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5.1 "Deviations"

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Box Office Alliance


------Season 5 ---------



Created by: The Creator














Special Appearances By:


Jim Shorts




Jay Salahi




and Goffe


And Introducing


Rocket Olive


















and #AlphaBetaCharlieDelta





5.1 "Deviations"


Welcome to Season 5.


I don't have a lot of words for welcome. I appreciate having you all onboard. There are a lot of new faces this season. This will make it very fun for those of you who have been here before. I would also like to point out the absence of some critical players from former seasons. This will certainly give some of the returning veterans the chance to fill those shoes...some of which are very tall shoes to fill. And of course, I look forward to learning how all of the new players can perform this season. As always, it will be an eventful season, and I know you will all enjoy the surprises I have in store.


First up, the theme this season: Deviations. We're taking a turn away from all norms associated with the game. The first of deviation has been expressed already and will be fully revealed soon. The players have been allowed to choose their own teams, and, for the first time, teams can be as large or as small as the captain decrees. Secondly, each team has a captain, the purpose of which will be explained when all teams are revealed. Thirdly, more so than ever before, this will be a competition of the teams, rather than of the individuals. It's too soon to explain just yet, but in some of my next posts, you'll learn what I mean. 


But it is not yet time to get into that. First, I will take a moment to recognize all the teams that have been formed this season. The first game will also be posted by Wednesday at the latest, with a deadline of Friday. 


P.S. If you're wondering why some of you aren't listed under "starring" in the above section, it's a secret!




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Team Revelation


Each veteran was asked to recruit members to his team. The more people he recruited, the more power he would gain. The teams will be ranked in order of most powerful Captain to least powerful Captain.


1, ChD's Covenant

Team Captain: ChD





2. Chasmmi's Circle

Team Captain: Chasmmi





3. The Shadowgods

Team Captain: XenoZodiac

Co-Captain: Acsc1312


-Rocket Olive



*The Shadowgods is a revitalized form of Season 1's "The Shadowlords"


4, Jay's Followers

Team Captain: Jay Salahi




5. The Equation Sensation

Team Captain: 4815162342

Chair: Jim Shorts

Chair: Goffe



At the start of the season, these will be the only Captains who hold any power. The role of Captain will be explained, but it is very significant that your team Captain have a lot of power, as it will help you in this season. None of the remaining teams were formed voluntarily. Instead, these remaining teams are assigned teams whose Captains will not yet have any power.


Now for the revelation of the other teams and prospective captains (prospective meaning they're not yet "Captains").


6. Tawasal's Gathering

Prospective Captain: Tawasal





7. Empire's Imperials

Propsective Captain: Empire





More information coming soon!



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Right now, I am more worried about the names that I cannot see over the ones I can.


(No disrespect to the 20 or so folks above,  but there is a potentially lethal team brewing in ours midsts if those who I assume are invisible get bound together.

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Is team six a random pick or was it formed by the other members in the team, cuz I didn't know I was put in a team and didn't pick one. 

But I am glad for the team members and would love to fight besides them and conquer this game. 

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5.1 "Deviations"


Deadline: Friday, October 4 at 5:00 P.M. Central (4:00 P.M. Eastern)


Predict each of the following:


1. Gravity's and Runner Runner's combined opening weekend gross (combine the two grosses)


2. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatball 2's weekend percent drop from last weekend


3. Prisoner's 3rd weekend gross as a percent of its 2nd weekend gross (it made 10.87 million in its 2nd weekend, so calculate its gross this weekend as a percentage of 10.87 million and express your answer as a percent)


4. The difference in percent drops between Baggage Claim and Don Jon (e.g. if Baggage Claim drops 50% and Don Jon drops 40%, subtract the two percent drops to get a difference, whic in this case would be 10%)


5. Predict Insidious Chapter 2's weekend gross as a percentage of its  estimated 5 million budget (e.g. if it made 2.5 million this weekend, you should report your answer as 50%)


If you have any questions or concerns about any of the above questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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5.1 "Deviations" (Introduction)


It's been a long time. Months have passed since the ultimate showdown. The year has grown cold, the season's changed. Snow already begins to build up, and in the frigid autumnal dusk, the Victor walks the path alone.


He was told that when he defeated CEDAR, he would have the power to resurrect his partners. But that power has not come as suddenly as he thought. Jim and Goffe remain as cold as the environment around him. They are not bound to him as he hoped they would be; they're bodies remain lifeless. The Victor has toiled for these weeks to bring them back to the light they abandoned in the summer heat. Now, with autumn upon them, and winter approaching, the Victor wants his loyal friends back by his side.


The Legend War left him scarred. The Victor shows signs of physical exhaustion from his combat against CEDAR. Psychologically, the toll is much more severe. He does not want to embrace his own inner Legend. He saw what it did to the others; they became so invested in their conceit and power that they turned on each other, seeking the greatest status of all. The Victor had to put them down for it, but they did most of the work themselves. CEDAR above the others was the greediest of them all...and the most dangerous. That proved to be a very difficult fight, and from it, the Victor earned his Legend status. He slew the greatest most powerful foe of all time.


Now he is haunted by it. CEDAR is not really a foe. None of the Legends can be foes, in the most literal sense. They all earned their status not from antagonism, but from their success in previous seasons. They were the Legends because they were the mightiest of all the warriors. It was an honor bestowed upon them. Sometimes, they just happened to let the power it gave them go to their heads, and that occasioned some strife. But CEDAR was no enemy. The lust he had may have darkened him to a degree, but deep down, he was the loyal Shadowkiller he had always been. The competitiveness was always innate in him; his Legend status just propelled it to the forefront. His name should not be marred with infamy. Instead, he should be glorified for his success and hard work. Like the other Greats, CEDAR was a valiant warrior, not a spiteful nemesis.


And perhaps that has caused the Victor some grief in becoming a Legend. Because all the Legends seemed to lose themselves and their values somewhat last season when they accepted their newfound titles. Doc transformed from humble to somehow malignant; Goffe from revered to feared. The status of the Legend caused tremendous conflict among the greatest players the game has ever known, so to be named a Legend after all of that seems too disgracing to the Victor.


...beyond that, he misses the loyalty that his allies showed him. Even after "The Shadowkillers" baited him and stole him, his original followers remain devoted. Even after Goffe was slain, Jim continued to fight to avenge him and to regain the Victor as his loyal friend and ally. And even to the last moment, he worked with Jim to bring The Equation Sensation the final victory.


He succeeded. But it feels different now. The conflict has died down; it's dead. And now, the Legends are no more. So the Victor should be recognized by his true name instead: 4815162342...Numbers. Numbers fought the best game and that gave him the victory over CEDAR, DoctorWho, Alfred, Acsc1312, Totem, and even Riczhang. That was what propelled Numbers into the hall of fame. His first run through a season, and he pulled off a win against the series' best. A true success.


Perhaps he could not have done in alone. Jim Shorts especially was Numbers' most loyal companion. The duo worked hard together and proved to be the best matching of the season...and perhaps two of the most loyal partners ever formed in the game. And Goffe was a perfect match as well, adding a protective fatherly love to the group. Goffe was more experienced yet died sooner, so in a way, he was like a martyr for the beloved Equation teammates. He was idolized by his demise, and afterwards, Jim and Numbers wanted to keep their brotherhood to show Goffe that they welcome their alliance and grew from it.


So Numbers does not need to let a Legend status cloud his judgement as it had most of the people who took it upon them. He knows he is legendary, and no title can take that from him. His skill is of the highest echelon in the game; he ranks with the finest. So a Legend card will do him no more good than his own skill will. So now the time is right to cast it aside...to use it as a resurrection stone.


To resurrect Jim Shorts and Goffe. 


"The Equation Sensation" is reunited after all this time. No labels cloud them now. They are all legends, but they don't need the power chips to make them legends. They just need their skill and determination. And with that, they form the strongest union they can make...the greatest alliance.

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5.1 "Deviations" (The Fate of "The Legends")


But do all the former Legends accept that they no longer need a Legend Power Chip to identify them? Do they feel that skill alone will mark them as the mightiest contestants? And do they believe that their follies the last season were the result of their overwhelming power...power which caused excessive cut-throat competitiveness?


Perhaps they do, yet surprisingly, not all the Legends are welcoming themselves back this season. Their fates are all varied.


Totem - The great warrior of the early seasons, "The Crimson Knight"...is no more. Vanquished at the premiere of Season 4, Totem has been unheard of since. Surprisingly, this Legend has seemingly died off completely. Once the most feared of all contestants, he is now slipping away, perhaps forgotten as increasingly fewer veterans return, replaced instead by new players.


Riczhang - The other "Crimson Knight"...and a fierce warrior of Seasons 3 and 4, Riczhang too has vanished after his death in Season 4. The winner of Season 3 by a marginal amount against Baumer, Riczhang was the first crowned Legend, and he put up a valiant fight all last season, until he bowed out prior to the start of the Final Five after CEDAR made a sacrifice play. The sacrifice cost Riczhang his life, and now, the Lone Warrior remains buried. 


Baumer - The humble and beloved Baumer didn't stick around long enough to realize his Legend's potential. Instead, he bowed out toward the start of Season 4 after playing a hugely successful Season 3, where he finished as runner-up and was crowned Player of the Season. After departing Riczhang 3 weeks into Season 4, he was never heard from again. He cast aside his Legend Power Chip, which Riczhang later used, yet now, a season later, the Leged still has not risen again and may be lost for good, like Totem and maybe Riczhang.


DoctorWho - Legend certainly changed Doc. The vengefulness was never apparent before. Indeed, Doc had humble roots and as time progressed, he became increasingly competititve. Perhaps he came to realize his true potential, and as a Legend, he let that mislead him at times, as he became an antagonistic force against many of the players...something deemed unlikely from such a humble and loved fighter. Now, Doc has not ventured back. Perhaps after his thievery last season misfired on him, he felt he had done some significant wrong, and from it, he decided he would not return.


CEDAR  - Yet no loss can be as severe as CEDAR's. For the first time in the history of "Box Office Alliance", the player with the greatest and most consistent longevity is not returning. In all but one season (Season 3), CEDAR finished in either the finale or semi-final episode...and he won Season 2, was crowned Player of the Season for Season 1, and very nearly won again in Season 4. He was the chief Legend, the mightiest and most feared of all last season. His chips were the most dangerous, and his anger was really felt. He was a presence to be feared and respected...and now, he is gone. For the first time, CEDAR does not return. Perhaps Numbers really did slay "the beast"...and in doing so, he also slew the warrior.


Five of the Legends do not return this season. Five great warriors who have been present in the majority of the seasons are without notice this season. A surprise to find CEDAR, DoctorWho, Totem, Riczhang, and even Baumer not show up after such consistency in prior seasons. Indeed, it is a somewhat hollow moment. But their fates are not theonly ones to be mentioned here, as there are more Legends who have returned, albeit their "titles" no longer hold.


Alfred - a slippery fellow recently. Alfred won Season 1 and yet has recently slipped into anonymity, often overlooked. A strategy that may have been effective for a time but which increasingly has cast him out of the focus for Player of the Season. Will Alfred finally venture back to the forefront now that his nemeses are gone? Well, not all of them are gone, and not much is known on Alfred's whereabouts at the moment. There are only rumors that he's once again kicking it, lurking somewhere, maybe in the shadows.


Acsc1312 - But if it's the shadows that we should mention, then its the former Legend Acsc who should be brought up. Acsc is the truest Shadow of all. Five seasons running, and each season Acsc has been part of "The Shadows"...from "The Shadowlords" to "The Shadowkillers." Acsc lost himself in the competitiveness of the Legend War last season. Marred by the loss, he has now turned to his most original of all allies, looking for a familiar guidance and a long missed ally...XenoZodiac, the oldest player of the game, and one of the greatest. "The Shadowlords" have returned.


Goffe - And Goffe has come back. Humble as always, Goffe can easily look aside from the conflict that was born last season and focus on the good that can be done. Now reunited with Jim and Numbers, Goffe seeks to continue the legacy of "The Equation Sensation."


Jim Shorts - It cannot really be said if Jim has overcome his greed. He gained Legend status late into last season, after he caused (directly or indirectly) the deaths of 4 of the Legends, including Acsc1312. He is the most competitive player now that CEDAR is gone, but also because CEDAR is gone, perhaps now Jim will show more humbleness. His biggest enemy is gone for good, so Jim has time to focus on other things.


And thus is the fate of the Legends determined. Soon, the revelation of Team Captains will come. You're in for a surprise.



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Question 1 is going to be one of those annoying questions where the person scoring highest well well be the idiot who thought Runner Runner would break out.


I can't see many people having predicted in excess of 50M for Gravity and so it could come down to whoever overpredicted RR the most doing best at the question. :(

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