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INFERNO | 10.28.16 | Sony | final gross ● 34.34 M

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Book is mediocre and contrived, though intense and interesting enough.So basically, it's like any Dan Brown book. I actually really enjoyed the Angels and Demons movie, but Da Vinci Code sucked. Hanks is a good Langdon, but as talented as Howard is, they need to bring a new director. His style is so bleh with these movies.

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Surprised that they are skipping "The Lost Symbol" but Inferno was (for better or worse), a departure from the typical Dan Brown novel structure. I loved the In MediasRes beginning, and the fact that the "twist" was well handled. At least it didn't feel like a retread of "The Da Vinci Code", "Angels and Demons" or "Lost Symbol"

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I think a December release is better for Inferno, I imagine if another film like MoS 2 is scheduled there, I imagine they'll move it up a week or back a few days like on December 21st. Angels and Demons did $485m WW so I expect Inferno to do similar business,

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