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The Conjuring 2 | June 10, 2016 | Let the RT Watch commence.

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Guys, guys, just bear with me... what if the movie is (gasp! dare I say it) as good as the first one?!?  :ph34r:

still think it will go below the first, the conjuring was very well at the box office, this in the top five highest-grossing films of the horror of all time (without inflation), anyway, I think conjuring reached a maximum that could have coming, sequels can get close, not more, beyond just see grossing horror movies of the most successful and its sequels

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Pushed Back to 2016




I dont think that's a good idea, Conjuring buzz wont be as strong in 2 years time.


If they're pushing it back because they want to make sure they do it right, and put out a movie that's closer in quality to The Conjuring than to Annabelle, then I guess we can't complain.


If they're pushing it back because they think they can make even more money in summer than in October, well then I kind of think they might actually be right.


I guess we'll see when they announce a new release date.



Are the same people coming back? If not bye Felicia


That's the whole idea. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are supposed to be back as Ed and Lorraine, which makes sense, since they're real people who investigated lots of supernatural stuff, more than just the family we saw in The Conjuring.


This is a rare time when a sequel to a horror movie makes real and logical sense.

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