for he was a woodcutter, and every evening he came back home, bringing enough money for our food. But yesterday he went and did not return. A mountain tiger carried him off and ate him, and now, alas! there seems to be no help for it - I must die of hunger. My bleeding heart cries out for justice. I have come into this hall today, to beg your worship to see that the slayer of my son is punished. Surely the law says that none may shed blood without giving his own blood in payment."

    "But, woman, are you mad?" cried the mandarin, laughing loudly. "Did you not say it was a tiger that killed your son? How can a tiger be brought to justice? Of a truth, you must have lost your senses."

    The judge's questions were of no avail. The Widow T'ang kept up her clamor. She would not be turned away until she had gained her purpose. The hall echoed with the noise of her howling. The mandarin could stand it no longer. "Hold! woman," he cried, "stop your shrieking. I will do what you ask. Only go home and wait until I summon you to court. The slayer of your son shall be caught and punished."

    The judge was, of course, only trying to get rid of the demented mother, thinking that if she were only once out of his sight, he could give orders not to let her into the hall again. The old woman, however, was too sharp for him. She saw through his plan and became more stubborn than ever.

    "No, I cannot go," she answered, "until I have seen you sign the order for that tiger to be caught and brought into this judgment hall."

    Now, as the judge was not really a bad man, he decided to humor the old woman in her strange plea. Turning to the assistants in the court room he asked which of them would be willing to go in search of the tiger. One of these men, named Li-neng, had been leaning against the wall, half asleep. He had been drinking heavily and so had not heard what had been going on in the room. One of his friends gave him a poke in the ribs just as the judge asked for volunteers.

    Thinking the judge had called him by name, he stepped forward, knelt on the floor, saying, "I, Li-neng, can go and do the will of your worship."

    "Very well, you will do," answered the judge. "Here is your order. Go forth and do your duty." So saying, he handed the warrant to Li-neng. "Now, old woman, are you satisfied?" he continued.

    "Quite satisfied, your worship," she replied.

    "Then go home and wait there until I send for you."

    Mumbling a few words of thanks, the unhappy mother left the building.

    When Li-neng went outside the court room, his friends crowded round him. "Drunken sot!" they laughed; "do you know what you have done?"

    Li-neng shook his head. "Just a little business for the mandarin, isn't it? Quite easy."

    "Call it easy, if you like. What! man, arrest a tiger, a man-eating tiger and bring him to the city! Better go and say good-bye to your father and mother. They will never see you again."

    Li-neng slept off his drunkenness, and then saw that his friends were right. He had been very foolish. But surely the judge had meant the whole thing only as a joke! No such order had ever been written before! It was plain that the judge had hit on this plan simply to get rid of the wailing old woman. Li-neng took the warrant back to the judgment hall and told the mandarin that the tiger could not be found.

    But the judge was in no mood for joking. "Can't be found? And why not? You agreed to arrest this tiger. Why is it that today you try to get out of your promise? I can by no means permit this, for I have given my word to satisfy the old woman in her cry for justice."

    Li-neng knelt and knocked his head on the floor. "I was drunk," he cried, "when I gave my promise. I knew not what you were asking. I can catch a man, but not a tiger. I know nothing of such matters. Still, if you wish it, I can go into the hills and hire hunters to help me."

    "Very well, it makes no difference how you catch him, as long as you bring him into court. If you fail in your duty, there is nothing left but to beat you until you succeed. I give you five days."

    During the next few days Li-neng left no stone unturned in trying to find the guilty tiger. The best hunters in the country were employed. Night and day they searched the hills, hiding in mountain caves, watching and waiting, but finding nothing. It was all very trying for Li-neng, since he now feared the heavy hands of the judge more than the claws of the tiger. On the fifth day he had to report his failure. He received a thorough beating, fifty blows on the back. But that was not the worst of it. During the next six weeks, try as he would, he could find no traces of the missing animal. At the end of each five days, he got another beating for his pains. The poor fellow was in despair. Another month of such treatment would lay him on his deathbed. This he knew very well, and yet he had little hope. His friends shook their heads when they saw him. "He is drawing near the wood," they said to each other, meaning that he would soon be in his coffin. "Why don't you flee the country?" they asked him. "Follow the tiger's example. You see he has escaped completely. The judge would make no effort to catch you if you should go across the border into the next province."

    Li-neng shook his head on hearing this advice. He had no desire to leave his family for ever, and he felt sure of being caught and put to death if he should try to run away.

    The day after all the hunters had given up the search in disgust and gone back to their homes in the valley, Li-neng entered a mountain temple to pray. The tears rained down his cheeks as he knelt before the great fierce-looking idol. "Alas! I am a dead man!" he moaned between his prayers; "a dead man, for now there is no hope. Would that I had never touched a drop of wine!"

    Just then he heard a slight rustling near by. Looking up, he saw a huge tiger standing at the temple gate. But Li-neng was no longer afraid of tigers. He knew there was only one way to save himself. "Ah," he said, looking the great cat straight in the eye, "you have come to eat me, have you? Well, I fear you would find my flesh a trifle tough, since I have been beaten with four hundred blows during these six weeks. You are the same fellow that carried off the woodman last month, aren't you? This woodman was an only son, the sole support of an old mother. Now this poor woman has reported you to the mandarin, who, in turn, has had a warrant drawn up for your arrest. I have been sent out to find you and lead you to trial. For some reason or other you have acted the coward, and remained in hiding. This has been the cause of my beating. Now I don't want to suffer any longer as a result of your murder. You must come with me to the city and answer the charge of killing the woodman."

    All the time Li-neng was speaking, the tiger listened closely. When the man was silent, the animal made no effort to escape, but, on the contrary, seemed willing and ready to be captured. He bent his head forward and let Li-neng slip a strong chain over it. Then he followed the man quietly down the mountain, through the crowded streets of the city, into the court room. All along the way there was great excitement. "The man-slaying tiger has been caught," shouted the people. "He is being led to trial."

    The crowd followed Li-neng into the hall of justice. When the judge walked in, every one became as quiet as the grave. All were filled with wonder at the strange sight of a tiger being called before a judge.

    The great animal did not seem to be afraid of those who were watching so curiously. He sat down in front of the mandarin, for all the world like a huge cat. The judge rapped on the table as a signal that all was ready for the trial.

    "Tiger," said he, turning toward the prisoner, "did you eat the woodman whom you are charged with killing?"

    The tiger gravely nodded his head.

    "Yes, he killed my boy!" screamed the aged mother. "Kill him! Give him the death that he deserves!"

    "A life for a life is the law of the land," continued the judge, paying no attention to the forlorn mother, but looking the accused directly in the eye. "Did you not know it? You have robbed a helpless old woman of her only son. There are no relatives to support her. She is crying for vengeance. You must be punished for your crime. The law must be enforced. However, I am not a cruel judge. If you can promise to take the place of this widow's son and support the woman in her old age, I am quite willing to spare you from a disgraceful death. What say you, will you accept my offer?"

    The gaping people craned their necks to see what would happen, and once more they were surprised to see the savage beast nod his head in silent agreement.

    "Very well, then, you are free to return to your mountain home; only, of course, you must remember your promise."

    The chains were taken from the tiger's neck, and the great animal walked silently out of the yamen, down the street, and through the gate opening towards his beloved mountain cave.

    Once more the old woman was very angry. As she hobbled from the room, she cast sour glances at the judge, muttering over and over again, "Who ever heard of a tiger taking the place of a son? A pretty game this is, to catch the brute, and then to set him free." There was nothing for her to do, however, but to return home, for the judge had given strict orders that on no account was she to appear before him again.

    Almost broken-hearted she entered her desolate hovel at the foot of the mountain. Her neighbors shook their heads as they saw her. "She cannot live long," they said. "She has the look of death on her wrinkled face. Poor soul! she has nothing to live for, nothing to keep her from starving."

    But they were mistaken. Next morning when the old woman went outside to get a breath of fresh air she found a newly killed deer in front of her door. Her tiger-son had begun to keep his promise, for she could see the marks of his claws on the dead animal's body. She took the carcass into the house and dressed it for the market. On the city streets next day she had no trouble in selling the flesh and skin for a handsome sum of money. All had heard of the tiger's first gift, and no one was anxious to drive a close bargain.

    Laden with food, the happy woman went home rejoicing, with money enough to keep her for many a day. A week later the tiger came to her door with a roll of cloth and some money in his mouth. He dropped these new gifts at her feet and ran away without even waiting for her thank-you. The Widow T'ang now saw that the judge had acted wisely. She stopped grieving for her dead son and began to love in his stead the handsome animal that had come to take his place so willingly.

    The tiger grew much attached to his foster-mother and often purred contentedly outside her door, waiting for her to come and stroke his soft fur. He no longer had the old desire to kill. The sight of blood was not nearly so tempting as it had been in his younger days. Year after year he brought the weekly offerings to his mistress until she was as well provided for as any other widow in the country.

    At last in the course of nature the good old soul died. Kind friends laid her away in her last resting place at the foot of the great mountain. There was money enough left out of what she had saved to put up a handsome tombstone, on which this story was written just as you have read it here. The faithful tiger mourned long for his dear mistress. He lay on her grave, wailing like a child that had lost its mother. Long he listened for the voice he had loved so well, long he searched the mountain-slopes, returning each night to the empty cottage, but all in vain. She whom he loved was gone forever.

    Narration concludes the story: "One night he vanished from the mountain, and from that day to this no one in that province has ever seen him. Some who know this story say that he died of grief in a secret cave which he had long used as a hiding-place. Others add, with a wise shrug of the shoulders, that, like Shanwang, he was taken to the Western Heaven, there to be rewarded for his deeds of virtue and to live as a fairy for ever afterwards."

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    White Tower


    Genre: Drama

    Director: Nicolas Windign Refn

    Original Score: M83

    Original Song: Rise and Fall by M83

    Date: April 20-22

    Studio: Guernica Studios

    Format: 2D

    Budget: $15 million

    Theaters: 3,266


    Cast: Carey Mulligan (Carla), Bryan Cranston (Andreas), Ryan Gosling (Martin), Tom Hardy (Nicholas), Vincent Cassel (Paul), Michael Fassbender (Hein), Lauren Roux (Astrid) 


    Rating: PG-13

    Runtime: 96mins 




    Electronic music fades in and we're looking at beautiful mountain and landscape shots. In a Swiss Alpine village, we meet mountain climber Carla Alten (Mulligan - short hair, bit of boyish look, but still charming and adorable), who has just arrived from Italy, organizes a climbing party, intending to scale the nearby "White Tower" peak. She assembles a group in a local bar. Nice tune plays in the background while we introduce our main characters. Although Carla's dear friend Andreas (Cranston), a veteran mountain guide, warns her that none of the local guides wants to join her party because of what happened to her and her father years before on the Tower, Carla is undaunted. A dramatic, but still melodic electro music floats in with a little nostalgic tune reminiscing the 80s. Carla, whose father, a world-renowned mountaineer, died while trying to reach the top of the infamous Tower, asks American Martin Ordway (Gosling) to make the climb. Despite his attraction to Carla, Martin, a former bomber pilot who has been drifting since the war as we learn, declines the invitation, stating that he has no reason to go. He doesn't talk much, just smiles at Carla and walks out the bar for a smoke when Carla asks him again. Carla then asks English naturalist Nicholas Radcliffe (Hardy), another old friend, and Paul Delambre (Cassel), an alcoholic French author who has been writing a novel about the Tower, to join the group, and they both gladly accept. At Martin's urging, Carla puts aside her anti-Nazi sentiments and also asks Hein (Fassbender), a hearty young German, to go. That night, Paul tells his beautiful but disapproving wife Astrid that he is making the climb in order to "come alive again," but she makes no effort to understand him. A catchy M83 songs fades in as the group spends more time in the bar and we get to know more of the individual characters and notice more tension between Carla and Martin. 



    Just before the group is to depart the next day, Martin observes Carla praying fervently at her father's gravesite and, moved by the intensity of her devotion, decides to accompany her for part of the trip. Soon after starting the climb, Paul and the little bit cocky Nicholas stop briefly for a rest and are criticized by Hein. Hein then dismisses Andreas' declaration that they have come to an impasse in the rock face and forges ahead to the next level. While trying to climb the same difficult stretch, Nicholas almost falls, but is saved by Hein. Despite protests from Carla, who feels strongly that the group should remain together, Nicholas announces that he is turning back. Andreas insists on accompanying Nicholas for part of the way down, but Hein, who compares mountain climbing to war, refuses to wait for the guide and pushes on with Paul. Tension growgs within the group. Once alone with Carla, Martin confesses his love and proposes, but Carla turns him down. After Andreas finally returns, he, Carla and Martin brave a blizzard to catch up to Hein and Paul. Exhausted by the day's climb, Paul starts to drink and announces he is quitting. Hein argues with Carla about Paul, stating that he would rather go on alone than be saddled with a weakling. 



    The next morning, Martin, disturbed by Hein's fascistic selfishness, tells Carla that he has decided to climb to the top. The group is snow and fogbound, however, and Paul is dazed and drunk. When the sky clears, Paul chooses to remain behind, but tells Carla that she must continue in order to vanquish the demons of her father's death. He then advises Martin to go with her, as the journey will help redefine his life. After Andreas instructs Paul to stay in his tent until the group returns in two days, he leaves with the others. That night, however, during another blizzard, a drunken Paul, having finally finished his novel, knocks over his tent stove and wanders into the storm, unaware that his tent has caught on fire. The next morning, Andreas leaves to check on Paul, promising to return as soon as possible. Calling the peasant guide "superstitious," Hein predicts that Andreas will not return the following day, as it is a Sunday. When Martin angrily denounces Hein as a relentless Nazi, Carla tries to quiet the American and is accused of putting the mountain before everything. Carla and Martin awaken the next day to discover Hein gone, and an infuriated Martin insists on pursuing the German alone. While Carla waits for Andreas, who finally returns, having determined that Paul is dead, the ill-equipped Martin follows Hein's snowy footprints to the mountain top. Tired and almost snowblind, Martin finally catches up to Hein, who calls him inferior and inches cockily on to a snow cliff. When Hein becomes trapped on the cliff, Martin offers his hand, which the German grudgingly accepts. Despite Martin's help, Hein falls to his death, and Martin passes out just before reaching the top. Eventually, Carla and Andreas reach Martin, and realizing that he cannot continue, Carla declares the climb over. Back in the village, Carla tends to Martin's eyes and finally agrees to marry him. 



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    No Greater Glory


    Genre: Drama

    Director: Micheal Haneke

    Cinematography: Christian Berger

    Studio: Guernica Studios

    Date: November 16-18 (72 theatres), November 21-25 (368 theatres), November 30-December 2 (1365), December 9-11 (1618), December 16-18 (1872)

    Rating: PG

    Budget: $12 million

    Runtime: 112mins 

    Cast: Klaus Maier (Bock), Urs Kopke (Schoolteacher), Ganz Klopp (Gereb), Hermann Urmacher (Nemes), Franz Hassler (Atch), Michael Tennhauser (Christian), Lukas Ullrich (Watcher) 




    Shot in black and white


    Title card fades in: Germany, 1940


    The film opens with a montage from the anti-war Great War picture (All Quiet on the Western Front, 1930) with doughboys crumbling in a No-Man’s Land of machine gun fire.


    We cut to a German military hospital where a wounded soldier cries out against the false honor of war, hysterical screaming, “They made me fight against my wishes. Patriotism is a lie!” 


    His words are drowned out by a schoolteacher telling his youthful class that there is no greater glory than dying for one's country. He's calmly informing his pupils that “there’s nothing finer than patriotism. Nothing finer than war in defense of the country we love.” 


    We sucked into the film with an amazingly choreographed opening scene that sets the tone for the rest of the movie. No wasted anything, no mindless eye candy, no needless coverage, no needless virtuoso camera movement. Very natural cinematography, capturing close emotions and bring the audience as close to the characters as possible with still, single camera angles held for far longer than we expect, as though the camera lense is the audience’s eye watching the events unfold from a corner of the room on set.


    After class, the schoolteacher chastises a group of boys for passing notes. Bock, the leader of the boys, tells his teacher that they are "The Paul Street Boys" and another gang of older boys, "The Red Shirts," have been invading their playground, which is an abandoned lumber yard. The schoolteacher orders the boys to break up the gang, but later that very afternoon they elect Bock their president in a landslide victory over another boy, Gereb.


    Nemes, the smallest boy in the gang, complains that he is the only one that is not an officer, but Bock tells him that all armies need privates and he is theirs. As the boys perform in true military fashion, the watchman, a war veteran missing his left arm, watches over them.


    We show the daily routines of the main characters, we hear their parents listening to the radio, so we get glimpses of war news, but our main focus is on the kids as we see things from their prospective. For the same principle we see military marches and soldiers with weapon and tanks, but it's all in the background, the camera never focuses on these. 


    The next day as Nemes and some of the other boys play marbles under a bridge, Atch, the leader of The Red Shirts, arrives and takes their marbles away. Back at the playground, Gereb acts the traitor by letting Atch into the lumber yard, where he takes their flag as a terrified Nemes watches helplessly. Bock decides that they must recapture their flag "or die trying" that night at The Red Shirts meeting place, the botanical gardens. Nemes volunteers for the mission, hoping that he may somehow distinguish himself and become an officer.


    Bock, Nemes and Christian sneak into the gardens, only to discover the traitor Gereb meeting with their rival gang. In their unsuccessful attempt to re-capture their flag, Nemes gets wet when he falls into the lake, then is forced to hide in a pond inside a greenhouse once they are discovered. After returning home that night during a thunderstorm, Nemes develops a severe cold. His parents insist that he should stay home, but he sneaks out. That night at the botanical gardens, Gereb tells Atch that he has bribed the watchman to throw The Paul Street Boys off the lumber yard and let The Red Shirts move in. Atch, a boy of great honor, calls Gereb a coward and insists that the playground be won in open battle. The gang then discovers their captured flag missing, only to have Nemes fall out of a tree with it. Nemes shows great bravery in standing up to the gang, so much so that the impressed Atch offers to let him join their gang. Nemes refuses, stating that he, unlike Gereb, is not a traitor. Rather than beating him, Nemes is punished by being dunked once more in the lake, but as he leaves, the impressed Atch orders his gang to salute the small boy.


    The next day, Bock and the gang prepare to defend their "land." Gereb returns and asks to be taken back into the gang, but he is initially refused. He breaks down it tears for forgiveness and gets his pardon.


    The following day, Nemes is deathly sick in bed. A doctor is called, and he tells Nemes's father that his son may die. Bock comes to visit and brings with him an army cap, as Nemes has finally received his "commission." Bock tells the boy that Gereb has been accepted back into the gang as a private, and that the two gangs are to do battle that afternoon and whoever retains The Paul Street Boys flag at the end of the battle wins the playground.


    With great military ceremony, the two gangs prepare for battle, including sending honor guards to each other and the ill Nemes. Delirious, Nemes sneaks out of his bed to join his comrades in the battle. The "war" begins as the film reaches its climax. Bock's battle tactics working to perfection, but Atch, because of his greater strength, still holds the flag as the end nears. The battle stops when Nemes enters the playground. When he sees Atch with the flag, he jumps on the older boy and dies with the flag in his hand. Nemes' mother arrives to the scene, desperately looking for her son. When she sees the tiny body lying motionless on the floor, she breaks down in tears. Bock, Atch and the other boys escort Nemes's mother with tearful expressions and try to come up with some consoling words as she carries her dead son home claiming how brave he really was. .


    The next day, the two gangs watch The Paul Street Boys flag being raised once more over the playground, as bulldozers roll in. The watchman states that their battle has all been in vain, as the lumber yard is being converted into a military building as the war becomes more tense. Swastikas are replacing the boys flag and the film end with these young German boys looking at those symbols with utter disgust and rancor.


    The end. 

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    Date- October 19th, 8

    Genre- Adventure

    Rating- PG-13

    Theaters- 3,607

    Budget- 135 million

    Running Time- 128 minutes or 2 hours and 8 minutes

    Studio- O$corp Pictures

    Director- Guy Ritchie

    Actors and Actresses-

    Deryn- Emma Watson

    Prince Alek- Nicholas Hoult

    Wildcount Volger- Chris Cooper

    Dr. Nora Darwin Barlow- Pauley Perrette


    Previous Film: Leviathan: 25.6M/82.3M/210.4M


    Plot: The story starts on the Leviathan sights two German ironclads and decides to attack them, thinking that the sea ships are defenseless. Klopp and Alek are controlling the engines, with Mr. Hirst, the Leviathan's chief engineer, observing. However, they discover that one of the ships, the Goebon, is preparing a threatening Tesla cannon, a lightning generator. Klopp puts the engines on full retreat without permission. Mr. Hirst attempts to interfere and tries to shoot Klopp with a compressed air pistol. However, Alek leaps at Mr. Hirst and ends up getting shot in the ribs, yet not fatally. The lightning still hit, and Newkirk, who was flying in a Huxley above the Leviathan, is almost killed, but is saved by Deryn. After the escape, Deryn and Dr. Barlow visit Alek, and he explains what happened on the ship. When Deryn was delivering a message to Count Volger, he learns that Alek had told her that he is a prince. After landing in Constantinople, Aleksandar plots an escape from the Leviathan. While Alek is taking watching over Dr. Barlow's eggs, one egg hatches, revealing a perspicacious loris, as identified later in the story by Dr. Barlow, that seems to understand and repeat various sounds and words, seemingly usefully. The creature then latches onto Alek and flees with him. In their escape Volger and Hoffman remain behind in order to allow Alek and the others to flee. The group manages to head into the city of Constantinople, where they try to remain hidden among the commoners. Alek and Corporal Bauer leave the hotel after laying low for a while with Klopp, one of the masters of mechaniks. Alek discovers a very nosy American reporter by the name of Eddie Malone, in which he discovers some information about the Leviathan that he finds interesting, at that point, a few German soldiers walk in, searching for Bauer. They make a hasty escape only to be caught by Zaven, a leader of one of the resistance against the sultan's rule. Deryn is assigned a secret mission to plant a fabricated barnacle that destroys metal into the Ottoman Empire's kraken net in order for Britain to attack once the Ottoman Empire joins sides with Germany. The mission was successful, but she was the only one to remain free out of the four-member group. Deryn also enters Ottoman territory, curious to find Alek. Meanwhile, a revolution is being prepared in the Ottoman Empire led by the Committee of Union and Progress. Alek then agrees to join the Committee as an ally, wishing to strike a blow at the Germans. He meets Lilit, Zaven's daughter. He also meets Nene, their grandmother, who lies on a mechanical bed. They then stage a revolt, using a gold bar Alek has saved. They buy up parts and lots of spice at the advice of Deryn, who used it as a weapon against a German agent trying to hijack the British embassy's walker. They prepare the Committee's walkers for throwing spice. Because Deryn reveals that the Behemoth, a massive fabricated sea creature of Britain, will eliminate the ironclads with the guidance of the Leviathan, the Committee executes a mission unknown to much of the group to destroy the Tesla cannon in Istanbul/Constantinople. While the revolt is successful, Zaven is killed destroying the Tesla cannon. Like Deryn said, the British invade and use the Behemoth to obliterate the Goebon and the Breslau, the two ironclads. Before leaving the cliffs by body kite to continue fighting in the revolution, Lilit kisses Dylan/Deryn, not knowing that Deryn is a girl. Then they all escape aboard the Leviathan. When all of the people on the ship discover that Alek is a prince from Eddie Malone's newspaper, they treat him with great respect. A sequel is set in motion when they find out they are going to the Far East.

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    Ice Station 2: Area 7


    Date- January 26th, 8

    Genre- Action Thriller

    Rating- PG-13

    Theaters- 3,285 theaters

    Budget- 65 million

    Running Time- 103 minutes or 1 hour and 43 minutes

    Studio- O$corp Pictures

    Director- Albert Hughes

    Actors and Actresses- 

    Shane Schofield- Chris Hemsworth

    Buck “Book” Riley- Channing Tatum


    Previous Film: Ice Station: 22.8M (27.5M)/62.0M/130.2M


    Plot:  The President of the United States is visiting America's most secret military installation, Area 7. Assigned to his protective detail is Shane Schofield and his team of Marines including Gunnery Sergeant Gena 'Mother' Newman, Staff Sergeant Elizabeth 'Fox' Gant and Buck 'Book II' Riley Jr. They are plunged into a race for survival when an Air Force general, Charles “Caesar” Russell, unleashes a plan he has been working on for over 15 years. Despite being 'executed' on the day of the president's inauguration, Caesar is revived, and with a squadron of 50 elite Air Force soldiers (the 7th Squadron), have taken control of Area 7 and initiated a lockdown. A transmitter, attached to the president's heart before he was elected, has been activated; a satellite sends and receives messages to and from this transmitter, which is powered by the kinetic energy of the president's heart beating. If the satellite doesn't receive the messages from the transmitter 14 Type-240 Blast Plasma based nuclear warheads in the airports of the Northern, “pro-black” capital cities of the United States will explode, destroying these cities, and making way for a new, racist, Confederate America. As long as the President's heart beats, the messages will be sent to the satellite, and the nuclear warheads will not detonate. To prevent the president from trying to escape Area 7, Caesar also overrode the launch codes on the Nuclear Football so that to prevent the detonation of the warheads, the president must place his hand on the fingerprint sensor on the Football (that is being kept in Caesar's possession) every 90 minutes. While moving through the underground complex Gant and her group, including the president, come to a cell block and find a scientist locked inside one of the cells. After being released and questioned, it is discovered that the prisoners being held at Area 7 are "volunteers" that the scientists use to carry out experiments. It soon comes to light that there are ways of opening exits out of Area 7, and that two have already been opened by another scientist, Dr Gunther Botha. In addition to opening two exits, Botha has also shut down main power to the complex, so that it is now running on auxiliary power. Meanwhile, Schofield and his group, after fleeing from the ground level hangar, make their way into the sublevels where they find a bedroom of a 6 year old boy named Kevin who lives in a cube. Schofield's group then meets up with Riley's group, and the president reveals that the reason for his visit to Area 7 is to check on the progress of a vaccine being developed for the Sinovirus, a genetically engineered virus that differentiates between the amount of pigmentation in a person's skin, allowing it to target only people of a specific race (however people of Asian descent are immune). The president explains that to develop a vaccine for the Sinovirus (and protect America from biological weapons containing the Sinovirus) the scientists had to create a genetically engineered human, a boy named Kevin, who's blood could be used to produce antibodies, and the prisoners being held at Area 7 are used as guinea pigs to test the vaccine. Botha is killed during a chase and the President and Scarecrow escape to Area 8. When they reach it they realize Echo unit from the 7th squadron are being paid 120 million American dollars by the Chinese government to bring Kevin to them. Schofield and the President follow onto the 747 which has a mounted X-38 in an attempt to rescue Kevin. Schofield hijacks the X-38, escaping with the president and Kevin. Later, Schofield and Gant finally face off with Caesar back in Area 7.

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    Stephen King’s It: Part 2


    Date- April 20th 

    Genre- Horror

    Rating- R

    Theaters- 3,256

    Budget- 25 million

    Running Time- 100 minutes or 1 hour and 40 minutes

    Studio- O$corp Pictures

    Director- Jaume Collet-Serra

    Actors and Actresses

    Ben Hanscom- James Corden

    Bill Denbrough- Keegan Allen 

    Beverly Marsh- Anne Hathaway

    Richie Tozier- Xavier Samuels

    Eddie Kaspbrak- Tobby Kebbell

    Mike Hanlon- Boris Kodjoe

    Stan Uris- Henry Cavill

    Henry Bowers- Ryan Gosling


    Previous Film: Stephen King’s It: Part 1: 27.3M/63.7M/112.8M


    Plot: In July 1984, a man named Adrian Mellon is allegedly thrown off a bridge by a group of youths. They are framed and arrested for murder when Adrian's mutilated corpse is found, though they didn't kill him. One of the teens, Chris Unwin claims that they saw a clown kill Adrian underneath the bridge. When a series of violent child-murders following Adrian's death hit Derry, Mike, now the town’s librarian and the only one of the Losers’ Club to remain in Derry, calls up his six friends and reminds them of their childhood promise to return. Bill is now a well-known writer of horror novels, living in England and married to an actress called Audra; Beverly is in the fashion industry and very successful but married to an abusive man called Tom Rogan; Eddie runs a limousine rental company and is married to a woman exactly like his mother; Richie is a professional comedian with a radio show and talk show; Ben, now thin is a successful architect in Nebraska; and Stan is an accountant married to a woman called Patty. Five of them return to Derry with only the dimmest awareness of why they are doing so, having almost completely forgotten virtually every aspect of their childhood (most notably their encounter with It). Stan, who is implied to still remember the entire thing (or at least does when Mike contacts him) slits his wrists while taking a bath, writing the word IT in his blood on the shower wall with his dying strength. The remaining Losers’ Club meets at a Chinese restaurant for dinner, where, after a long meal and stories from the intervening years, Mike enlightens them to the apparent nature of It, gleaned from a large amount of research he has done himself: It awakens once roughly every twenty-seven years for twelve to sixteen months at a time to feed on children before going into slumber again. He suggests that, due directly to their intervention in the summer of 1958, they injured It so badly that the cycle, which usually came to an end in the winter months of the year, stopped abruptly and prematurely in August. The group holds a vote in which they decided to attempt to kill It once and for all. Mike suggests that before deciding what exactly to do, each Loser takes a walk around Derry to become re-acquainted with their childhood home, and also decides not to tell them anymore and allow them to remember what occurred on their own, fearing that they may commit suicide as Stan had done if they discover what happened before they are ready to remember it all. As they finish the meal, their fortune cookies are revealed to have a multitude of disgusting things inside of them, such as a human eye, courtesy of It.


    While walking around Derry, many of the Losers witness manifestations of It. Ben goes to the library, his favorite place in Derry as a child, and sees It, first as Pennywise and then as a vampire. Eddie goes to an old baseball field and is attacked by It in the form of the leper that pursued him in his youth. Beverly goes back to her father's house and is greeted warmly by a kindly old woman who turns out to be It who then takes the form of her father. Richie goes to a statue of Paul Bunyan and It appears to him there after Richie recalls that It tried to kill him in the form of the statue back in 1958. The four all escape danger. Bill, while not seeing It, does find his old childhood bike in a junk shop, remembering how it saved his and Richie’s lives. He purchases it and takes it to Mike’s home to fix it up. Unknown to the Losers, three other people are also converging on Derry: Bill's worried wife, Audra Phillips; Beverly's abusive husband, Tom Rogan; and Henry Bowers, who is driven by It to escape the mental institution where he resides, having been convicted for the murder of his father and the children killed by It (including Belch, Victor, and Patrick) back in 1958. The Losers meet at Mike’s library after closing time and reminisce about the summer of 1958. Afterwards, the Losers leave for their hotel rooms. Mike stays at the Library a little longer and is confronted by Henry. After Mike briefly taunts Henry, stating that Pennywise will most likely kill him after he kills the Losers, they fight and Henry stabs him in the leg. Mike badly injures Henry with a letter opener but Henry is able to escape, and Mike, using his belt as a tourniquet, calls the hospital and successfully gets help despite Pennywise's attempts to block him. Henry, with the guidance of It (in the form of Belch’s reanimated corpse) goes to the hotel and attacks Eddie. Henry successfully breaks into Eddie’s room, but Eddie manages to disarm and kill Henry by impaling him with a broken glass bottle. Meanwhile, It gets Tom Rogan to kidnap Audra. Tom brings Audra to It’s lair under the city. Upon perceiving It in true form (“the deadlights”), Audra becomes catatonic and Tom drops dead in shock. Bill, Beverly, Richie, Eddie and Ben, after calling the library and finding out that Mike may be near death and understanding that the town, which is essentially under the control of It, will not help them, realize that they are being forced into another confrontation with It. They descend into the sewers. While in the sewers, the remaining Losers use their strength as a group to send energy to a hospitalized Mike, who fights off a nurse that is under the control of It. Later, deep within the sewers, It appears as George but Bill overcomes the illusion. They reach It’s lair again. Bill and Richie engage It in the Ritual of Chüd again and manage to severely injure It. Eddie helps them and saves their lives, but he is killed by It in the process, having his arm bitten off, eventually bleeding to death. Beverly stays with Eddie and the traumatized Audra, who has been woven into a giant spider web by It’s spider form. When Bill, Ben and Richie get to It's lair, they discover It has laid eggs and they're about to hatch. Ben stays behind to destroy the eggs while Bill and Richie chase down It. Bill and Richie follow It deeper into the cavern and attack It. After Richie wounds It with his voices and fists, Bill crushes It's heart between his hands, finally killing the monster. At the same time a storm sweeps through Derry and the downtown area collapses. Later, Mike, writing in a journal, concludes that Derry is finally dying.


    The film ends with the various Losers returning home and their old lives. As a sign that It really is dead and a watchman is no longer needed, Mike’s memory of the events of the book also begin to fade, much to his relief. Ben and Beverly leave together, Richie heads back to his DJ career and Bill is the last to leave Derry. Before he goes, he takes Audra, who is still catatonic, for a ride on Bill's bike, Silver, hoping that they can beat her catatonia the same way he and the rest of the Losers beat It for the first time in 1958. They succeed, and the film ends with Bill musing over his forgotten childhood and the friends he shared it with.

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    Director: Darren Aronofsky

    Composer: Clint Mansell

    Genre: Psychological Thriller

    Date: August 31 (limited) September 28 (wide)

    Studio: Alpha Pictures

    Format: 35mm film

    Budget: $15 million

    Theaters: 5 (8/31), 34 (9/7), 144 (9/14), 423 (9/21), 917 (9/28), 1,644 (10/5)

    MPAA Rating: R for violence, disturbing images and sexual content

    Running Time: 99 min

    Tagline: Sound Is Closer Than You Think



    Liam Neeson as Samuel Bergot

    Gael Garcia Bernal as Carlos Garcia

    Michael Pena as Roberto Romero

    Salma Hayek as Maria Gomez

    Guy Pearce as James Martin

    Emma Thompson as Catherine Bergot



    In television format, we see the Year 6 Oscars taking place, when the Muppets hosted. At this time, Dr. Bunsen, Animal, Bruce Willis, and Armie Hammer are presenting the award for Best Sound Mixing. The nominees are Avarice, The Cardinal In The Kremlin, Society, To The Moon, and Wicked. The winner is Society, and at the announcement Samuel Bergot, the lead sound designer gets up from his seat, along with his partners Roberto Romero and James Martin. The announcer indicates that this is the third nomination for this sound trio and only win, previously nominated for Slyvarius in Year 4 and U.S.S. Seawolf in Year 2. All of them thank Sam Mendes for letting them do their work on Society, and wish the audience a good night.




    It is now August of Year 6. In his home in Burbank, Samuel Bergot is eating breakfast. We can see his Oscar statuette on a shelf in the living room. Soon into his meal, he gets a call. He answers the phone, and responds with “Yes,” and “Okay.” Soon into the conversation, Samuel’s face brightens, and he responds, “I’ll be right over there.” After he hangs up, he finishes his breakfast, packs bags for work, and is out the door. Outside, he leaves the house in his Honda Civic, and drives off.


    We cut to Samuel walking down a hallway, supposedly inside a film studio. The film studio is located on the 16-18th floors of a big apartment complex. He goes up to receptionist’s desk, and asks to see “Mr. Garcia.” Once the receptionist hangs up on her phone, the two flirt for a bit, but the receptionist grants Samuel permission.


    Samuel walks into the studio, and sees filming taking place. We see an actor walking down a hallway set, knife in hand and scared reaction. Soon enough, we hear a crack in the wall, and a man in a monster costume jumps out and scares the actor, and grabs him and pulls him in as he screams. The director says, “Cut!,” and with the call of “it’s a wrap!,” everyone goes offset. The director sees Samuel watching the filming with interest, and brightens. He runs up to him, and introduces himself as Carlos Garcia. Samuel also introduces himself, and Carlos thanks him participating in the project. Carlos brings him outside, and into his office inside the building. Carlos, after getting Samuel situated, tells him about this project. The name of the film is After Midnight (Spanish: Después de la medianoche), and is a basic horror film, done by his Latino-American studio Garcia Producciones. They are aiming for a release in January, and are almost done with filming. However, they need sound designers for post-production, and the film is a very atmospheric horror film, so ambience in sound mixing and editing is crucial. He called in Samuel because of his recent Oscar win back in February, and thinks his team could finish the job the way Carlos wants. Samuel agrees, saying he hasn’t gotten much work, and this could be a career change for him (his resume is mostly children and action movies), and he will bring his sound crew in the morning.


    The next morning, as promised, Samuel invites Roberto and James to help him with the job. Both agree, and will help Samuel with the sound process. The process begins that day. James agrees to be a foley artist, using fruits and vegetables to create effects like tearing, gushing and punching. Roberto becomes the lead sound mixer, and records voices like screaming or roaring, also using effects created by James and mixing them together to create sounds for the film. Finally, Samuel is the chief sound editor, and pieces all the sounds into the correct spots of the movie.


    Samuel, in order to gain knowledge of the film for sound editing, has to repeatedly watch individual scenes from the film. As it is, this film is more violent than the average horror film, as some scenes involve gore, decapitation, chainsaws, knives, and dismembered body parts. On top of that, the usage of blood is extreme. This is obviously a hard-R film, and he has to keep watching it over and over again. The work becomes more tiring considering Carlos' demanding work hours that pertain for almost the whole day.


    Meanwhile, Roberto has begun a relationship with the lead actress, Maria Gomez. However, Maria is actually married to Carlos, which would explain her lead part in the movie. Maria shows feelings of dismemberment from Carlos, as his perfectionism gets larger and larger during the production, and Carlos becomes angrier. Maria feels more like an attraction to him, and nothing more. "Like a boy and girl on their first date." Also, James becomes obsessed with foley art on the film, and soon enough shows a passion for ripping up fruits and vegetables, just for sound.


    Samuel also finds an obsession on creating the film. By now he has seen the unfinished film over a hundred times, and now is more concerned about finishing his work than his basic life. His divorcee, Catherine visits his house only to find drawings of scenes from the film, and various sound bytes of recordings around the house. After a while, Catherine is disgusted at Samuel's passion for this "perverted film," and leaves Samuel's house in anger. Samuel then breaks down that night, and goes to the bar to relieve his feelings. He spends there all night, and passes out on the drive home. With the car still in gear, it drives off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in LA, and the car crashes into the water.


    Days later, Samuel wakes up in the hospital. Laying on a bed, a doctor comes in and sees him awake. The doctor says that he suffered minor or damage to his cornea and brain, but after operations he should be fine. After a few hours, Samuel is out of the hospital, well. Once he gets back on set everyone throws a welcome back party for Samuel, but the next day it's back to work. However, Samuel starts seeing hallucinations when editing. When he listens to sound effects, they sound hyper realistic, as if its real. At the same time, Carlos' attitude grows in intensity towards especially. On top of that, his fellow sound engineers start acting weird around (one time he sees Roberto and Maria having sex inside the sound room). One day, they bring in Maria to do voice acting. In Samuel's view, after doing a few voices, Maria begins to scream. To the others, it's regular. However, Samuel sees the creature from the film inside the studio, with Maria screaming blood-curdling. Samuel is disturbed, and runs outside the studio. Carlos yells at him for being a pussy and that he needs to do his job right. Samuel says that he can't finish the project. "It's too violent and disturbing for me. Horror films are too much for me now." Carlos, however responds, "This is not a 'horror film.' This is a Satanic film. Do not call my film 'horror' again." 


    That day after work, Samuel goes home and rips up all his storyboards and sets his sound tapes on fire. However, as the tapes burn, they begin to talk to him, saying things like “don’t!” and “save me!”. Samuel then hears a record skipping in the kitchen, playing a sentence from John Lennon’s “Imagine.” “I hope someday you’ll join us.” Samuel flicks the light on, and sees the creature from the film, staring at him. The TV breaks open, the oven begins beeping, and all the phones in the house ring. Suddenly, the house begins to go on fire, and Samuel is able to make it out unscarred. However, he sees the silhouette of the creature in the doorway. Samuel then screams. However, as Samuel screams, he hears, “Stop yelling!” Samuel turns around, and sees out the window his neighbor ranting. “You’re waking my entire goddamn family up!” Samuel looks around, and sees his house, fine. Samuel realizes he needs to abandon the project once and for all to rid the thoughts from his head.


    The next day at work, Samuel meets up with Carlos, and says he can’t continue with the film. “I imagined my house burning last night, seeing that damned monster from the film everywhere I looked.” Carlos says it’s too late, and the studio is done with filming. “Prepare to work more hours than you previously did. I need people like you now, more than ever.” Samuel gets angry, and begins to attack Carlos for keeping him under confine. The two have a fight, and soon enough Carlos knocks him down. Carlos then becomes the creature (“You are going to die, Samuel.” {in double voice}), and begins to attack him. Samuel then runs from the studio. He ends up killing people in the studio, going insane as colors and buildings warp around him. He runs outside, jumping out the window on the 17th floor, and lands on the ground, committing suicide. In his last sight of vision, he sees (in photo-negative) faces of people replaced with demonic smiling dogs, as the eyelids close. 


    Over 2 minutes of heartbeats occur, and we see Samuel inside the recording studio, snoring. He wakes up, and sees Carlos standing behind him. Carlos tells him to get to work in a snappy attitude, and Samuel laughs. Samuel then begins playing the audio track, which is a scream from Maria earlier. Samuel then looks behind him, and sees a trail of blood. He grabs a knife, and begins to walk down the hallway behind him. As Samuel walks down the hallway, he hears the crack of wood. The creature from the film grabs him, and he screams in terror as he is pulled away. The screen cuts to black, and we hear Carlos’ voice say, “Cut!”



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    Date- August 17th  

    Genre- Zombie

    Rating- R

    Theaters- 3,122 theaters

    Budget- 35 million

    Running Time- 91 minutes or 1 hour and 31 minutes

    Studio- O$corp Pictures

    Director- Tobe Hooper

    Georgia Mason- Jessica Chastain 

    Shaun- Jeremy Renner


    Plot: The film is set several decades after the zombie apocalypse, referred to as the Rising. Two man-made viruses (a cure for cancer and a cure for the common cold) combined to form Kellis-Amberlee, a virus that quickly infects all mammalian life. Kellis-Amberlee is normally beneficial, but death causes the virus to 'go live' or 'amplify', converting any host mammal over 40 pounds (18 kg) into a zombie. Most humans reside in tightly controlled safe zones, with rigorous blood testing and decontamination protocols used to prevent the spread of live virus. After the inaction of traditional media during the Rising, blogs and other new media have taken over as the primary source of information and entertainment; bloggers are recognised as professional journalists, with individuals specialising and identifying as 'Newsies' (fact-based reporting), 'Irwins' (named after Steve Irwin, who seek to educate and entertain by going out and "poking things with sticks"), or 'Fictionals' (fictional content), among others.


    The film occurs in 2040, and is seen from the perspective of Georgia Mason, a Newsie blogger and head of the After the End Times website. Georgia, her brother Shaun (an Irwin), and their friend Georgette "Buffy" Meissonier (a technology guru), are selected to cover the presidential campaign of Senator Peter Ryman, a moderate Republican. The campaign is mostly uneventful until Eakly, Oklahoma, where zombies attack the campaign convoy, killing several before security (assisted by Georgia and Shaun) can contain them; they later find that it was an orchestrated attack. The next stage of the campaign is the Republican National Convention, where Ryman faces off against religious, right-wing Governor David Tate and sex-over-substance Congresswoman Kristen Wagman. During the convention, Newsie and former print journalist Rick Cousins defects from Wagman's campaign to join After the End Times. Ryman is selected as the Republican candidate for the presidency, but as this is announced, Georgia learns that a zombie outbreak recurred at the senator's horse ranch, and his eldest daughter is dead. Georgia and company investigate and find that the outbreak started from a horse injected with live virus. Ryman and the campaign relocates to Texas, where he joins his vice-presidential candidate: Tate. The bloggers must drive their vehicles and equipment overland. During the trip, the convoy is attacked by a sniper. Georgia, Shaun, and Rick survive, but the van carrying Buffy and Chuck (the campaign's tech chief) crashes; Chuck dies, zombiefies, and bites Buffy. She confesses to leaking information to a group undermining Ryman's campaign; the attack occurred because she had stopped. After administering a coup de grâce, Georgia calls for rescue, but the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) team drugs them and takes them for testing. After being released, the team's work on the campaign is hampered as they dig at the underlying conspiracy, souring the bloggers' relationship with Ryman and Tate. They find evidence linking Tate to the attacks, along with hints of a broader conspiracy involving the CDC and other parties, but when Georgia confronts Ryman during an event in Sacramento, California, he sends them away. As they leave, the bloggers are attacked, and Georgia is shot with a tranquiliser dart containing live virus. Rick escapes with a copy of the group's evidence just before a zombie outbreak is instigated, and Shaun helps Georgia expose the conspiracy through one last blog post. She begins amplifying, forcing Shaun to execute her. The film then changes to Shaun's perspective. He rallies Ryman's security detail to help contain the outbreak, then breaks into the convention centre to confront Ryman and Tate. Tate takes Ryman's wife hostage with a syringe of the zombie virus, claiming his actions were part of a plot using fear of the zombies to reshape America into a more faithful society. The governor injects himself instead, and Shaun shoots him to prevent zombiefication.

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    The Valley


    Date- September 28th 

    Genre- Found Footage/Horror

    Rating- R

    Theaters- 3,040 theaters

    Budget- 15 million

    Running Time- 85 minutes or 1 hour and 25 minutes

    Studio- O$corp Pictures

    Director- Alexandre Aja


    Plot: 5 researchers are trapped in a Himalayan valley during a snowstorm. During the night they are terrorized by several Yeti. By morning all of the researchers are dead and the tapes of the attack are lost in the snow. 

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    Date- December 7th 

    Genre- Period Horror

    Rating- PG-13

    Theaters- 3,523 theaters

    Budget- 125 million

    Running Time- 134 minutes or 2 hours and 14 minutes

    Studio- O$corp Pictures

    Director- Joe Johnston

    Jonathan Harker- Chris Pine

    Count Dracula- Ralph Fiennes

    Wilhelmina (Mina) Harker- Natalie Portman

    Lucy Westenra- Kristin Kreuk

    Arthur Holmwood- Tom Hardy

    Jack Seward- Adam Brody

    Van Helsing- Tom Cruise


    Plot: The film begins with Jonathan Harker, a newly qualified English solicitor, journeying by train and carriage from England to Count Dracula's crumbling, remote castle (situated in the Carpathian Mountains on the border of Transylvania, Bukovina, and Moldavia). The purpose of his mission is to provide legal support to Dracula for a real estate transaction overseen by Harker's employer, Peter Hawkins, of Exeter in England. At first enticed by Dracula's gracious manner, Harker soon discovers that he has become a prisoner in the castle. He also begins to see disquieting facets of Dracula's nocturnal life. One night while searching for a way out of the castle, and against Dracula's strict admonition not to venture outside his room at night, Harker falls under the spell of three wanton female vampires, "the Sisters". He is saved at the last second by the Count, because he wants to keep Harker alive just long enough to obtain needed legal advice and teachings about England and London (Dracula's planned travel destination so as to be among the "teeming millions"). Harker barely escapes from the castle with his life.


    Not long afterward, a Russian ship, the Demeter, having weighed anchor at Varna, runs aground on the shores of Whitby, England, during a fierce tempest. All of the crew are missing and presumed dead, and only one body is found, that of the captain tied to the ship's helm. The captain's log is recovered and tells of strange events that had taken place during the ship's journey. These events led to the gradual disappearance of the entire crew apparently owing to a malevolent presence on board the ill-fated ship. An animal described as a large dog is seen on the ship leaping ashore. The ship's cargo is described as silver sand and boxes of "mould", or earth, from Transylvania. Soon Dracula is tracking Harker's devoted fiancée, Wilhelmina "Mina" Murray, and her friend, Lucy Westenra. Lucy receives three marriage proposals in one day, from Dr. John Seward; Quincey Morris; and the Hon. Arthur Holmwood (later Lord Godalming). Lucy accepts Holmwood's proposal while turning down Seward and Morris, but all remain friends. Dracula has a notable encounter with Seward's patient Renfield, an insane man who means to consume insects, spiders, birds, and other creatures — in ascending order of size — in order to absorb their "life force". Renfield acts as a motion sensor, detecting Dracula's proximity and supplying clues accordingly. Lucy begins to waste away suspiciously. All of her suitors fret, and Seward calls in his old teacher, Professor Abraham Van Helsing from Amsterdam. Van Helsing immediately determines the cause of Lucy's condition but refuses to disclose it, knowing that Seward's faith in him will be shaken if he starts to speak of vampires. Van Helsing tries multiple blood transfusions, but they are clearly losing ground. On a night when Van Helsing must return to Amsterdam (and his message to Seward asking him to watch the Westenra household is delayed), Lucy and her mother are attacked by a wolf. Mrs. Westenra, who has a heart condition, dies of fright, and Lucy apparently dies soon after.

    Lucy is buried, but soon afterward the newspapers report children being stalked in the night by, in their words, a "bloofer lady" (i.e., "beautiful lady").[2] Van Helsing, knowing that this means Lucy has become a vampire, confides in Seward, Lord Godalming, and Morris. The suitors and Van Helsing track her down, and after a disturbing confrontation between her vampiric self and Arthur, they stake her heart, behead her, and fill her mouth with garlic. Around the same time, Jonathan Harker arrives home from recuperation in Budapest (where Mina joined and married him after his escape from the castle); he and Mina also join the coalition, who turn their attentions to dealing with Dracula. After Dracula learns of Van Helsing's and the others' plot against him, he takes revenge by visiting – and feeding from – Mina at least three times. Dracula also feeds Mina his blood, creating a spiritual bond between them to control her. The only way to forestall this is to kill Dracula first. Mina slowly succumbs to the blood of the vampire that flows through her veins, switching back and forth from a state of consciousness to a state of semi-trance during which she is telepathically connected with Dracula. This telepathic connection is established to be two-way, in that the Count can influence Mina, but in doing so betrays to her awareness of his surroundings. After the group sterilizes all of his lairs in London by putting pieces of consecrated host in each box of earth, Dracula flees back to his castle in Transylvania, transported in a box with transfer and portage instructions forwarded, pursued by Van Helsing's group, who themselves are aided by Van Helsing hypnotizing Mina and questioning her about the Count. The group splits in three directions. Van Helsing goes to the Count's castle and kills his trio of brides, and shortly afterwards all converge on the Count just at sundown under the shadow of the castle. Harker and Quincey rush to Dracula's box, which is being transported by Gypsies. Harker shears Dracula through the throat with a Kukri while the mortally wounded Quincey, slashed by one of the crew, stabs the Count in the heart with a Bowie knife. Dracula crumbles to dust, and Mina is freed from his curse.

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    (In 3D and IMAX)


    Date- March 16th

    Genre- Disaster

    Rating- PG-13

    Theaters- 3,658 theaters

    Budget- 225 million

    Running Time- 110 minutes or 1 hour and 50 minutes

    Studio- O$corp Pictures

    Director- Wolfgang Petersen

    Actors and Actresses

    Attilius- Jaime Bell

    Ampliatus- Viggo Mortensen

    Pliny the Elder- John Malkovich

    Corelia- Nina Dobrev


    Plot: The film begins with young Attilius Primus arrives in the Bay of Naples from Rome to take charge as aquarius “hydraulic engineer” of the Aqua Augusta, the aqueduct that supplies water to the many towns in a region encompassing the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. The nine important towns are, in sequential order, Pompeii, Nola, Acerrae, Atella, Naples, Puteoli, Cumae, Baiae, and Misenum. Attilius' predecessor as aquarius, Exomnius, has mysteriously vanished as the springs that flow through the aqueduct begin to fail, lowering the supply of water available to the region's reservoir, the Piscina Mirabilis in Misenum. 


    While in the city, the flow of water stops entirely. Attilius concludes that the aqueduct must be blocked somewhere close to Mount Vesuvius, since reports claim a shut down of the system just before Nola, meaning that towns from there through Naples and Misenum are without any water supply. 


    With aid from Pliny the Elder an honored navel captain, whose fleet is docked at Misenum, Attilius assembles an expedition to travel to Pompeii, the only town not connected to the water grid, and then on to the blocked section of the Aqua Augusta. While Attilius' expedition is there, the aquarius himself becomes embroiled in part of a plot of the former slave and land speculator, Ampliatus. Ampliatus is planning on offering a cheap water supply to Pompeii, which Exomnius, the previous aquarius, had helped him do while stealing from the imperial treasury. Attilius's questions and studies make Ampliatus suspicious of what Pliny the Elder and his nephew, Pliny the Younger later discover- thousands of Roman sesterces (coins) at the bottom of the reservoir that should have gone to Rome and which Attilius's predecessor had intended to retrieve once he had emptied the reservoir. Ampliatus's daughter, Corelia gets Attilius the proof he needs from her father's written records when he is performing repairs to a collapsed section of tunnel in the region around Mount Vesuvius. Attulius plans to expose Ampliatus for his treason against Rome. Corelia aids him because of her hated for her abusive and controlling father. Also during the film, a romance grows between Attilius and Corelia, one that Ampliatus dislikes. 


    On August 24th,  the eruption of Mount Vesuvius overwhelms Pompeii, Oplontis, and Herculaneum. The cities are filled with panic and terror. An earthquake shakes the city and debris from the volcano bombard the citizen’s of the cities. It is a grand and horrific display of the power of nature. Attilius who was in Naples to expose Ampliatus for his treason and dirty practices to get rich, risks his life and comes back to Pompeii to find Corelia in the chaos. In an effort to survive the eruption, Attilius and Corelia dig their way through the aqueduct tunnel, which the springs are beginning to fill because tsunami, which struck the city because of the earthquake from the eruption. Despite the possibility of drowning, they push on. 


    Meanwhile in the city, faced with the eruption, which threatens to utterly destroy his hard-built fortune and power, Ampliatus clings to the prophecy which he heard from Pompeii's resident wise-man. 


    *The film flashes back* During a temple service, after sacrificing a snake to an ancient god, the Oracle makes a prophesy that even after the passage of millennia, when the Roman Empire and its emperors have long since gone into the dust, the name of Pompeii will be known throughout the world and people of every tongue will wander its streets and enter its amphitheaters. The Oracle is ridiculed by the public. *End of flash back* 


    It is this prophecy, which encourages Ampliatus to stay in the embattled city and keep his family and household there to the death of all of them. They are engulfed in burning lava. The film moves to Pliny the Elder who is aiding fleeing citizens but he dies from the effects of fumes on a corpulent body. In the aqueduct, Attilius and Corelia struggle up stream against the waters. Corelia almost drowns but Attilius saves her. The film closes with Attilius and Corelia emerging from the aqueduct after the eruption. They embrace each other in thankfulness that they have survived. The film closes with a view of the destroyed city of Pompeii. 

    Edited by Hiccup
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    Slenderman: The Beginning


    Director: Scott Derrickson

    Composer: Christopher Young

    Genre: Horror

    Date: January 5

    Studio: Alpha Pictures

    Format: 35mm film

    Budget: $3 million

    Theaters: 2,569

    MPAA Rating: PG-13 for thematic material, sustained menace and terror.

    Running Time: 87 min

    Tagline: Don't Look Or It Takes You



    Harrison Gilbertson as Jay

    Hunter Goligoski as Alex Kralie


    Plot: Dedicated college-age filmmaker Alex Kralie begins to persue his passion project, Marble Hornets. He teams up with his friend Jay and partners with other friends to help get it ready for a local film contest.


    When they go location scouting and record, Jay notices strange audio distortion when editing. Shrugging it off as camera malfunction, the project begins filming. At the location, there are strange occurrences of a tall man watching filming. The others claim it as a bystander, but Alex seems more disturbed by this.


    About halfway done with filming, Alex is showing signs of extreme irritation or paranoia. Jay becomes worried about Alex and his feelings, and this man must be the reason of his behavior. Jay asks to come over to Alex's to have a discussion, but when he arrives, the inside of the house is filled with drawings of cryptic messages. Alex seems to always have his camera around him, recording everything just to get a glimpse of the man. After talking about the film, Jay asks about the man. At that, Alex forces him out of the house, and Jay leaves, more nervous than before.


    Meanwhile, Alex continues with constantly filming. There are notable disappearances on set, and Alex shows paranoia and irritation as usual. They find an abandoned hospital to film at for location, but there the man attacks the members. Alex begins to go insane, and attacks the crew members as well. After catastrophic events involving the attack on crew members by the titular man, the film cuts out to a recording of Alex. Alex claims that everyone else who worked on the film is "gone," and resolving to burn the tapes and move away.


    Three years later, Jay drives over to Alex's house (he hasn't seen him in a while), and asks about the tapes from Marble Hornets for further video editing. Alex gives the tapes to Jay after making him promise to burn them and never mention the project to Alex again. After Alex kicks him out, Jay decides to find out more about this monster who destroyed Alex's psyche. He does not know the name, but decides to call the being the "Slenderman." The film ends with a "to be continued" note.

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    The Creators 


    (In 3D and IMAX)


    Date- November 2nd, 8 

    Genre- Animated

    Rating- PG

    Theaters- 3,925 theaters

    Budget- 130 million

    Running Time- 98 minutes or 1 hour and 38 minutes

    Studio- O$corp Pictures

    Director- Kirk DeMicco

    Actors and Actresses

    Nick- Ryan Reynolds

    Frank- Chris Pine

    Joseph- Jay Baruchel

    Katie- Emma Stone


    Plot:Three teenagers (Nick, Frank, and Joseph) making a science project accidently create a universe inside of a large box. At first they are kind to the people who view them as The Creators and share the role of The Creators. They often intervene in the affairs of the inhabitants and earn the worship of the inhabitants. They often humorously rescue the box from dangerous like dogs, other people, and the garbage. Eventually Nick and Joseph team up against Frank and try to exclude him from the rapidly evolving universe when the people prefer Frank was their main deity. They begin to argue who really created the universe. Frank ends up trying to sabotage Nick’s and Joseph’s plan of the world they created. He makes attempts to destroy it. After gravely destroying part of the universe, Frank then becomes known to the inhabitants as the “Evil One”. Meanwhile, the inhabitants of the universe rapidly evolve and create a machine that sucks Frank’s girlfriend, Katie into the universe. Katie was oblivious about their creation and is alarmed when she enters the universe and learns about it. Frank is frantic to save her so he asks Nick and Joseph to help him. After fighting a bit, they settle their differences and get sucked into the universe. They are immediately worshiped as gods. Frank however is treated with fear and disgust. They learn that Katie is imprisoned in a remote tower in a dangerous forest. She is imprisoned because she is viewed as Frank’s wicked wife and helper. After a dangerous and bounding journey, the reach Katie and rescue her. The film ends with them leaving the universe. Frank and Katie are no longer viewed as wicked by the inhabitants of the universe. Frank, Nick, and Joseph plan on leaving the universe to its own and not to intervene in the affairs of the inhabitants.


    During the film we learn about all three boys home life and about the universe they created and how it parallels Earth. The film is filled with comedic moments to keep up the humor for children. 

    Edited by Hiccup
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    Stranger in a Strange Land 3D


    (In 3D)


    Date- May 11th 

    Genre- Sci-Fi Action

    Rating- PG-13

    Theaters- 3,555 theaters

    Budget- 220 million

    Running Time- 158 minutes or 2 hours and 38 minutes

    Studio- O$corp Pictures

    Director- Martin Campbell

    Actors and Actresses

    Valentine Michael Smith- Ryan Reynolds

    Gillian Boardman- Marion Cotillard

    Jubal Harshaw- Johnny Depp


    Plot: The film focuses on a human raised on Mars and his adaptation to, and understanding of, humans and their culture, which is portrayed as an amplified version of the consumerist and media-driven 20th-century United States.

    Protagonist Valentine Michael Smith is the son of astronauts of the first expedition to the planet Mars. Orphaned after the crew died, Smith was raised in the culture of the Martian natives, who possess full control over their minds and bodies (learned skills which Smith acquires). A second expedition some twenty years later brings Smith to Earth. Because he is heir to the fortunes of the entire exploration party, which includes several valuable inventions (most particularly his mother's Lyle Drive, which makes interplanetary travel economical), Smith becomes a political pawn in government struggles. Moreover, despite the existence of the Martians, under terrestrial law Mars was terra nullius, wherefore according to some interpretations of law, Smith could be considered to own the planet Mars itself.

    Because Smith is unaccustomed to the atmosphere and gravity of Earth, he is confined at Bethesda Hospital, where having never seen a human female, he is attended by male staff only. Seeing this restriction as a challenge, Nurse Gillian Boardman eludes guards to see Smith and in doing so inadvertently becomes his first female "water brother" by sharing a glass of water with him, considered a holy relationship by the standards of arid Mars.


    When Gillian tells reporter Ben Caxton about her experience with Smith, they attempt to counteract the government's lies about Smith. After Ben disappears at the behest of the World Government, Gillian persuades Smith to leave the hospital with her; but they are attacked by government agents. Smith discards the agents irretrievably into a fourth dimension, then is so shocked by Gillian's terrified reaction that he enters a semblance of catatonia. Gillian, remembering Ben's reference to Jubal Harshaw, a famous author who is also a physician and a lawyer, conveys Smith to the latter.

    Smith continues to demonstrate psychic abilities and superhuman intelligence coupled with a childlike naïveté. When Jubal tries to explain religion to him, Smith understands the concept of God only as "one who groks", which includes every extant organism. This leads him to express the Martian concept of life as the phrase "Thou art God", although he knows this is a bad translation. Many other human concepts such as war, clothing, and jealousy are strange to him, while the idea of an afterlife is a fact he takes for granted because the government on Mars is composed of "Old Ones", the spirits of Martians who have died. It is also customary for loved ones and friends to eat the bodies of the dead, in a spirit of Holy Communion. Eventually Harshaw arranges freedom for Smith and recognition that human law, which would have granted ownership of Mars to Smith, has no applicability to a planet already inhabited by intelligent life.


    Now free to travel, Smith becomes a celebrity and is feted by the elite of Earth. He investigates many religions, including the Fosterite Church of the New Revelation, a populist megachurch wherein sexuality, gambling, alcoholism, and similar are not considered sinful but encouraged, even within the church building. The church is organized in a complexity of initiatory levels; an outer circle, open to the public; a middle circle of ordinary members who support the church financially; and an inner circle of the "eternally saved" — attractive, highly-sexed men and women, who serve as clergy and recruit new members. The Church owns many politicians and takes violent action against those who oppose it. Smith also has a brief career as a magician in a carnival, where he and Gillian befriend the show's tattooed lady, an "eternally saved" Fosterite woman named Patricia Paiwonski.


    Eventually Smith begets a Martian-influenced "Church of All Worlds" combining elements of the Fosterite cult (especially the sexual aspects) with Western esotericism, whose members learn the Martian language and acquire psychokinetic abilities. The church is eventually besieged by Fosterites for practicing "blasphemy" and the church building destroyed; but Smith and his followers teleport to safety. Smith is arrested by the police, but escapes and returns to his followers, later explaining to Jubal that his gigantic fortune has been bequeathed to the Church. With it and their new abilities, Church members will be able to re-organize human societies and cultures. Eventually those who cannot or will not learn Smith's methods will die out, leaving Homo superior. Incidentally, this may save Earth from eventual destruction by the Martians, who we are told were responsible for the destruction of Planet V.


    Smith is killed by a mob raised against him by the Fosterites; but speaks briefly to Jubal from the afterlife, saving him from an attempted suicide after the horror of Smith's own death. Having consumed Smith's remains in keeping with his own wishes, Jubal and some of the Church members return to Jubal's home to re-create their former conditions. Meanwhile Smith re-appears in the afterlife to replace the Fosterites' eponymous founder, amid hints that Smith was an incarnation of the Archangel Michael.

    Edited by Hiccup
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    I saw a really good production of this recently, and I've been inspired to do this.


    The Who's TOMMY

    Genre: Musical/Drama

    Director: Danny Boyle

    Date: August 8th

    Theaters: 3,103

    Cast: Nicholas Hoult (Tommy Walker), Christian Bale (Captain Walker), Rose Byrne (Nora Walker), Simon Pegg (Uncle Ernie), Tom Felton (Cosuin Kevin), Gavin Creel (Lover), Billy Porter (The Hawker), Alicia Keys (The Gypsy/Acid Queen), Hugh Laurie (The Specialist), Mae Whitman (Sally Simpson), Jamie Stammell (Young Tommy - made up actor)

    Rating: Not Yet Rated

    Runtime: 115min (1hr, 55min)

    Budget: $60 million


    Plot: An adaption of the 1993 Broadway Musical, based on the rock opera by The Who



    Edited by Spaghetti
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    Genre: Comedy/Family
    Date: February 9
    Theaters: 2,991
    Format: 2D
    Director: Andy Fickman
    Cast: Chris Klein– Jake

    Kathryn Hahn – Linda

    Derek Mears – Jason

    Rating: PG for some rude humor
    Runtime: 92 min
    Budget: $25 million


    We meet Linda and Jake, they live happy in a fictional town called New Spring. Every year in the town the local community organizes a contest called Farmville. Jake is decided to be a part of it this year. The contest is won by the person with the best farm of the town.


    Jake starts to work on his farm with the help of Linda and some friends. Some years pass, and now, the contest is won by Jason every time, a crude and lonely man who never talks to anyone. Jake and Jason become enemies when in the first half of the contest Jake wins over Jason.


    Until the end, Jake meets Jason and knows more about him, how he lost his family and he becomes friend with Jake. Jake also fights with Linda because he starts to not care about her at all, and she is pregnant. Jake dedicates his victory to Linda and Jason. His wife forgives him. They both come on stage. The town applauds and everyone lives happily ever after.

    Edited by CJohn
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