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Captain America: The Winter Soldier ( More than $700M WW, Huge Success!)

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Olive 310M
Wally 350M
keysersoze123 350m 
firedeep 300m+ 
zackzack 270m 
alisson23 390m  
Goffe 280 
peludo 350m 
Sam 280m  
dracula 300+m 
JCS 300M 
Cosmonaut 400 
Leyla 300-350m  
Ent 400+m 
LexJoker 300m   
druv10 450m 
SentryTrans 400m  
Dexter of Suburbia 250m

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I really don't have high hopes for this OS. But base on TFA's performance, I think this one will at least do well in South America. Probably poorly in European markets. Asian markets I'm not sure about, but I noticed Cap has gained lots of Chinese, SK, and other Asian fans since The Avengers, so the potential is there.


The competitions with Rio 2 and TASM2 that came out just 2 weeks after (?) will be its disadvantages though.


For now, I say 280M.

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