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Divergent OS Thread

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Divergent has some very strong pre-sales for today over here. Seems to be far above last week's CA2 OD. Walkouts may be shit, tho.


Yeah, walkouts were non-existent. Benfica and Porto playing in Europa League didn't helped either.


I think you mean walk-ins, walkouts would mean leaving the film in the middle of the showing.

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Did this just bomb internationally? With an $85m budget and at least the same for prints and advertising, this seems guaranteed to finish in the red. I think they should have released it day and date worldwide.

Budget = 85M + 50M (prints, advertising and marketing) = 135M

Gain = 57M (BO DOM) + 65M (Sales for International distribuitors) = 122M

135-122= 13M


They just need more 26M in BO DOM for starts give profit.

PS: Lionsgate don't receive more nothing by international box office.

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From Screendaily.com:


'Divergent brought in $23.2m through 62 Lionsgate International markets as the early tally climbed to $50.3m and the worldwide number reached $175.2m.'


'The YA adaptation arrived in France on $3.4m from 558. It was the top film in Russia on $3.2m from 893, opened in Australia on $3.1m from 342 and Germany on $1.8m from 517. The UK generated $1.7m for $6.8m after two sessions and Mexico $1.4m for $5m after the same period.'

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