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John Marston

X-Men: Days of Future Past OS thread

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China looks set for 100m.Rest of the markets look set for 100% increase on average based on the numbers we have so far.So 500m+ OS looks in good shape for now.Opening comparisonsMarket - XM:FC - XM:DOFPAustralia - $5m - $7.5mRussia - $3.6m - $11mSK - $5.4m - $13mItaly - $1.9m - $3mGermany - $2.3m - $5mIndia- $2.2m - $4m

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Is this really true though? First Class doesn't seem to be particularly frontloaded.


yah. we keep hearing this nonsense. X2 legs were cut off domestic bcos the most hyped movie of last decade(reloaded) opened 2 weeks later. X3 and the origins were poorly received and so dropped hard. FC did quite good considering franchise was in poor shape at that time. I am sure DOFP with insane WOM will show much better legs than X3 or even X2.


But on OS X movies were not that big in traditional markets. I dont know about any stats that shows X-Men to be particularly frontloaded.


if you see TASM2 has been frontloaded in OS markets. That is bcos WOM is atrocious. No way DOFP does this bad even with Malificent and Edge of tomorrow. 

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Can people stop with "atrocious" WOM for ASM2? Such bullshit. Its WOM is nothing to write home about, but nowhere close to bad.


but its hard to see a blockbuster with this bad a legs in OS where they gobble anything. It dropped hard even without competition. I think only MOS was the other movie which had bad legs after monster opening.

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