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Box Office War Season 1 FINALE/Discussion

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Hey guys, I'd like your feedback for season 2. What did you like about the game and what did you not like so much (besides my procrastination some weeks). I'd like to make the game better for you guys. Any format changes that I should make? Any comments are appreciated :). Season 2 probably won't be for a while, but still

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I didn't like how I was eliminated so early in the game. We need to have a rule I at least make it to week 3.


Or we should have a rule that doesn't allow wusses to participate in this game...

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I didn't like the giving 20 points to numbers in BOA because he won rule.

I enlisted as a co-host of this game but didn't have much time to run it alongside BOA, so to make up for my absence, I did a crossover game play. It's no rule, just something I did out of generosity and connectivity between this game and BOA.

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OH I'm not actually objecting. :)


I was just... well I was objecting but not in an angry or bitter way.


Kind of






Well because of your kind of maybe attitude here, I'm going to ensure that you're eliminated in BOA. New rule.


Or is it? 


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