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SOTM 9: As basic as it gets

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What film will DM2 surpass?


There is no abstaining in this question.  You must go for it:


WallE:  223.8 mill 2000 if right, -75,000 if wrong

Shrek Forever After:  238.7:  3000 if right, -50,000 if wrong

Despicable Me:  251.5: 5000 if right, -5000 if wrong

Shrek:  267.65:  6000 if right, -5000 if wrong

Up:  293.004:  7000 if right, -7000 if wrong

Shrek the third:  322.719:  9000 if right -7000 if wrong

Finding Nemo:  380.843:  12,000 if right, -10,000 if wrong

Toy STory 3:  415.004:  17,500 if right:  -11,000 if wrong


Deadline is Sunday July 14th at 3pm


Good luck.

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Can I clarify that it just needs to pass the figure we say. It makes no difference if it then goes on to pass the next number.


As in barring something very silly happening, choosing Wall E is a guaranteed 2000 points or would passing Shrek forever after mean we lose 75k?

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