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Baumer's Summer Game players: IMPORTANT CHANGE...PLZ READ

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Question 15 in the preseason questions has some controversy to it.  The question is:


Question 15:

Will Monster's University be the top grossing animated film this year in any of these three regions: (so even if it is in one of them, your answer is yes)

South Korea



Some of the players were under the impression that this would include any local films.  I never wanted there to be local films included in this question but some of the players asked me about it at the beginning and I said local would count.  


I'm removing this question.  Every year there seems to be some kind of controversy and I don't have the time or the energy to deal with controversy this year.  Because of this, question 15 is scrapped.  I'm going to make another question in it's place with the same point structure.  


I'll have it done tonight.



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