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no, "Golden Ticket" is an award (no money included, just for glory and a certificate) awarded for 300.000 sold tickets which is a kind of blockbuster in Austria (8mil inhabitants), but real blockbusters get to the "Platinum Ticket" (600.000 admissions) or - the rare thing - 1mil admissions - the "Diamond Ticket". Including "Titanic", there's only 10 films that made it to the DT since 1997. 2013, not a single one made the PT yet, Django is #1 with 550k. Hobbit 2 might reach the PT (H1 had 620k) - for comparison, every one of the LotR films made the DT (barely)


Thank you!



Still no announced date for Rush. It's obviously not opening against TDW, given that TDW comes out tomorrow.


Yes, of course. :) I hope it will be released in China. :)

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Thank you! I hope, China love the F1 and will love this fantastic movie! :)

we can hope!



Lovely quote from UK BO report :wub:


Having gone through the £10m barrier on Thursday night [Nov 7], StudioCanal’s Rush is up to $16.1m (£10.02m) following this weekend. 

With just China to release in terms of major markets, the UK performance of Ron Howard’s biopic represents 27% of the international performance and almost 19% of the worldwide haul.

As a result of Rush’s terrific run, StudioCanal has recorded its second highest year ever in terms of overall box office at $53.1m (£33.1m) to date. 


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no news Ill just add the quote from firedeep


so may be Jan 2014 release in China



RushSnowpiercer and maybe even DM2, all rumored for January release .... successfully replacing Jack Ryan and Hobbit 2, which could have a chance for Jan. Hobbit 2 now goes late Feb. Fate unclear for JR.


CFGC/SARFT seem not keep the promise that all the 34 yearly quota will be released within corresponding calendar year ... (Both Rush and Snow were supposed to come out before 2014.1.1.




so still waiting

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Weekend Ranking [02/08-09]

04 (--) Rush (Gaga) DEBUT

With the worst natural disaster (1,300 reported injured due to the weekend snowstorm) to hit Japan since the Tohoku Earthquake almost 3 years ago, the entire box-office saw a severe drop for the weekend down 58% from last weekend. Obviously it was nowhere as deadly, but it still prevented half of the country from leaving their homes.

>Rush opens in 3rd place on 629 screens to ¥84,920,600 ($830,000) and 65,688 admissions. This is without a doubt a disappointing number, and it would have opened well over the ¥100 million (~$1 million) mark but given the weather situation, it's understandable and legs will more than likely be very strong.

Since the weekend drops are comparable to those of the Tohoku Earthquake weekend, I expect most films will remain flat or see small increases next weekend like in 2011. Legs for all the films that opened the weekend before or during the Tohoku Earthquake were quite exceptional following the disaster and recovered quite well. Many films are already reaching half-capacity or better at several locations across the country, too.



hopefully the legs will be strong  like eren  says



too bad no China release news it seems  :( 

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