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SOTM 7: Show us how good you are Deadline for this SOTM is Monday June 24 at 10 pm BO.com time.

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This is laguy's prediction, reposted from the BSG discussion thread:



In case my answer can still be accepted:



A) Before Midnight: 5 mill YES
B] Now You See Me: 102 mill YES
C) After Earth: 62 mill NO
D) IM3: 403.5 mill YES
E) The Purge: 61 mill YES
F) Pain and Gain: 49.4 mill ABSTAIN

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I hate this game.











CHD:  -15,000

MGS:  5000

chasmmi:  -15000

Jake Gittes: 20,000

filmovie:  12,500

Ed:  -15,000

schumacher:  -15,000

Sam:  -15,000

junkshop:  -15,000

glassfiary:  7500

cedar:  12,500

simionski:  -15,000

punishment:  -15,000

druv:  12,500

blank:  -15,000

grim:  -15,000

Dar:  5000

goffe:  12,500

Ice:  -15,000

cmaster:  -15,000

movieman:  -15,000

olive:  12,500

baumer:  -15,000

tower:  12,500

dex:  -15,000

gizmo:  -15,000

narina:  -15,000

shawnmr:  20,000

kitik:  12,500

laguy:  12,500

tele:  -15,000

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