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Star Trek Beyond | 7.22.2016 | Not an Oscar winner.

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Pure speculation but I’m guessing JJ  and his team will find a shit hot director to take the helm and then JJ will remote produce from Tatooine or wherever the heck he is. There is no way he will simply hand it over. His stamp will be all over it and his voice will be in every creative decision. He has too much heart invested in this story to just move on to something else and not look back, he’s not that kind of person. The good thing about this is that we might start making the film sooner than even we thought we would.


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‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Interview: Karl Urban on Secrecy, ‘Dredd 2′ & ‘Star Trek 3′

I really haven’t even thought about the next film. But I do know that Star Trek on a forward-going basis will always have J.J.’s involvement, whether he’s directing it or producing it. I feel supremely confident that he’s not going to leave it. I think you only have to look at the success of the last Mission: Impossible—you can definitely feel J.J.’s influence throughout the film, even though he didn’t direct it.

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I really hope they're able to really capitalize on the 50th anniversary and increase attendance. These movies are fantastic and I feel like they're a cut above most typical summer action films. I wish more people were seeing it =/ I know JJ might not be able to direct, but if they could capitalize on a really strong Star Wars performance to make him more of a household name, perhaps the next ST could really take off.


I also hope they can cut back the budget a bit to make the next film more profitable (though not at the expense of quality, of course!). And maybe be more clear about the film's plot in the marketing? I wonder how much that hurt STID (though I personally loved the "mystery" even though I was 90% sure of the twist). 

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J.J. is going to direct 2 films at the same time? :blink:

Both ready for 2015? The man that took 4 years for ST09 sequel. Hard to believe. If anything VII in January (2014) and ST3 in September, maybe then post for VII til October 2015 for a May 2016 release? This is the first time that a 2016 release for VII is on the table, if this is all true mind you.

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