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The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Record opening in Philippines and India, stabilizing elsewhere

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the overseas release dates are so good. It will take advantage of Easter and the May holiday


Yeah. Plus it looks better than the first.


600-650 mill would not be surprising at all

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This one needs to increase by 22.5% os to touch 600m. I don't see it not doing that considering how fast international markets are growing and it's been 2 years. Most sequels to Spiderman, IM, PoTC, Shrek etc., irrespective of how they do domestically, have always grown os.


With TASM2 being a non-origin story that introduces new villains and being the biggest superhero film of the year, unlike 2012 when TA and TDKR came out, this one should show a huge jump os. Origin story releasing between TA and TDKR vs. new story releasing between CA2 and DoFP completely changes the equation.


I wouldn't count out a 30% jump to 637m. 25% would be 613m. 20% would be 588m.

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Japan has golden week-April 29th & may 3rd-6th

Korea has something similar a week long holiday from may 1st to may 6th


I see TASM2 doing well in OS markets should be a good increase over the first. 

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despite all these advantages I expect haters to say it won't make as much as the first or barely increase because apparently nobody liked TASM


Did anyone predict it to decrease in OS. I am predicting it to drop domestic but increase OS. I would say 250/550M for now. Os could go higher but I am not sure how developed markets perform.

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TASM2 will have the world-wide premiere in London tomorrow night. There was a screening for critics last night in the UK and the buzz seems to be overall positive for the film. It opens next Wednesday in the UK and a few other countries, with fairly sizeable weekend releases over the next 2 weeks, till the May 2nd kick-off in the US.


I won't be too surprised if it does score number one over at least the first 3 weekends after its OS release.

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Why wont it win 4 weekends ? 


3.23 NFS

3.30 CA2

4.6 CA2

4.13 Rio2

4.20 ASM2

4.27 ASM2

5.4 ASM2

5.11 ASM2

5.18 Godzilla

5.25 DOFP

6.1 EOT

6.8 EOT

6.15 EOT

6. 22 Dragon2

6.29 TF4

7.6 TF4

7.13 TF4

7.20 APES2

7.27 APES2



ASM2 may be the only movie that wins 4 wkns this whole year.

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