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CAYOM Year 8: Part 1 (TAKE TWO) (Fourth Quarter) (4/13 Deadline)

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The Year 8 Reboot of CAYOM 2.0 officially begins! Since detailed instructions are contained in the players' guide thread, I'll simply summarize and say that this is the thread where you post all of your films with info including: Title, Cast, Director, Release Date, Theater Count, MPAA Rating, Budget, and a Plot Summary. I will edit this post a few times a day with updates based on postings.







If your plot is of significant length, place it inside spoiler tags so it doesn't take forever to scroll down a page of this thread!!!!!

Based on the 2018 calendar

October 5-7

The Garden (3910 Theaters) (Page 8)

Donuts Are Zombies Too Along With the Dominant Walruses (limited- 4 Theaters) (Page 7)

The Innocent (limited- 5 theaters) (Page 8)

October 12-14

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – The Rise of Nightmare Rarity (2945 Theaters) (Page 8)

Donuts Are Zombies Too Along With the Dominant Walruses (expansion- 15 theaters)

The Innocent (expansion- 20 theaters)

October 19-21

Behemoth (3607 Theaters) (Page 7)

The Deadline (3214 Theaters) (Page 8)

Flappy Bird (2238 Theaters) (Page 8)

Donuts Are Zombies Too Along With the Dominant Walruses (expansion- 122 theaters)

October 26-28

The Mansion (2737 Theaters) (Page 7)

Donuts Are Zombies Too Along With the Dominant Walruses (expansion- 254 theaters)

The Innocent (expansion- 138 Theaters)

November 2-4

Wed. October 31- Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash (3382 Theaters) (Page 7)

The Bronx is Burning (3024 Theaters) (Page 6)

The Creators (3925 Theaters) (Page 7)

Dragon Age: Awakening (4166 Theaters) (Page 6)

Donuts Are Zombies Too Along With the Dominant Walruses (expansion- 421 theaters)

The Innocent (expansion- 340 Theaters)

November 9-11

The Concert's End (3819 Theaters) (Page 8)

Donuts Are Zombies Too Along With the Dominant Walruses (wide- 633 theaters)

The Innocent (wide- 720 Theaters)


November 16-18

The Giver (3032 Theaters) (Page 7)

Origin (3898 Theaters) (Page 7)

Donuts Are Zombies Too Along With the Dominant Walruses (expansion- 1245 theaters)

The Innocent (expansion- 860 Theaters)

November 21-25 (Thanksgiving Weekend)

Tues. Nov. 20- Simpsons 2: The Ride (4074 Theaters) (Page 8)

A Series of Unfortunate Events the Fourth (3883 theaters) (Page 7)

Flowers for Algernon (limited- 4 theaters) (Page 7)

Two-Way Road (3000 Theaters) (Page 8)

The Innocent (expansion- 1470 Theaters)

November 30-December 2

Donuts Are Zombies Too Along With the Dominant Walruses (expansion- 2046 theaters)

Flowers for Algernon (expansion- 16 theaters)

The Innocent (expansion- 3450 Theaters)


December 7-9

Dracula (3523 Theaters) (Page 7)

Hairspray: Shimme More (2754 Theaters) (Page 8)

The Normans (limited- 22 Theaters) (Page 8)

Flowers for Algernon (expansion- 178 theaters)

The Innocent (expansion- 3930 Theaters)

December 14-16

Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Search (3793 Theaters) (Page 8)

The Little Mermaid (4002 Theaters) (page 8)

Flowers for Algernon (expansion- 465 Theaters)

The Normans (expansion- 350 Theaters)

December 21-25 (Christmas Weekend)

Wed. Dec. 19Mushishi (3907 Theaters) (Page 7)

Wed. Dec. 19- Wallace and Gromit: Christmas (3930 Theaters) (Page 8)

Wed. Dec. 19- The Normans (wide- 1710 Theaters)

Flowers for Algernon (wide- 932 Theaters)

December 28-January 1 (New Year's Weekend)

Flowers for Algernon (expansion- 1745 Theaters)

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Just a reminder: The films already scheduled are from the Year 8 Advance Schedule. Not all of them will end up released, so new players to Year 8, do not be afraid to schedule a film against one of them if you have it ready to go and think it will do well.

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Silent Invasion 3: The Attack

Genre: Sci-Fi/Drama/Found Footage
Date: February 2
Theaters: 2,671
Format: 2D and 3D
Director: Xavier Gens
Cast: Haley Webb – Jessica

Bobby Campo – Kevin

Kris Lemche – Mark

Ryan Hansen – Bryan

Rating: R for violence, nudity, sexual content and language
Runtime: 77 min
Budget: $8 million


Taglines: “The island was just the beginning” | “The first time, they were testing us, now… they will terminate us” | “The truth will be revealed”


The movie opens with a young boy seeing a TV show at the dinner’s table with his family with two man talking about what happened in the Caribbean Islands. It is a woman filming what is happening. “I am just testing my new camera she says”. His brother tells her to stop and to sit on the table and eat. She turns it off.


The woman that had the camera connects it and we see a man in bed. “What do you want to do with that, Jessica?” he says. “What do you think Bryan?” she answers. She puts the camera on a table and goes to the bed. They start to kiss and take their clothes off. They start to have sex. He passes his hands in Jessica’s boobs and the kiss passionately. He kisses her boobs. She is loving the moment.


“Look at my tablet Kevin”, Mark says. “Stop Kevin”. Kevin says that is sister has also a new camera and she is always filming stuff at his home. Mark talks about the strange events. Kevin says he doesn’t believe in that crap. Bryan arrives at the park where they are. Mark asks him the same question and he says he would like to know more, even if it was just to prove that the movie was fake (remember, in this universe the first Silent Invasion was released into theaters)  and nothing really happened at the island.


Jessica wakes up and runs to his brother’s room. “Did you heard that?!” she says. Kevin asks what happened. Jessica says a weird noise came from outside the house. They find a small creature with some tentacles. The creature seems to be dying. Kevin brings an axe and tries to kill it but suddenly the creature awakes and digs a hole. The brothers look at each other. They decide to maintain that in secret.


Mark is filming Bryan doing push-ups. Kevin appears and asks what is Mark doing. Mark says Bryan asked him to film that for him to deliver at a sports school. Mark brings up the discussion about what happened in the islands and tells them what happened in the back of his house last night. The group decides to reunite this night to search for more information.


Mark and Bryan arrive at Kevin’s house at 1:30 AM. Jessica is awake and brings his camera, saying she knows what they were going to do and saying she also wanted to go. The group enters the woods and finds some sort of machine. Bryan calls them and they see a small sort of portal to other world. They film it and get away. “WTF was that” says Bryan. They turn off the cameras while running to Kevin’s house.


In the next day, Jessica is on Bryan’s house. They are still a bit disturbed about what happened the night before. Jessica tells him to forget. She puts the camera on the secretary and kisses him. He grabs the camera and she starts to undress. Slowly taking her clothes in a sexy way. When she ends is fully naked and full frontal to the camera. “Lets forget what happened baby” she says, while walks at him. Bryan turns off the camera.


3 days have passed, Mark connects the tablet. It is 3 AM. He, Kevin and Bryan decide to look for the portal again. Kevin has a gun this time. They go. When they get there the portal is still opened. Bryan goes closer to it and some sort of mist appears and enters inside Bryan. His arms grow and his eyes turn red. Bryan, now controlled by the aliens, says that all that happened was real, but it was just the start. He says the world is coming to an end and there is nothing they can do to stop it.

The monster attacks the boys but Kevin quickly grabs the gun and shoots him. The monsters falls into the floor, and his eyes are normal again. Before dying, Bryan, in a lot of pain, tells Kevin to say to Jessica the he loves her. Bryan dies. Mark turns off the tablet.

In the next day, Mark, almost crying, shows the images to his sister. Kevin is behind filming with Jessica’s camera. Jessica can’t believe what she sees starts crying a lot. Kevin hugs her. Jessica says they must reveal the truth. Mark says they will go to a TV station immediately.

The group gets into the car. Kevin drives while Mark continues to film. They get there. When they are about to enter in the building, a huge storm appears to start. A huge hole opens between the clouds. A thunder is seen getting out of it. Several holes start to appear. Gigantic black monsters with several tentacles start to appear.

The mist also comes after it. The group enters the building and the security locks the doors. They start to see the humans turning into aliens, like what happened with Bryan. Jessica cries and his brother grabs her and they start to run. Mark goes behind them.  One of the big monsters enters the building and starts to smash and squashing humans in vicious ways. Lots of blood is seen.

We see Kevin and Jessica getting into the cave of the building. They enter inside it. Kevin goes behind them but he gets caught. He drops the camera and we see one of monsters smashing him into a wall. The monster advances against the cave and destroys the door. One of the former humans now aliens destroy the camera.


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Genre: Comedy/Family
Date: February 9
Theaters: 2,991
Format: 2D
Director: Andy Fickman
Cast: Chris Klein– Jake

Kathryn Hahn – Linda

Derek Mears – Jason

Rating: PG for some rude humor
Runtime: 101 min
Budget: $20 million


We meet Linda and Jake, they live happy in a fictional town called New Spring. Every year in the town the local community organizes a contest called Farmville. Jake is decided to be a part of it this year. The contest is won by the person with the best farm of the town.

Jake starts to work on his farm with the help of Linda and some friends. For years now, the contest is won by Jason, a crude and lonely man who never talks to anyone. Jake and Jason become enemies when in the first half of the contest Jake wins over Jason.

Until the end, Jake meets Jason and knows more about him, how he lost his family and he becomes friend with Jake. Jake also fights with Linda because he starts to not care about her at all, and she is pregnant. Jake dedicates his victory to Linda and Jason. His wife forgives him. They both come on stage. The town applauds and everyone lives happily ever after.

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At the Mountains of Madness

Genre: Horror/Sci-fi
Date: March 2
Theaters: 3,575
Format: 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D
Director: Drew Goddard
Cast: Dyer – Matt Damon

Danforth – Channing Tatum

Frank H Pabodie – Henry Cavill

Professor Lake – Jared Harris

Professor Atwood – Jude Law

Director: Drew Goddard
Rating: R for intense horror sequences and language
Runtime: 110 min
Budget: $135 million


Tagline: “Discover the terrifying truth”

The protagonist is the geologist William Dyer, a professor at Miskatonic University. He writes to disclose hitherto unknown and closely kept secrets in the hope that he can deter a planned and much publicized scientific expedition to Antarctica.


On a previous expedition there, scholars from Miskatonic University led by Dyer discovered fantastic and horrific ruins and a dangerous secret beyond a range of mountains higher than the Himalayas. A smaller advance group led by Professor Lake, discovered and crossed the mountains and found the remains of 14 ancient life forms, completely unknown to science and unidentifiable as either plants or animals. Six of the specimens are badly damaged and the others uncannily pristine. Their highly evolved features are problematic: their stratum location puts them at a point on the geologic time scale much too early for such features to have naturally evolved yet.


When the main expedition loses contact with Lake's party, Dyer and the rest of his colleagues travel to their last known location to investigate. Lake's camp is devastated, and both the men and the dogs slaughtered, while a man named Gedney and another dog are unaccounted for. Near the camp they find six star-shaped snow mounds, and one specimen buried under each. They discover that the better preserved life forms have vanished, and that some form of dissection experiment has been done on an unnamed man and a dog. Dyer elects to close off the area from which they took their samples.


Dyer and a graduate student named Danforth fly an airplane over the mountains, which they soon realize are the outer walls of a huge, abandoned stone city of cubes and cones, utterly alien compared with any human architecture. Because of their resemblance to creatures of myth mentioned in the Necronomicon, the builders of this lost civilization are dubbed the "Elder Things". By exploring these fantastic structures, the men are able to learn the history of the Elder Things through interpreting their magnificent hieroglyphic murals: The Elder Things first came to Earth shortly after the Moon was pulled loose from the planet and were the creators of life.


They built their cities with the help of "Shoggoths", biological entities created to perform any task, assume any form, and reflect any thought. As more buildings are explored, a fantastic vista opens of the history of races beyond the scope of man's understanding, including the Elder Things' conflicts with the Star-spawn of Cthulhu and the Mi-go, who arrived on Earth some time after the Elder Things themselves. The images also reflect a degradation in the order of this civilization, as the Shoggoths gain independence. As more resources are applied to maintaining order, the etchings become haphazard and primitive. The murals also allude to some unnamed evil in an even larger mountain range just past their city, which even they fear greatly. Eventually, as Antarctica became uninhabitable even for the Elder Things, they migrated into a large, subterranean ocean.


Dyer and Danforth eventually realize they are not alone in the city. The Elder Things missing from the advance party's camp had somehow returned to life and, after slaughtering the explorers, returned to the city of their origin. Dyer and Danforth discover traces of the Elder Things' earlier exploration, as well as sledges containing the corpses of Gedney and the dog missing from the camp.


As the two progress further into the city, they are ultimately drawn to a massive ominous entrance which is the opening of a tunnel which they believe leads into the subterranean region described in the murals. Compulsively they are drawn in, finding further horrors: evidence of dead Elder Things killed in a brutal struggle, and blind six-foot-tall penguins wandering around placidly, apparently as livestock for the unknown forms of life which lurked inside the subterranean abyss. They are then confronted with an immense, ululating horror in the form of a black, bubbling mass, which after a brief glimpse they identify as a Shoggoth. Danforth and Dyer escape with their lives using luck and diversion.


On the plane high above the plateau, Danforth looks back and sees something that causes him to lose his sanity. He refuses to tell anyone (even Dyer) what he saw, though it is implied that it has something to do with what lies beyond the larger mountain range that even the Elder Things feared.


Professor Dyer concludes that the Elder Things only slaughtered the survivors and dogs out of scientific curiosity at their new surroundings, and their civilization was eventually destroyed by the Shoggoths they created, and that this entity has sustained itself on the enormous penguins since eons past. He begs the planners of the next proposed Antarctic expedition to stay away from things that should not be loosed on this Earth.

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Lost Planet
Genre: Action/Sci-Fi
Date: March 23
Theaters: 3,776

Format: 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D
Director: Duncan Jones
Cast: Wayne – Jeremy Renner

Yuri – Cillian Murphy

Basil – Emilia Clarke

Isenberg – Mark Strong

Rick – Jai Courtney

Luka – Maggie Q

Bandero – Dave Bautista

Joe - Mike Vogel

Gale – Sam Neill

Narrator – Morgan Freeman


Rating: PG-13 for sci-fi monster action/violence and language
Runtime: 107 minutes
Budget: 170M

Tagline: “Survive the cold” | “Welcome to the future”


Narrator: It all begins in the year of T.C. -80 where the Earth has become too hostile for human life. A company named NEVEC (Neo-Venus Construction) tries to start colonization on the planet E.D.N. III. Upon arriving on the planet, NEVEC discovers an alien race called Akrid and are forced off the planet, momentarily stopping colonization efforts.



Returning to E.D.N. III with an army prepared to fight, they find that the Akrid contain a thermal energy source (T-ENG) that is needed to survive on the planet. NEVEC builds the first Vital Suit (VS), powered by T-ENG, to fight the Akrid. Meanwhile, civilian colonists and E.D.N. III military personnel continue to seek out a nomadic existence as "snow pirates," harvesting T-ENG from fallen Akrid.


During the retreat from the Akrid after the first colonization of E.D.N. III, only a few privileged people as well as the NEVEC forces were able to make it off-world. Those who were left behind faced the daunting task of surviving on a frozen Akrid-infested wasteland, without the VS technology that would be developed later on. Having no choice, these people banded together for support and protection and became known as Snow Pirates.




We see a team in the snow. They talk about a mission they have to complete. They have to kill a giant Akrid known as Green Eye. We meet Wayne. He is in the mission with his father, Gale. They both talk about their life in the planet and how the colonization process has been evolving just fine.


The snow gets stronger and the protagonists can barely see what is going on. They are attacked by a few NEVEC soldiers. Wayne sees his father dying in an explosion. When he tries to get to his father, an Akrid appears and he has to run away in tears. A few days have passed and we see Wayne alone drifting in the snow, until he falls.


20 years have passed. We see three persons finding Wayne’s body. They take him to their fortress and take care of him. Wayne wakes up. He meets Yuri and his crew of snow pirates: Luka and Rick. They ask him a few questions about what happened, but Wayne only remembers his name and the Green Eye, nothing more.


Yuri shows himself particularly interested in the thermal extension (called Harmonizer) attached to Wayne’s arm, which has enable Wayne to survive all this time. The night comes. Wayne passes the time thinking about his father, and that he wants vengeance from the Green Eye. He looks at the stars.


In the next day, Yuri shows a VS to Wayne. He recognizes it. It is the VS of his father. Wayne thanks Yuri for bringing the VS to their fortress. Yuri tells Wayne that NEVEC Is trying to thaw out the planet to make it safe to live on.

The group goes out, trying to get some food, but it is soon attacked by a hive of Akrid. During the battle, a woman named Basil shows up and attacks the group. Wayne confronts her and asks her why is she attacking them. Basil tells him that Yuri killed his husband and that she was looking for revenge. Yuri hears both of them talking, and mysteriously disappears, leaving Wayne to question his loyalty.


We see Yuri arriving at a NEVEC base, saying he wants to be a part of the Frontier Project. He meets with Commander Isenberg, that accepts his entrance in the project. Yuri’s dream is to free the planet of the Akrid and end with the cold temperatures, for the humans to have a place to live again.


Rick and Luka comeback with Wayne to their fortress. They talk about Yuri, and Wayne says that if he left them, it is because he was not loyal or cared about them.  Rick and Luka are sad, but Wayne his angry. It is night and they all go to sleep.

In the next day Wayne decided to go back to the place where the pirates found him. Luka and Rick go with him. Wayne takes his father’s VS. When they get to the place, they are attacked by the Green Eye. After a hard battle, Wayne destroys it. But right after that, Wayne gets attacked by NEVEC’s field commander, Bandero. “We meet again Wayne”, he says. Wayne remembers what happened in the day his father dies and we see it. Bandero stoles the VS from Wayne.


Rick distracts the commander, while Luka grabs Wayne and they run away. In the path to the fortress, Wayne tells Luka that it was a few NEVEC soldiers with Bandero watching that attacked and killed his father. Rick never returns and when they get to their fortress, they realized it has been sieged.


Bandero meets with Isenberg. He says that Wayne is alive. Isenberg tells him that he is nothing to worry about and that their plan must stay on path. Bandero says that Isenberg has nothing to worry about.


Luka and Wayne are able to find another place to stay. During the next year, Wayne and Luka initiate hit and run attacks against NEVEC, which has now taken control over the human race. We also see Isenberg giving the order to Bandero to find and kill Wayne, after knowing that he has been constantly attacking NEVEC. Yuri finds out about this and tries to warn Wayne but Isenberg doesn’t let he do that and locks him (we see shots of this happening narrated by Morgan Freeman).


One day, Basil shows up at Wayne’s fortress. She says that Rick is still alive. They go on a mission to find him. In the mission, the group attacks by surprise and rescues Rick, taking a NEVEC trooper named Joe hostage. They interrogate him, and find out more about NEVEC’s Frontier Project. Joe tells them it is NEVEC’s plan to make E.D.N. III a safe place for humans to live. Wayne decides that he wants to talk to Isenberg, and Joe arranges a meeting to the next day.


At night, Basil and Wayne talk about how this meeting could be an ambush, but Wayne says that he needs to go. Basil also tells him that the Harmonizer slows down the aging process and unlocks the true power of Gale’s VS. Wayne thanks her for everything and they kiss.


In the next day, Wayne arrives at NEVEC’s base with Joe. They both come in, only to realize this was a trap. Bandero immediately shoots Wayne in the leg. Joe tells him to stop and Wayne asks why is he doing this. Isenberg shows up and tells him that Frontier Project is more than they know. It will use T-ENG to wipe out not only Akrid but also kill humans left on the surface while all of NEVEC watches safely from the sky. It is a sacrifice that must be done, he says.


Isenberg leaves and tells Bandero to finish the job. When he is about to kill Joe and Wayne, Basil, Rick and Luka show up and save them. Basil puts some bandage around Wayne’s leg to help in the pain. Bandero goes away and tells the soldiers to attack the pirates and Joe, who betrayed them. The pirates get away to a place where there are many VS suits. Wayne gets into one. Bandero shows up in Gale’s VS, but modified.


Meanwhile, the other group continues to fight the NEVEC’s soldiers. Bandero almost defeats Wayne (his VS suit starts to burn with him inside), but in the final moments, Bandero takes his protection, and Wayne is able to move an VS’s arm still working and shoots Bandero.  Yuri jumps to his father’s VS, and helps the other guys taking out the NEVEC’s soldiers.


Joe tells them that Isenberg locked some of Frontier’s Project main members, because he didn’t agree with Isenberg’s ideas. They go the dungeons and unlock them. Basil places some bombs around the area. One of them is Yuri, almost dying because of the torture he suffered.


Before dying, Yuri says he is sorry for leaving them, and he tells Basil that his husband tried to killed him, and that he just defended himself. He also says that he tried to warn him about Isenberg’s plans. (It is a very dramatic moment). Yuri gives an attachment to Wayne’s Harmonizer, that will allow him to unlock the true power of his VS. Yuri dies in Wayne’s arms.


Rick hugs Luka, and Basil grabs Wayne, saying she misjudged Yuri, and that he was a good man, but that they have to go now. When they get out, there are lots of NEVEC’s soldiers. Basil tells them that there is a window and that they have to jump.

When there are only Wayne and Basil left, Basil kisses Wayne and tells him that without doing this, they won’t be able to stop Isenberg. With a tear in his left eye, Basil pushes Wayne out of the window and activates the bombs that she has place, killing all the soldiers and herself, gaining some time for Wayne to end this war.


Joe says he knows where Isenberg has the control panel to activate the Frontier’s Project. Joe, Rick and Luka go to there, while Wayne is going to face Isenberg. He says that he must do that alone.  Wayne gets into the VS and climbs to Isenberg’s office. He finds him there. Isenberg says his father was a weak man, that didn’t accepted what had to be done, so he killed him and built the Frontier’s Project. Wayne says that no life should be killed, and that there are other ways to defrost the planet.


Wayne pulls a gun and tells Isenberg to stop with this madness. Isenberg says this is the only way and jumps through a window. Wayne shoots but fails. Wayne goes after him and both fight in their VS. The battle is vicious and both men are almost dead when it ends. Wayne loses a lot of blood during the battle because of his injury.


Meanwhile, Joe, Luka and Rick set off explosives to destroy Isenberg’s control panel and end with his plan. They are able to destroy. A huge number of Akrid show up and attack the buildings. NEVEC’s soldiers try to fight them but they die, and pirates run away. They can’t help Wayne.


In the end, the VS’s get destroyed and Isenberg tries to run but he is too weak and can’t move one of his legs, that gets broken during the end of the VS fight. Isenberg sees the destruction and screams. Lots of Akrid are seen killing NEVEC’s soldiers and the control panel is seen burning. Wayne, almost unconscious, drags himself to Isenberg and shoots him in the head with a single bullet. Wayne passes out at Isenberg’s side.


A few weeks pass, and Wayne is found by Luka and Rick. They bring Wayne to meet with Joe, which is now the leader of NEVEC. They are melting all the ice with some machines in land, and slowly the colonization begins once more,  says the narrator. The end.

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Genre: CGI Comedy/Sci-Fi
Date: February 23
Theaters: 3,286
Format: 2D and 3D
Director: Giil Kenan
Voice Cast: Kat Dennings - Stacy 

Josh Hutcherson - Derek

Mark Ruffalo - Sam

Anna Faris - Amy

Jason Segel - Zong

Paul Rudd - Florng

Paul Giamatti - Bardak

Rating: PG for mild animated violence, mild language
Runtime: 96 min
Budget: $75 million


Taglines: "The mirror contains another world": "You are not your reflection" : "The other universe is just a glance away"


Plot: Something changes... mirrors are not just our reflections. Stacy and Derek are friends, kids that live next door to one another. Stacy lives with her dad, Sam, and Derek lives with his mom, Amy. The two kids notice as they are looking in a mirror that the reflections are no longer identical. The next day Stacy touches her bathroom mirror and discovers her hand goes through instead of hitting glass.


Out of curiosity, she climbs through it into another dimension. It is much like Earth but everything is slightly different... in fact, it is ANOTHER planet, Earth, but where evolution and the planets ran a different course, and the continents are shaped entirely differently. And the naming conventions of the locals are foreign to her. She meets Zong and Florng, two roommates that share an apartment that is connected to her home through the mirror.


At first they do not believe her stories, but they realize that there are tiny differences... all three appear human, but Zong and Florng have slightly different shapes for their eyes and ears and seem to have better hearing as well. She heads back to her world through the same mirror, confused by the situation, but unharmed.


However, not all is well for the worlds. The mirrors transportation is part of Bardak's plan to cause the two worlds to collide, and for him to rule both of the worlds by using the strengths of each universe against the weaknesses of the others... and convincing everyone that he is a god. Stacy is haunted by Bardak and must convince Derek and Sam and Amy that the world is in danger.


At first they laugh it off, but the mirrors show more than before, and together the people of the two worlds must stop Bardak. Bardak seems to be a dangerous villain at first, but it turns out that laughter hurts him. Everyone tells jokes, causing much laughter ,which destroys Bardak for good. The link between the two worlds is ended and mirrors are just mirrors once again.




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Ice Station 2: Area 7


Date- January 26th, 8

Genre- Action Thriller

Rating- PG-13

Theaters- 3,285 theaters

Budget- 65 million

Running Time- 103 minutes or 1 hour and 43 minutes

Studio- O$corp Pictures

Director- Albert Hughes

Actors and Actresses- 

Shane Schofield- Chris Hemsworth

Buck “Book” Riley- Channing Tatum


Previous Film: Ice Station: 22.8M (27.5M)/62.0M/130.2M


Plot:  The President of the United States is visiting America's most secret military installation, Area 7. Assigned to his protective detail is Shane Schofield and his team of Marines including Gunnery Sergeant Gena 'Mother' Newman, Staff Sergeant Elizabeth 'Fox' Gant and Buck 'Book II' Riley Jr. They are plunged into a race for survival when an Air Force general, Charles “Caesar” Russell, unleashes a plan he has been working on for over 15 years. Despite being 'executed' on the day of the president's inauguration, Caesar is revived, and with a squadron of 50 elite Air Force soldiers (the 7th Squadron), have taken control of Area 7 and initiated a lockdown. A transmitter, attached to the president's heart before he was elected, has been activated; a satellite sends and receives messages to and from this transmitter, which is powered by the kinetic energy of the president's heart beating. If the satellite doesn't receive the messages from the transmitter 14 Type-240 Blast Plasma based nuclear warheads in the airports of the Northern, “pro-black” capital cities of the United States will explode, destroying these cities, and making way for a new, racist, Confederate America. As long as the President's heart beats, the messages will be sent to the satellite, and the nuclear warheads will not detonate. To prevent the president from trying to escape Area 7, Caesar also overrode the launch codes on the Nuclear Football so that to prevent the detonation of the warheads, the president must place his hand on the fingerprint sensor on the Football (that is being kept in Caesar's possession) every 90 minutes. While moving through the underground complex Gant and her group, including the president, come to a cell block and find a scientist locked inside one of the cells. After being released and questioned, it is discovered that the prisoners being held at Area 7 are "volunteers" that the scientists use to carry out experiments. It soon comes to light that there are ways of opening exits out of Area 7, and that two have already been opened by another scientist, Dr Gunther Botha. In addition to opening two exits, Botha has also shut down main power to the complex, so that it is now running on auxiliary power. Meanwhile, Schofield and his group, after fleeing from the ground level hangar, make their way into the sublevels where they find a bedroom of a 6 year old boy named Kevin who lives in a cube. Schofield's group then meets up with Riley's group, and the president reveals that the reason for his visit to Area 7 is to check on the progress of a vaccine being developed for the Sinovirus, a genetically engineered virus that differentiates between the amount of pigmentation in a person's skin, allowing it to target only people of a specific race (however people of Asian descent are immune). The president explains that to develop a vaccine for the Sinovirus (and protect America from biological weapons containing the Sinovirus) the scientists had to create a genetically engineered human, a boy named Kevin, who's blood could be used to produce antibodies, and the prisoners being held at Area 7 are used as guinea pigs to test the vaccine. Botha is killed during a chase and the President and Scarecrow escape to Area 8. When they reach it they realize Echo unit from the 7th squadron are being paid 120 million American dollars by the Chinese government to bring Kevin to them. Schofield and the President follow onto the 747 which has a mounted X-38 in an attempt to rescue Kevin. Schofield hijacks the X-38, escaping with the president and Kevin. Later, Schofield and Gant finally face off with Caesar back in Area 7.

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(In 3D and IMAX)


Date- March 16th

Genre- Disaster

Rating- PG-13

Theaters- 3,658 theaters

Budget- 225 million

Running Time- 110 minutes or 1 hour and 50 minutes

Studio- O$corp Pictures

Director- Wolfgang Petersen

Actors and Actresses

Attilius- Jaime Bell

Ampliatus- Viggo Mortensen

Pliny the Elder- John Malkovich

Corelia- Nina Dobrev


Plot: The film begins with young Attilius Primus arrives in the Bay of Naples from Rome to take charge as aquarius “hydraulic engineer” of the Aqua Augusta, the aqueduct that supplies water to the many towns in a region encompassing the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius. The nine important towns are, in sequential order, Pompeii, Nola, Acerrae, Atella, Naples, Puteoli, Cumae, Baiae, and Misenum. Attilius' predecessor as aquarius, Exomnius, has mysteriously vanished as the springs that flow through the aqueduct begin to fail, lowering the supply of water available to the region's reservoir, the Piscina Mirabilis in Misenum. 


While in the city, the flow of water stops entirely. Attilius concludes that the aqueduct must be blocked somewhere close to Mount Vesuvius, since reports claim a shut down of the system just before Nola, meaning that towns from there through Naples and Misenum are without any water supply. 


With aid from Pliny the Elder an honored navel captain, whose fleet is docked at Misenum, Attilius assembles an expedition to travel to Pompeii, the only town not connected to the water grid, and then on to the blocked section of the Aqua Augusta. While Attilius' expedition is there, the aquarius himself becomes embroiled in part of a plot of the former slave and land speculator, Ampliatus. Ampliatus is planning on offering a cheap water supply to Pompeii, which Exomnius, the previous aquarius, had helped him do while stealing from the imperial treasury. Attilius's questions and studies make Ampliatus suspicious of what Pliny the Elder and his nephew, Pliny the Younger later discover- thousands of Roman sesterces (coins) at the bottom of the reservoir that should have gone to Rome and which Attilius's predecessor had intended to retrieve once he had emptied the reservoir. Ampliatus's daughter, Corelia gets Attilius the proof he needs from her father's written records when he is performing repairs to a collapsed section of tunnel in the region around Mount Vesuvius. Attulius plans to expose Ampliatus for his treason against Rome. Corelia aids him because of her hated for her abusive and controlling father. Also during the film, a romance grows between Attilius and Corelia, one that Ampliatus dislikes. 


On August 24th,  the eruption of Mount Vesuvius overwhelms Pompeii, Oplontis, and Herculaneum. The cities are filled with panic and terror. An earthquake shakes the city and debris from the volcano bombard the citizen’s of the cities. It is a grand and horrific display of the power of nature. Attilius who was in Naples to expose Ampliatus for his treason and dirty practices to get rich, risks his life and comes back to Pompeii to find Corelia in the chaos. In an effort to survive the eruption, Attilius and Corelia dig their way through the aqueduct tunnel, which the springs are beginning to fill because tsunami, which struck the city because of the earthquake from the eruption. Despite the possibility of drowning, they push on. 


Meanwhile in the city, faced with the eruption, which threatens to utterly destroy his hard-built fortune and power, Ampliatus clings to the prophecy which he heard from Pompeii's resident wise-man. 


*The film flashes back* During a temple service, after sacrificing a snake to an ancient god, the Oracle makes a prophesy that even after the passage of millennia, when the Roman Empire and its emperors have long since gone into the dust, the name of Pompeii will be known throughout the world and people of every tongue will wander its streets and enter its amphitheaters. The Oracle is ridiculed by the public.*End of flash back* 


It is this prophecy, which encourages Ampliatus to stay in the embattled city and keep his family and household there to the death of all of them. They are engulfed in burning lava. The film moves to Pliny the Elder who is aiding fleeing citizens but he dies from the effects of fumes on a corpulent body. In the aqueduct, Attilius and Corelia struggle up stream against the waters. Corelia almost drowns but Attilius saves her. The film closes with Attilius and Corelia emerging from the aqueduct after the eruption. They embrace each other in thankfulness that they have survived. The film closes with a view of the destroyed city of Pompeii. 

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Daniel Tosh: New and Improved


Date- February 23rd

Genre- Stand Up Comedy Concert

Rating- R

Theaters- 2,354 theaters

Budget- 2 million

Running Time- 80 minutes or 1 hour and 20 minutes

Studio- O$corp Pictures

Director- Daniel Tosh

Actors and Actresses

Daniel Tosh as Himself


Plot: Daniel Tosh makes his first appearance in theaters in Daniel Tosh: New and Improved. It is the Daniel’s fourth stand-up special. It basically follows the same vein as Completely Serious and Happy Thoughts. Daniel Tosh stands up and tells his jokes! 

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Might as well post my entry from the old thread.


Name: The Good, The Bad and The Dead


Director: Sam Raimi Genre: Action/Western/Zombie/Horror/Comedy/Date: January 5-7Cast: Bruce Campbell (Finnick 'Flint' Ryan), Colin Ferrell (Chase Gleeson), Christopher Eccelstone (Augustus Blackwater), James Franco (Sep Blackwater), Sharon Stone (El Fuega), Sarah Hingle (made-up) (Elsie), Sam Rockwell (Octavius Blackwater), Harry Dean Stanton (The Gunslinger) 

Plot: Short version: Evil Dead meets The Quick and The Dead

Long version in spoiler box

The film opens in Greenwood, a small western town, on a line of prisoners slowly being led to the gallows. On the way there, one of them begins to cough up blood and collapses, claiming to feel ill. The sheriff, uncaring, orders the execution to continue anyway and the prisoners are hanged. However, after the execution, the body of the ill criminal begins to move and, as the sheriff and deputy see what's wrong, breaks free and bites the sheriff.We immediately cut to a bar in a nearby town, where Sep Blackwater and a small group of outlaws have taken over and are having a drunken party. As they drink, they're approached by Finnick 'Flint' Ryan, an aging bounty hunter, after Sep's bounty. While Sep and his gang try to harass Flint, they are ambushed by Flint's younger partner, Chase Gleeson and the Ferris twins, two brothers out for revenge against Sep for murdering their mother. With the aid of dynamite and a lot of guns, the four manage to capture Sep and kill most of his crew. Flint and Chase split up with the Ferris twins, intending to hand Sep over the authorities in Fort Grace and collect their bounty.Shortly after they leave, the Ferris twins are captured by Sep's father, the infamous outlaw Augustus Blackwater who tortures them for information and executes them, before deciding to go after Flint and Chase. Along with his sizable posse of outlaws, Augustus is accompanied by his second, considerably insane son, Octavius Blackwater, his personal bodyguard, known only as 'Cal' and his right 'man', a masked silent gunman named El Fuega.Deciding to skip the nearest town, Troubles, out of fear of being caught by Augustus, Flint and Chase set up camp in the middle of the desert. During the night, a man from the town in the opening, Greenwood, stumbles across their campsite, claiming his town had been overrun by zombies. Flint and Chase naturally don't believe him, until a zombie takes them by surprise as tears the man's throat out. After killing the zombie with a headshot, Flint and Chase are attacked by the man, now reanimated, and dispatch him too. While they puzzle over what just happened, Sep is attacked in his tent by a female zombie (momentarily mistaking it for a prostitute). Flint and Chase hear his screams and kill the zombie before it can bite him, accidentally shooting Sep in the leg in the process. Short on water, and needing a doctor for Sep, Flint and Chase unwillingly decide to head to Greenwood, despite the man's warnings.Meanwhile, Augustus and his posse have arrived at Troubles and send a small advance party to gather supplies and look for info on Flint and Chase. The party charge into Troubles, only to discover that it has been completely infested by zombies. They are promptly slaughtered. Augustus, infuriated by this, orders the entire town burnt to the ground and a large scale battle begins between the zombies and Augustus's posse. Augustus's posse slaughter every inhabitant of Troubles, living and dead, much to El Fuega's visible discomfort. However, most of Augustus's posse are killed in the effort, leaving only Augustus, Octavius, Cal, El Fuega and 6 others. Despite the pleas of his surviving posse members, Augustus insists on continuing the chase, while hiding the fact that he was bitten in the carnage.Flint and Chase finally arrive at Greenwood and are understandable anxious to enter the potentially zombie infested town. After some careful deliberation (and a game of rock-paper-scissors), Flint 'decides' to carefully scout out the town, while Chase and Sep hide nearby with the cart. While things appear peaceful at first, Flint is quickly attacked by a swarm of zombies. After an intense chase scene through the town, Flint is eventually rescued by a young woman, Elsie, who pulls him into the barricaded town hall, where a group of survivors have banded together. Among the survivors are George, a deputy who was present at the execution in the opening scene, Goodman, a merchant expecting a large delivery of explosives (who is secretly hiding a zombie bite) and an old man who was passing by, known only as 'The Gunslinger'. While checking the barricades, Flint notices that some zombies seem to have retained some skills, like a blacksmith who continues to hit his hammer and tongs.Meanwhile, Chase and Sep are discovered by Augustus's posse. Much to Sep's disappointment, Augustus seems more interested in punishing Chase than checking to see if his son is alright. After finding out that Flint has gone into Greenwood, Augustus (being driven mad by his feverous bite) orders his men after him, bringing a badly beaten Chase and Sep with him. Flint spots them coming into town and insists on rescuing Chase. Elsie and George agree to come with him. Augustus's posse are quickly surrounded by zombies and begin to try and fight them off. Mid fight, Flint, George and Elsie manage to swing themselves onto the cart where Chase, Sep, Cal and El Fuega are and ride the cart through the town, chased by zombies. In a scuffle with Cal and El Fuega, George and Cal are both thrown off the cart and killed by zombies and El Fuega willingly surrenders and is revealed to secretly be a woman who was once badly burned by Augustus. The group find shelter in the town's train station.Meanwhile, the rest of Augustus's posse are slaughtered, however an increasingly delirious Augustus is ignored by the zombies. Octavius manages to escape and breaks into the barricaded town hall, letting the zombies in who slaughter the survivors, including Goodman. Octavius and the Gunslinger escape to the roof where they engage in a tight Mexican Standoff, only interrupted when Octavius has to go to the toilet. From the roof, they can see a train approaching, the one carrying Goodman's explosives. Flint tries to warn the train's passengers about the zombies, but fails and the passengers are attacked. Realising that, unless he does something, the entire country could be overrun, Flint comes up with a plan to kill most of the zombies by loading up the cart with explosives and riding to a nearby gorge, before detonating it on the bridge. After much deliberation (and a game of rock-paper-scissors) Flint and Chase decide to be the ones to carry out the plan. Elsie is indecisive, having become infatuated with Chase, but eventually agrees to let them go.While the zombies are feasting on the train passengers, Flint and Chase manage to successfully sneak onto the train and load their cart with explosives. However, partway through the town, Chase is shot in the arm by Augustus and falls off the car. Flint, after a short deliberation, jumps off after him. As the cart charges driverless through the town, Octavius and the Gunslinger jump from the roof onto it, having worked out Flint's plan. Having lured most of the zombies in the town after them, the two manage to make it to the gorge and, with a perfect shot from the Gunslinger, manage to destroy the bridge and most of the zombies with it. After finishing off the surviving zombies, Octavius tries to shoot the Gunslinger in the back, only to be shot and killed first.Meanwhile, Flint and Chase try to make it to safety, but are cornered by Augustus. Just before he's about to shoot them, Augustus is shot by El Fuega who followed the two. As the three head off back towards the train station, unbeknownst to them, August has reanimated and can still remember how to fire his gun. The three make it back it back into the train station and relax, only for them to discover that zombies have made it in through a door that Flint accidentally left open. They barely manage to escape onto the train, where Sep accidentally blows the whistle, getting the attention of every single remaining zombie in the town. They start the train, and begin to fight off all the zombies who make it into the train (including Augustus). Realising there are too many, Sep sacrifices himself, unhooking one of the explosive filled carriages and detonating it, killing most of the zombies. The resulting explosion derails the train, almost killing the group. With Chase and Elise unconscious, Flint is helped out of the wreckage by El Fuega, only for her to be shot fatally from behind by a zombified Augustus, who survived the crash. Flint and Augustus engage in a Mexican Standoff and Flint shoots the zombie dead.As the injured Flint, Chase and Elsie all hobble back into town, they are confronted by a small surviving group of zombies, which are quickly shot down by several small groups of surviving townsfolk, who had hidden in other buildings. As the town is rebuilt, Chase and elsie become very close. Realising his partner is happy here, Flint refuses the offer of being made the new sheriff and heads out on his own, shooting a single surviving zombie he finds in the desert.


Theaters: 3054MPAA Rating: RBudget: $45 million

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The plot for this film contains very violent nature that some sensitive members might not want to read

Genre: Horror
Date: 12 January
Theaters: 3,271
Director: Unknown

Michael Fassbender- Michael

Sharni Vinson- Sharon

Unknowns for every other character
Rating: R for strong violence and horror
Runtime: 98 min
Budget: $7 million


The film starts with this is the bloodbath unite. If you don't do what we tell you or what the law says, we kill you. It then goes to the title in a bloody red colour. The leader of this group, Michael is introduced caring for his wife and 3 kids who have no clue what he does. He tells his wife Sharon he's going out for a few drinks with friends but really` him and the rest of bloodbath unite are going to kill more people. When he leaves the house Michael drives for an hour and goes to another town where he starts 'taking a survey' on who pays tax. He finds out this 71 year old woman Janet does not pay tax so he calls up the rest of the Bloodbath Unite in the pub the Kills Hen. When Jango [another member of the Bloodbath Unite] asks someone in the pub whether they pay tax or not, the drunk person replies why the fuck are you asking me that, what the fuck is your problem. After continuing to shout for another 5 minutes, Jango gets the drunk person's personal information as there is a note with his address on in his pocket. Michael than leads them out of the pub and they head to Janet's place in masks. When they reach her house, Michael knocks on her door, when she goes to answer it, he puts his hand around her mouth and the Bloodbath Unite goes into the house. Michael than stabs her before throwing her down the stairs. Janet whispers please stop but Michael then throws a vase onto her head, smashes her TV, throws alcohol on her body before cutting off her head. He then sends Lukas [3rd member of the Bloodbath Unite] to clean all the objects.

They leave Janet's house and go to the drunk person's house. He stumbles to the door and Jango shoots him. They then shoot him repetitively and leave his cold body lying on the floor.


Afterwards, they go to a random house and decide to kill this person for fun but to the shock of the 4th member Dengo, it his ex-girlfriend who he dumped when she proposed. But Dengo than shouts out that he dosent give a fuck or the littlest shit in the world. The Bloodbath Unite then see this young couple taking drugs with the mum of the girl not caring about it. They stalk them to their house and knock on their door. The mum answers the door but none of the members are wearing masks on purpose. They tell her that someone threw a flame into their shared house and a fire started and a couple of their wives and friends were killed. The mum lets them in and they go to the sitting room when the mum decides to make a cup of tea for them. While the kettle is boiling, Michael throws the hot water over her and Dengo then smashes the kettle over her head. The young couple who are having sex hear her mum's scream and the male goes downstairs but he is shot three times but manages to survive. He shouts out to his girlfriend [Lacey] to run so she does. When this happens, Jango stabs the man but the fifth member [Jules] accidently shoots the man instead of Lacey meaning she gets away with also a picture she took of them. In fury over what he did, Michael stabs Jules before stuffing his body into a freezer. They all head home for the night and Lacey goes and stays at a hotel to get over the shock of what happened.


The next morning, Michael heads out to do another 'survey' on who has stolen something ever in their lives but he went out while Shaorn was asleep. Sharon wakes up after hearing the phone go. It is Lacey who the audience find out is Sharon's cousin and she tells her that she saw Michael kill her mum and boyfriend. Sharon tells her that she is speaking rubbish and their is no truth so Lacey goes to her house and shows the picture. Sharon horrified, is about to call the police when Lacey says she already has. The police arrive at the door 2 minutes later to get Michael but they tell the police that he's not in [which is the truth]. Sharon asks them to go searching around the area for them. Michael finds out the police are on the lookout so he decides that someone needs to be arrested but he needs to get away. He then tells Lukas, Dengo and Jango to go to his house and he'll meet them their in 20 minutes. He also tells them Sharon is part of the Bloodbath unite and has been helping to find victims for them to kill. Oblivious to his real plan, they go to his house and knock on the door. Sharon is hesitant on answering it incase it is Michael but this is unbeknown to Lacey who goes and answers the door. Sharon realises its the other three members of the bloodbath unite using the picture to identify them. She calls the police and when it dawns on Lacey who they are, they run. The 3 members go into the house and as they figure out Michael was lying, they vow to kill the wives [they think he has two wives and Lacey is also his wife]. Lacey goes and hides in the kitchen cupboard which no one apart from Sharon notices and Jango is about to shoot Sharon but Lacey gets a knife from the cupboard he is in and stabs his leg multiple times. She then takes the gun out of his hands and shoots him repeatedly. She then shouts out who next but the police arrive. Knowing she can get arrested, Lacey dropped the gun and ran out of the back door before the police could see her. Lukas decides to hand himself into the police who handcuff him but Lukas than bites him with poison killing the policeman and Jango shoots the other run with the last remaining bullet. Lukas then goes up to Sharon and tells her she's a hooker. a whore and a bitch and is about to bite her. It then skips to a black and white camcorder seen with the letters up two minutes later which shows a three second scene of Lukas and Jango running away. It then shows the haunted house from the beginning with Michael saying we are the Bloodbath Unite, we will be back, if you do not do what we say, the only thing that will be left of you is. dirty runny red blood. The scene then cuts to black sharply and 5 seconds later it says we will be back [confirming the sequel] and it then shows Michael Fassbender's name and the credits start

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Keg Party

Director: Denis Villeneuve
Composer: Richard D. James
Genre: Drama Thriller
Date: March 23
Studio: Progressive Arthouse
Format: 35mm film
Budget: $7.5 million
Theaters: 650 (3/23), 1,188 (3/30)
MPAA Rating: R for strong language, sexual content, frequent alcohol abuse and brief graphic scenes of violence - all involving teens
Runtime: 94 minutes


Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Jack Gray
Earl Sweatshirt as Simon Hall
Garrett Backstrom as Garrick Anderson
Billi Bruno as Ellen Gray
Michael Fassbender as Detective Simmons
Zendaya as Janis
Gabriella Wilde as Emily



The story begins on December 1, the day before Thanksgiving break ends. In a police office, Jack Gray sits disillusioned, in a chair with hand shaking. Detective Simmons opens the door and hands Jack a drink. Simmons then tells Jack his sister is “fine,” to Jack’s relief. Simmons then asks about what happened last Friday night. Jack then begins to say that the story began on Tuesday.


We cut to a shot of Burlington High School, it’s doors let out at the end of the day. Students are running out of the school, thrilled and relieved. We see the sign, Happy Thanksgiving Break! We then see Jack, a senior in high school, and his sophomore sister Ellen Gray walk out of the door talking about Garrick’s party on Friday, and discussing if they want to go. Everyone else on the bus seems to be talking about it, and we learn Garrick is the most popular senior because of his wild parties.

At home, Jack tells his parents about the party, but his parents are worried about his safety. After all, “that Hagen kid got busted for getting a line” a few months ago during the summer. However, Jack is able to get his parents’ acceptance, saying that he and Ellen will stay out of trouble. Jack and Ellen call all their friends over the next couple of days, and no one can stop talking about the party.

(Simmons then asks about what happened when he walked through the door. Jack says that there were already about 20 people there).


Cut to Friday night, when Jack and Ellen walk through the door. We see Garrick for the first time, and he and his party friends cheer, and Garrick hands Ellen an unopened beer can. At first Jack is hesitant about letting his 16 year-old sister drink a beer, but decides she can have just one can.


(Simmons then says Jack shouldn’t have made that decision. Jack says it would have made her look “snobbish” to the partygoers, and you can’t come to Garrick’s parties without having a beer.)


As more people come to the party, things get turned up. People are dancing to the DJ’s picks, and the partygoers drink all the alcohol they can get. There’s beer pong, there’s dancing, and there’s even some sexual encounters. While this is going on, the original song “Get Down” by Pitbull, Akon & Wiz Khalifa is playing.


Later in the night, when things have calmed down just a bit, Jack meets up with his friend Simon Hall, and they have a conversation. Jack notices Simon drinking a lot of alcohol in between conversation, but brushes it off. Simon then notices a popular girl named Janis talking, and walks over to flirt with her.


(Simmons then asks if he met anyone else that night. Jack says he met this other girl.)


Jack is sitting on a couch watching the dance party, and he meets Emily. Emily seems to be attracted to Jack, and the two make out after a conversation about high school. After some time, Jack notices Ellen making out with Garrick while being cheered by partygoers. Jack sees this as party fun, but becomes very bothered when Garrick brings Ellen down the hallway with him. He gets off the couch, and Emily asks where he’s going.


At the same time, Simon is busy talking with Janis, at the same time very drunk. His words seem unplausible, and Janis feels uncomfortable talking to Simon with her friends nearby. Janis comes up with a fine excuse (I think one of my friends is leaving. Time to say goodbye?) and leaves. Simon yells, “Talk you you later! Uhh...sometime!”


In the room, Ellen and Garrick are having sex in the master bedroom, with the door closed. After a minute, Jack busts in and sees his sister naked next to Garrick. (Simmons asks how Jack felt seeing Ellen having intercourse with a man, and Jack says he wasn’t going to hesitate putting up a fight). Jack screams at Garrick, asking what he just did. Garrick says its “not what it seems,” with little breath, as Ellen covers herself up. Jack then pushes Garrick onto the bed, and the two get into a fight in the bedroom, as Ellen screams “No!” (she’s obviously drunk, because she wouldn’t react like this).


At the same time, Simon is all by himself, while the other partygoers ignore him. All he can seem to do is keep pouring beer and vodka, to the point where he’s sweating. After a while, Simon comes to his senses, and feels something bad in his stomach. He breaks open the bathroom door, and locks the entrance.


In the bathroom, over lapses of time, Simon crawls, staggers, and yells. Eventually, he falls on the floor, and gurgles. Suddenly, he vomits bloodily on the tiles, and screams in real pain.


The fight from earlier has extended through the whole house, and Jack and Garrick are harming each other (Garrick still nearly naked). People are screaming, and finally Jack knocks Garrick unconscious with a liquor bottle. Jack then runs to his sister, who has gotten barely clothed. Jack then yells at his sister for having sex with Garrick. After a long pause, Ellen screams, “I had the time of my life!” Ellen then runs with only scamp clothing on, and drives away in Jack’s car under the influence of alcohol. Ellen then turns into a construction site and crashes her car into a nearby house. Jack sees his car, along with 10 other people, and begins to cry uncontrollably, and gets on his knees.


(Jack is crying in front of Simmons, who himself sheds a tear).


Janis and a few other people are banging on the bathroom door, asking for Simon to open the door. A guy then says he can get the door open himself, with a smirk. Using his bare hands, he breaks the knob off, and the door turns open. His laughter slowly drowns, and so does everyone elses, as they see Simon’s unconscious body on the floor in a pool of blood and vomit. Someone yells to call 911, and everyone runs away, except for Janis, who cries over Simon’s body. The screen then fades out.

Simmons then gets a call from the department, and hangs up the phone. Simmons tells Jack that Simon should be out of the hospital in a few days. However, Ellen was confirmed dead last night, and that she had crushed her skull, causing severe brain damage. Simmons tells Jack he will see his parents in a few hours, and leaves the room.

Jack is then seen crying on the desk as the camera zooms out from the desk.




In the credits, the original song “Alcohol Of Fame” by Fever Ray & Richard D. James plays.

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Slenderman: The BeginningDirector: Scott DerricksonComposer: Christopher YoungGenre: HorrorDate: January 26Studio: Alpha PicturesFormat: 35mm filmBudget: $3 millionTheaters: 2,569MPAA Rating: PG-13 for thematic material, sustained menace and terror.Running Time: 87 minTagline: Don't Look Or It Takes YouCast:Harrison Gilbertson as JayHunter Goligoski as Alex KraliePlot:

Dedicated college-age filmmaker Alex Kralie begins to persue his passion project, Marble Hornets. He teams up with his friend Jay and partners with other friends to help get it ready for a local film contest.When they go location scouting and record, Jay notices strange audio distortion when editing. Shrugging it off as camera malfunction, the project begins filming. At the location, there are strange occurrences of a tall man watching filming. The others claim it as a bystander, but Alex seems more disturbed by this.About halfway done with filming, Alex is showing signs of extreme irritation or paranoia. Jay becomes worried about Alex and his feelings, and this man must be the reason of his behavior. Jay asks to come over to Alex's to have a discussion, but when he arrives, the inside of the house is filled with drawings of cryptic messages. Alex seems to always have his camera around him, recording everything just to get a glimpse of the man. After talking about the film, Jay asks about the man. At that, Alex forces him out of the house, and Jay leaves, more nervous than before.Meanwhile, Alex continues with constantly filming. There are notable disappearances on set, and Alex shows paranoia and irritation as usual. They find an abandoned hospital to film at for location, but there the man attacks the members. Alex begins to go insane, and attacks the crew members as well. After catastrophic events involving the attack on crew members by the titular man, the film cuts out to a recording of Alex. Alex claims that everyone else who worked on the film is "gone," and resolving to burn the tapes and move away.Three years later, Jay drives over to Alex's house (he hasn't seen him in a while), and asks about the tapes from Marble Hornets for further video editing. Alex gives the tapes to Jay after making him promise to burn them and never mention the project to Alex again. After Alex kicks him out, Jay decides to find out more about this monster who destroyed Alex's psyche. He does not know the name, but decides to call the being the "Slenderman." The film ends with a "to be continued" note.

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Date: January 19th

Theaters: 3,224

Genre: Animation/Fantasy/Comedy

Director: David Bowers

Composer: Theodore Sharpio

Cast: Nicholas Hoult (Percival), Danny McBride (Arthur), Aziz Ansari (Nicholas), Victoria Justice (Rowena), Emma Thompson (The Black Queen), Stephen Fry (The Black King), Sofia Vergara (The White Queen)

Rating: PG for some comic action and mild language

Runtime: 91min (1hr, 31min)

Budget: $50 million


The film begins with two old men are playing Chess inside their retirement home. One of them appears to be a bit more arrogant than the other, and he is playing with white pieces, whereas the other man is using black pieces. Neither is aware that the chessboard represents a world of medieval battles through the eyes of the chess pieces, who become full out warriors in this new world. Our story begins with Percival, an enthusiastic, if a little naive, black chess piece who dreams of becoming the strongest player in the battle, delivering the move that will attain victory for his side. There's only one problem: all of the strong players are knights, rooks, and bishops, while he is a mere pawn.


Percival often recieves mockery for his claims of strength, especially from the lead rook on his team, Arthur, and his bishop sidekick, Nicholas. At one point, Percival gets into an argument with Arthur, which is soon interrupted by one of the black queen's finest knights, Peter. Peter talks to Percival as a friend, trying to help him realize how hard it is for a pawn to take on the opposing forces. Percival ignores him, saying that he's been training very hard, and he's certain that the master above will guide him to a path of glory and success. Peter expresses concern, but warns Percival that he must get ready, as preparations for the war are about to start.


In a training scene, all of the non King/Queen players are lined up, as the Black King and Queen motivate their forces for the battle. The Queen is a kind and loving, yet passionate and determined ruler, much in contrast to the seemingly absent minded king. The men continue to prepare, with the pawns continuing to be picked on, reminded that they will likely be the first to be taken away by the master. Percival gets through traning with some humorous struggle, and he soon meets the other bishop, Rowena. The two become friends instantly, giving each other extra help and strategies as the battle comes closer to becoming a reality. Nicholas and Arthur soon find out about their relationship, and an angry Arthur, who had feelings for Rowena before Percy ever did, says that he's going to make sure he goes first once the battle begins.


The next day in Chess world, or a few moments later in the real world, the battle begins. On each team, the army and royals arlined up just as they are on a regular chessboard. The two queens come up to one another to begin their battle. The White Queen proves to be quite fiesty, and she wants to see the enemies burned to dust, much to the creeped out reactions of several forces on the black team, and even some on white. As Percival readies himself for battle, Rowena gives him a look of faith and trust, whereas Nicholas and Arthur glare at him. The battle in the chess board has commenced.


At first, Percival does show some nervousness, being nearly captured several times. Most of the battling and captures in the game are played in a humorous manner, with over exaggerated acting and rising up to the sky after being captured. (being lifted off the board in real life) At first, Arthur is a commanding force on the team, but he's too willing to sacrifice other players for his own gain, much to the annoyance of others on his team. It eventually comes that Rowena, Arthur, Percival, and the king and queen are the only remaining forces on the team. Their odds have never looked so bleak, especially after Arthur is captured. The Queen is soon captured as well, leaving only three pieces left.


Percival soon develops a strategy to win the game, trying to get to the other side to resurrect the queen and win the game, while Rowena stays behind to protect the king. Through a series of close encounters, Percival soon finds a chance, albeit a dangerous one, to defeat the white king, and he manages to get a checkmate on the king with the help of his new friend. As the two old men become shocked at this surprise victory, Percival is celebrated by the black team, as Arthur is ridiculed for still refusing to open up to him, even when Nicholas has. It was truly a great day for Percival.

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Genre: Animation
Date: 16 February
Theaters: 2,962 [OW] 3,420 [23 February]
Director: Unknown

Taylor Swift- Mum [brief role]

Unknowns everyone else
Rating: G
Runtime: 110 min
Budget: $16 million


2 year olds will love this but everyone else will hate it

The film starts with Taylor Swift rocking her baby singing Rock A Bye Baby and Hush Little Baby. The baby falls asleep and dreams she is in a mythical land with her older sister. They fight some dragons before getting home and fighting over who sits in the best seat to watch TV. When the TV is switched on, the baby sister wants to watch Hippo Pippo while the older sister wants to watch Total Outwipe. Then the room turns into a magical playroom with loads of fun toys. They go through more adventures until the baby wakes up and starts crying with a reprise of Rock-A-Bye-Baby

Edited by HairsprayFilmsCatchingFire
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