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Noah OS Thread

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Too early without trailer, but I have a feeling this will tank. 250m OS tops.

How would this be "tanking"?! 250mil OS would be awesome for an Aronofsky film! "Black Swan" was an incredible hit and that made only 220mil.


btw just noticed a nifty riddle in Black Swan's international numbers at BOMojo ... Finland's opening weekend contributed more than 100% to Finland's tally :D - the only multiplier <1 ever I guess ...

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IMAX 3D then, they wanna get as much money as they can easiest way possible, meh.


It's gonna have only one full screen IMAX week in Russia, because of the First Avenger on its second week taking majority of shows, kinda stupid, since before there is only "300" in IMAX for 3 weeks, they should move release date to at least March 22 here.


$20m+ in Russia, if RUB will stay below 35.


~300m OS

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It'll reach close to 70% share before OD at the rate it is rising. The last film to cross 60% pre-sale share was snowpiercer in July 2013. March isn't a big month for movies but that's still pretty impressive.


what's more interesting is that females take up 64% of presales and the majority of them are in their 30's & 40's (30% and 57% respectively). This actually closely follows the presale pattern of Darren Aronofsky's previous film <black swan> which skewed females(61%) in their 30,40's too. Could be something there...or maybe not.


Religion doesn't seem to be a factor. 

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